Item 5 - Solidarity Portugal Presentation

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Solidarity Portugal Presentation


  • 2000 (Produção)

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Textual Record. Ten pages.

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This presentation was created by Solidarity Portugal by CIDAC. A presentation about Xanana Gusmão, the first page reads, “When Xanana is arrested in 1992, 40,000 signatures are collected in Portugal in 5 days and delivered to the UN secretary General representative in Lisbon.”

The second slide reads, “And here we must acknowledge the undeniable role played by international solidarity. Solidarity as a whole, even provides tons, the Timorese, a lesson that I know, many consciences do not want to accept: a global vision of our struggle!” this was a message to the Timorese in the diaspora from Xanana Gusmão (1 May 1992)

The third slide is about the Pope’s visit to Portugal in 1982 with various newspaper headlines attached.

The fourth slide is about the Permanent Peoples’ tribunal session on East Timor in Lisbon on July 19th-21st 1981.

The fifth slide is when Portugal joined the EEC (European Union) in 1986, the European Parliament became an additional intervention ground for Portuguese solidarity.

The sixth slide is about documents removed from East Timor were essential to enhance public awareness in Portugal.

The seventh slide is about the information activity aimed at “contributing to the clarification and strengthening of public opinion demanding truth and accuracy” (1 January 1985)

The eighth slide is about raising awareness on the East Timor issue was also done in schools, from basic level with cartoons, educational building, exhibitions - to the universities (1985)

The ninth slide is in 1987, at the invitation of APPTL, the bishop of Setubal spoke before the UN Special Committee on Decolonization in 1987. In 1990, he collects 167 letters of bishops from Europe, Africa and the Americas to support the request for a referendum launched by Mons. Belo. He wants to deliver the letters to the UN S.G. but the Vatican forbids it.

The tenth slide says, “After the referendum in 1999 tens of thousands of people formed a human chain linking the office of the UN representation in Lisbon and the embassies of the 5 countries with veto right in the Security Council, requesting a direct armed intervention of the UN.

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The presentation is in English and Esperanto.

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