SPECIAL COLLECTION | Magazines and Newsletters

In the 1970s through the 1990s, solidarity activists published newsletters in multiple countries and multiple languages. These newsletters, some of which became higher-quality magazines over time, shared information while also encouraging action among readers. In a pre-internet age, readers learned information that could not be found elsewhere from the closed territory of East Timor, aiming to break silences. They also helped to build and sustain networks of activists. In this special collection, we share digitized newsletters from several solidarity groups, listed below. There are gaps in this collection - we welcome contributions!

Australia East Timor Association Newsletter
Agir pour Timor (France)
East Timor Alert Network Newsletter (Canada)
East Timor News (Portugal)
East Timor News Dossier (Hong Kong)
East Timor News Monthly Memo (Portugal)
East Timor Update (Canada)
Japan East Timor Memo
Matebian News (Australia/Timor-Leste)
Network News / Estafeta (USA)
Newsletter of the Campaign for an Independent East Timor (Australia)
Ost-Timor Information (Sweden)
Suara Aksi (Australia)
TAPOL Bulletin (UK)
Tata Mai Lau (Macau/Timor-Leste)
The Inside Story (Australia)
The Missing Peace (Australia)
Timor Clips (Belgium)
Timor Informations (France)
Timor Information Service (Australia)
Timor-Leste (Fretilin)
Timor Link (UK)

Access all records at https://timorarchive.ca/spec-coll-newsletters