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1978 Newspaper articles (Part 1)


  • 1978 (Production)

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Textual Record. 38 pp.

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The Humanitarian Project was founded by Arnold Kohen, with support from figures such as Anderson, Bishop Paul Moore Jr of New York, and others.

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This item contains:

  • American aid to Indonesia ignores Human Rights abuses (01.01.1978) St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Guerillas in Timor still fight in Indonesia (19.04.1978) The New York Times
  • 29 000 Indonesians, held as Reads, are being freed after testing (26.04.1978) The New York Times
  • Mondale lauds Indonesia for freeing prisoners (07.05.1978) The New York Times
  • Freed Indonesian prisoners goes home to find his wife remarried, no job (1978)
  • California’s Family Affair (19.05.1978) Seven Days | 2 pp.
  • The sun keeps trying to set on a colonial Past (03.08.1980) The New York Times
  • US forges new links with South-east Asian states (04.08.1978) The Guardian
  • Rights in Indonesia (5-6.08.1978) International Herald Tribune
  • Indonesia: developing a feeling of unity (04.08.1978) Far Eastern Economic Review | 2 pp.
  • U.S. Human-Rights Laws: trade barrier (13.08.1978) International Herald Tribune
  • ’60 000 died in Timor invasion’ (20.08.1978) The Sunday Times
  • E. Timor trying to cope with 125 000 refugees (12.09.1978) International Herald Tribune
  • Haven of bamboo and thatch (13.09.1978) The Age
  • East Timor: Beyond the Fighting (26.09.1978) The Asian Wall Street Journal
  • Indonesia: Timor’s arithmetic of despair (29.09.1978) Far Eastern Economic Review | 3 pp.
  • E. Timor emerges from War, Isolation (27.09.1978) Los Angeles Times | 2 pp.
  • Collapse forecast for the revolt of East Timor (18.10.1978) San Francisco Chronicle
  • East Timor’s travail (09/1978) Atlas World Press Review
  • Chomsky accuses U.S. on East Timor conflict (02.12.1978) The New York Times
  • All the News that fits (25.12.1978) The Village Voice
  • Mary McGrory: Spies who leave your illusions out in the cold (1978)
  • The Bronco workhorse: ask Timor about it (1978) a flyer
  • Australian aid for starving Timor (02.11.1979) Financial Times
  • 30 000 deaths (14.09.1978) The Guardian
  • East Timor fight against Indonesia a ‘hopeless cause’ (05.10.1978) The Times
  • Misery in Remexico (13.09.1978) San Francisco Chronicle
  • A better class of thumbscrew (15.05.1978) The Village Voice
  • CIA said to aid Indonesia units in East Timor (20.06.1978) International Herald Tribune
  • East Timor guerrilla group ‘faces collapse’ (25.09.1978) The Guardian
  • The Big Test (08.05.1978) The Village Voice
  • Mondale is a nonexpert who matters (14.05.1978) Week in Review
  • Indonesia: W.S. Rendra (28.08.1978) The Times
  • Island diplomacy (03.09.1978) Sunday Times
  • East Timor protest (29.04.1978)


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