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BU TLISE-1984-1


Various documents


  • 1984 (Creation)

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Textual Record. Nineteen pages.

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This document contains six separate documents.

  1. A flyer entitled, “Timor, Legends and poems from the Land of the Sleeping Crocodile” created by Cliff Morris. 1984.
  2. East Timor Report (ACFOA) entitled, “Amnesty Report” published December 1984, No. 9. | 2 pages.
  3. East Timor Report (ACFOA) entitled, “Timorese leaders urge support for talks” published September 1984, No.8. This issue includes, Mgr. Belo (head of the Catholic Church in East Timor), Labor MPs, ALP Policy, Pope John Paul II, Amnesty International (August 1984) |2 pages.
  4. A document with three newspaper articles attached. The first: “Legality of refugee charges questioned” Canberra Times (08/03/1984). The second: “Indonesia agrees to PNG talks” The Age (31/03/1984). The third: “PNG acts on Indon. jet raid” The Melbourne Sun (30/03/1984).
  5. AETA Newsletter published for May/June 1984. Vol. 9, No. 2. It includes: Ramos-Horta, Public Meeting Sunday July 1st, Diplomatic Mission Cancelled!, Hastings mourns Ap, Media Flashbacks, Horta addresses Press, ALP National Conference, Dunn Speaks on Timor, Canberra Rally. | 4 pages.
  6. A publication made by the Australian Coalition for East Timor, entitled, “East Timor: The Acid Test for Labor in Government.” It includes sections entitled, “Changed Circumstances: From Opposition to Government,” “Unchanged Circumstances: Timorese still reject integration” “Australia’s crucial role,” “Towards a realistic East Timor Policy,” “The War Next Door won’t go away” published in April 1984. | 8 pages.


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