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Comment 31

Leaflet about East Timor.


  • Historical background
  • The Indonesian invasion
  • War and occupation
  • The legal position
  • International responsibility
  • The future

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

East Timor Violations of Human Rights: Extrajudicial Executions, 'Disappearances', Torture and Political Imprisonment, 1975-1984


  • Glossary
  • Maps: South East Asian Archipelago; East Timor; Dili; Comarca Prison
  • Preface: Indonesia and East Timor; Offensives against Fretilin
  • Repression in East Timor 1975-1984: Access to information; Military manuals; Alleged abuses by Fretilin; Indonesia's guarantees; Amnesty International and the Indonesian Government; ICRC visits; Other visits; Recommendations
  • Extrajudicial executions and 'Disappearances': The invasion; 'Operation Clean-up', 1970; The attack of 10 June 1980; 'Operation Security', 1981; 'Operation Clean-Sweep', 1983-1984
  • Torture and ill-treatment
  • Imprisonment: The Comarca prison; Conditions; Atauro; "Resettlement villages"
  • 'Normality': The DPRD letter; A case of torture; Two families; Postscript on trials
  • Appendix
  • Amnesty International — a worldwide campaign

Amnesty International

Letter Bishops of Indonesia-Bishop Dom Carlos Felipe, priest, brothers and sisters from Dili 1983-11-17

Official title: Letter from the Bishop’s Conference of Indonesia
Contents: Letter from the Bishop of Indonesia to Dom Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo, Priests, Brothers and Sisters of the diocese of Dili expressing his compassion, solidarity and friendship regarding the suffering of Timorese people and explaining that this compassion should not be seen as a support to any movement of any sides involved on the conflict, since the Indonesian Catholic Church cannot express a political position. The Indonesian Church offers to do their best to relieve the people of East Timor from suffering, which in practice meant: giving special attention to the education of children and youth in the Diocese of Dili by the revitalization of schools; sending medicine for the sick and wounded; providing tools and equipment to workmen, etc.

Peace is Possible in Timor Leste Association (Portugal)

Other Voz de Maubere 1987-04-10

Official title: LPPS burla a Igreja de Dili-Timor Leste por varios anos
Contents: Document exposing the multiple narratives of a problem regarding the money addressed to humanitarian aid for East Timor, involving the Dili Dioceses, LPPS, and the Indonesian Church, and asking to spread this embarrassing scandal to make the world aware.

Peace is Possible in Timor Leste Association (Portugal)

Letter to Pres. Bush

Organisational correspondence on an Australian parliamentarians joint-letter addressed to President Bush during his early 1992 Australian visit. Also includes correspondence concerning possible US Congressional letters directed to the Indonesian Government.

Union responses

Mainly Australian peak bodies and individual union resolutions and correspondence. Also copy of letter to President Suharto from the Philippines Kilusang Mayo Uno Labor Centre.

Various documents

This document includes fifty separate documents:
It includes:

  1. A document with two photographs. The first entitled, “Osaka, Japan” with the description: 1999, May: Laura Abrantes speaks at a meeting in Osaka, organized by the ‘Free East Timor! Japan Coalition (FETJC).’ The second is entitled, “Osaka, Japan” with the description: 1999, Maiu: Mika Barreto speaks at peace gathering of university students in Osaka.

  2. A photograph entitled, “Osaka, Japan” with the description: 1999, May: Domingas Alves speaks about violence against East Timorese women, at a meeting in Osaka.

  3. A poster with the title: “7 de Dezembro Dia Internacional de Solidariedade com Timor-Leste. Que Viva o Povo de Timor-Leste” (7 December International Day of Solidarity with Timor-Leste! May the People of Timor-Leste Live) With the photograph of people for Timor. | Portuguese

  4. A poster with the title: “Happy Birthday (East) Timor” with cartoon of tanks approaching a sign that says East Timor.

  5. A poster with photos of East Timorese victims with the East Timorese flag.

  6. A poster with the drawing of a person tied to a pole with bullet wounds all over his body and his face is covered by a mask. He is also tied up by his waist and he is bleeding out. The word “Stop!” is written in the background in orange.

  7. A poster that says: ‘Freedom for East Timor.’ The is a sketch of someone who is trying to paint Free East Timor on the wall but is shot before he is able to finish. There is six other bullet holes on the wall.

  8. A poster that says: “Stop” in english and Japanese (?) with a stop of a person tied to a chair with blue pants on and no shirt that has been shot many times.

  9. A poster that says “Remember Santa Cruz” with a photo of protesters attached to it.

  10. A poster entitled, “Santa Cruz Massacre, No Justice Yet!” with a photo of a young child in blue. There is also a subtitle written in Japanese under the title.

  11. A poster entitled, “Where are they? Those killed at Santa Cruz.” with a photo of victims of the violence in East Timor. There is also a subtitle in Japanese, probably a translation of above.

  12. A poster that is entitled, “Help! Free East Timor!” with a sketch of a person tied up who is getting knives thrown at him but they alluding that the knives are actually Jesus on the cross. (Osaka East Timor Association)

  13. A poster entitled, “What Suharto is doing in East Timor? Stop the Genocide.” Friday Dec 7 - Fourth Anniversary of Indonesia’s invasion. On the poster, there is a photograph of a starving East Timorese child.

  14. A poster entitled, “Rai Timor: Concerto de Lançamento do CD” (Rai Timor CD Release Concert) created by Comissāo para os Direitos do povo Maubere (Commission for the Rights of the Maubere People). It was to be released December 28th, 1997. | Portuguese

  15. A poster entitled, “Vi Jornadas de Timor da Universidade do Poto” (I saw Timor days at the University of Porto). It’s subtitle is: “Timor Leste uma responsabilidad internacional” (East Timor is an International responsibility). October 4-5 1994. | Portuguese

  16. A poster reading “Save East Timor” but the S, O, and S are larger to demonstrate to necessity of help within East Timor. The rest of the letters have photos of East Timorese people within them.

  17. A poster created by the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor for the “East Timor and Beyond” the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference for East Timor that will be taking place on December 8th to 10th 2003.

  18. A poster entitled, “No Arms to Indonesia” with a cartoon of ship carrying arms towards Indonesia. The subtitle is : “Stop oppression of the people from East Timor, West Papua , Aceh and the Moluccas!”

  19. A poster created by the solidarity movement in The Netherlands. The half of the poster is black and the other is yellow.

  20. A poster for the 7th Jornadas de Timor da Universidade do Porto (Timor Days of the University of Porto) with the program attached.

  21. A poster entitled, “Boycott Bali!” with the description: Bali is the headquarters of the Udayana military region which includes occupied East Timor. Indonesian rule cost the lives of well over 200, 000 East Timorese and the deaths, Lisa appearances, imprisonments, torture, rape and cultural genocide continue - all result of military, operations directed from Bali!”

  22. A poster for the Popular Theatre Troupe which presents “Viva Indonesia!” A documentary musical about colonial powers, generals, American eagles and dinky Aussies. March 16th.

  23. A poster for a french film presentation entitled, “Timor-Est : 19 ans d’occupation militaire, 19 ans de résistance” (East Timor: 19 years of military occupation, 19 years of resistance) | French

  24. A poster of Xanana that features a sketch of him.

  25. A poster entitled, “Rally for a Free East Timor” with the subtitle: They’ll never forget November 12. Will you? The poster also has a small summary of what happened on November 12th. It is organized by AKSI, CNRM, Fretilin, UDT & AETA. Donated by AETA for Solidarity through the years. (August 2009)

  26. A handmade poster entitled, “East Timor: Public Meeting on Monday, March 26th about ‘Total annihilation of the population may be the cost’” It also includes the program of the meeting. It was organized jointly by Willis East Timor Association and Brunswicl Community Aid Abroad. Donated by AETA for Solidarity through the years. (August 2009)

  27. A poster entitled, “I’m still fighting” with the translation in Japanese below it. There is a photograph of Timorese Refugees with their traditional costumes, in Darwin on the poster. It also says, “East Timor is our country. We want to be Free and Peaceful! That is all we hope.” with the translation in Japanese.

  28. A flyer created by Zed Books about East Timor. (The photo is really blurry)

  29. A postcard with the photograph of Xanana Gusmāo on it that says, “Free Xanana Gusmāo!” created by the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor. On the other side of the postcard, it is addressed to H.E. President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, Prime Minister of Indonesia. It urges him to release Gusmāo. One could sign and leave their address attached to the postcard. | 2 pages

  30. A book entitled, “The War Against East Timor” written by Carmel Budiardjo and Liem Soei Liong

  31. A poster entitled, “Free Xanana Now”

  32. A poster entitled, “Manifestatie Oost Timor (East Timor manifestation)” that will take place on December 10th, 1995 infant of the Indonesian Embassy in The Netherlands. It includes how to get there by bus or train. | Dutch

  33. A poster entitled, “In Indonesië worden nog steeds mensenrechten geschonden. Alleen nu doen ze het zelf” [Loose Translation: Human rights are still being violated in Indonesia. Only now they do it themselves] | Dutch

  34. A poster for “Semaine de Solidarité (Birmanie - Indonésie - Timor)” du 7 au 13 mars 2001 à l’Espace l’Harmattan in Paris. | In French

  35. A poster for “Semaine de Solidarité avec les peuples d’Indonésie et de Timor-Est” du 27 octobre - 2 novembre 1999 à l’Espace l’Harmattan à Paris. | In French

  36. A document with a cartoon sketch entitled, “Cartoon in national newspaper, The Netherlands.” The description is: 1992: This cartoon was published in a Dutch national newspaper with the title, Tabee! (Bye Bye). A famous Dutch cartoonist named Opland illustrated the broken relations between The Netherlands and Indonesia. The conflict started when the Dutch Minister of Development Aid expressed his concern about East Timor during an official meeting with President Suharto in Jakarta. The cartoon shows a worried official meeting with President Suharto in Jakarta. The cartoon shows a worried Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Hans van den Broke and Minister Jan Pronk watching Indonesia breaking away. By their side is former Dutch-Indonesian colonial ruler Raymond Wasterling who waves his sword and says: “I would love to do something about this.” In reply, President Suharto states: “We have the right to create our own massacres.” | Dutch translation as well

  37. A cartoon of a man who represents Australia who is sitting on Indonesian Oil which is crushing the country of East Timor. The Australian is throwing human rights away. It says: Oil $ = Blood money.

  38. A publication entitled, “Timor Leste: 23 Anos de Resistência - Concerto” [Translation: East Timor: 23 years of resistance - Concert]. The concert will take place on December 12th and it was organized by Comissão para os Direitos do Povo Maubere - Porto [Commission for the Rights of the Maubere People - Portgual] | In Portuguese, 1998

  39. A publication entitled, “Debate sobre situação de Timor-Leste” [Translation: Debate on the situation in East Timor] It will take place on July 7th, 1986 in Portugal. | In Portuguese

  40. A painting done of two lizards (?) with various coloured backward S’s on a black background.

  41. A poster created by CDPM and other solidarity organizations that is entitled, “Timor 25 de Abril Liberdade para Xanana, Liberdade para Timor” [Translation: April 25th, Freedom for Xanana, Freedom for Timor] in both red and black writing. | In Portuguese

  42. A poster for a protest rally that says, “Protect the Timorese- They protected us”

  43. Another poster for the same protest rally that says, “Send in UN Peace Keepers”

  44. A flyer for “March for a free East Timor - Self-determination Now!” It also reads, “Five years since the Dili Massacre and the killings continue” The March would have taken place on November 10th, 1996 in Russell Square in Northbridge, Perth, Australia.

  45. A flyer for a demonstration in front of Indonesian Consulate in South Melbourne. At the top of the flyer, it reads, “Indonesian Independence, August 17th 1945” and below it reads, “East Timor Independence, when?” with a pair of broken handcuffs in regards to Indonesia but unbroken handcuffs in regards to East Timor. The Demonstration was organized by the Australian-East Timor Association.

  46. A flyer for a presentation entitled, “Timor-Leste: Problema Sem Solução?” [Translation: East Timor: the problem without a solution] Colóquio e projecção de slide [Colloquium and slide projection] Com. Eng. A. Barbedo de Magalhães at the Institute of Justice and peace in Lisbon. June 26th. | In Portuguese

  47. A flyer that invites anyone “to attend the launch of the Writings and Poetry of Xanana Gusmão, Imprisoned East Timorese Resistance Leader” on May 17th in North Perth. The flyer includes a photograph of Xanana

  48. A flyer for rally in support of East Timor. The flyer gives a description of the human rights violations in East Timor and it is being organized by the Friends of East Timor on November 12th, 1994.

  49. A flyer for “2 Jornadas de Timor da Universidade do Porto” [Translation: 2 days of Timor at the University of Porto] from April 28th - May 1st 1990. It lists the itinerary for the two days. | In Portuguese.

  50. A flyer entitled, “Pássaro sem espaço, Rio sem jeito, Arcvore sem floresta, Mas dou sinais de mim! [Loose translation: Bird without space, River without way, Arcvore without forest, But I give signs of me!] With a drawing of a man on it. | Portuguese

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents 3

This document contains sixty-six separate documents.
It includes:

  1. A page of photographs from the OPORTO Conference in Sydney (June 1996). The top centre photo is of Fretilin. Top Right is Jim Audrey (Author of Free East Timor) and people from ACFOA Human Rights Office.

  2. The cover of “A Humble Backbencher - The memoirs of Ken Fry, MHR Fraser, 1974-1984” 2002.

  3. Various pages of “Timor Nia Klamar” 1997.

  4. A page with two photographs. The first is the cover of the ‘National Aboriginal Newspaper.’ The second is the Canberra protest against British Aerospace export to Indonesia, 1996.

  5. A flyer for ‘Benefit Night for East Timor’ which will take place on November 24th, 1999 in Sydney.

  6. Two documents. The first is from the Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace about the Seminar with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jose Ramos Horta. It gives a short description why he won his Nobel Peace Prize and when the event will take place. The second is the invitation. He will speak on May 26th 1997 in Strathfield. The topic is “East Timor and Its Future.” | Two pages

  7. A photograph of a protest. Darwin Action re-enactment of Santa Cruz Massacre, Protest. The photo is from Rob Wesley-Smith.

  8. A flyer for ‘East Timor Women’s Benefit Night’ on May 28th, 1996. It was organized by Jefferson Lee and Timor Special Projects on behalf of AETA in Sydney.

  9. A flyer for, “East Timor: Its Future in the Asia Pacific” a public education and dialogue conference from June 21st - June 24th 1996 in Sydney. Some examples of topics: Modern history of East Timor, East Timorese political organizations, Asia Pacific perspectives on East Timor, etc. There will be over 40 international guests. On the reserve of the flyer is registration clip-off. | 2 pages.

  10. A flyer for ‘A Benefit for East Timor’ with Enda Kenny performing on November 3rd, 1996. The benefit is in conjunction with Australia East Timor Association and Timor Special Projects.

  11. Two photographs. East Timor Solidarity were denied access to the National Folk Festival during a performance by Indonesian Embassy sponsored performance. Gareth Smith from Canberra ‘People for Peace’ organized a protest at the gate of the National Exhibition Centre - Venue of the Folk Festival (1996). Gareth Smith then a Canberra teacher disrupted Indonesian Embassy Open Day (August 17th, 1992) with a banner protesting Santa Cruz Massacre. The Embassy was forced to shut its doors. Gareth also forced closure of Air Show in Canberra when there was BAE. He was an observer in 1999 and now works with Byron Bar, NSW, Friendship Group.

  12. A flyer for “Rebuilding East Timor” on August 30th, 2002. Some of the keynote speakers are, Frank Brennan, James Dunn, Shirley Shackleton, John Martinkus, Max Stahl and Martin Wesley-Smith. The conference was presented by AETA, RIAP (Uni of Sydney), Aidwatch, Otford Press, Friends of Maliana, Sydney City Council

  13. A page of photographs. They look taken at a fair or conference. One of the photos is of a sign entitled, ‘East Timor Handcrafts.’ The descriptions are blurry.

  14. A sign that reads, “War criminal allowed to “cut and run” by Iemma and Downer.” Iemma is the Premier of NSW. Iemma who invited the Governor of Jakarta to Sydney for a business trade exchange. 2007.

  15. A page of photographs. Blues Bands for Xmas Party, ‘Friends of Maliana’ fundraiser - Leichhardt, Jeff Lee’s Backyard. 2008.

  16. A page of photographs. Timor Activists in Sydney. Abel Catering at Manly - Oe-cussi event (?)

  17. A page of six photographs entitled, ‘some Media Workers in East Timor 2005.’ One is of volunteers at the Max Stahl - National Audio-Visual Archive, Xanana Gusmao Reading room, Luke Gosling (Timor Lives CD) from Metinaro Army base with Unicef worker and Ina Bainbridge, co-editor of weekly English language paper ‘Timor Sun,’ Music programmer, community radio station Pante Oe-cussi.

  18. A photograph of Bridie Kind, Sydney ‘Boogie Queen’ performing at ‘Poptarts’ Timor Benefit.

  19. Two documents. The first entitled, ‘Timor - Give them a radio, Mr. Fraser - Let them be heard, for pity’s sake!’ The second is Paul Kelly in Timor Leste in 2006 and a Newsletter from the Australian National Maritime Museum (Sydney) Fretilin Radio 1976-7 | 2 pages.

  20. A poster entitled, “AUSTCARE East Timor Appeal” with the phone number to donate money to AUSTCARE. AUSTCARE Campaign Response to 2006 Crisis.

  21. A page of photographs from “A Dirty Little War” book launch. July 2001.

  22. A poem entitled, “Paddy McGuinness” by Denis Kevans. He wrote this poem to support Maliana Library Project in Sydney, Australia. 2000.

  23. A page with two photographs. The first is Rob Wesley-Smith with Ego Lemos and Cinque D’Oriente in Darwin, 1st tour of Australia. The second is Dancers at the Fretilin Rally, July 2001 in a stadium.

  24. A page of photographs. Top left: Timor Leste Embassy Opening Canberra December 2003. Bottom Left: Jeff Lee at Opening. Top Right: Dili, guest house - July 2001. Centre Right: Wes x Cinque D’Oriente. Bottom right: July 2001.

  25. A page with two photographs. Dr. Stephen Feld (USA Universities) expert on West Papua with Rex. 2006.

  26. A tribute collection in the newspaper with various articles stitched together about Denis Kevans. On the first page, it includes, “Witty Voice of a human generation,” Three poems form ‘the Great Prawa War’ with a photo of Denis reciting at New Writers Centre, 1995 & ‘Ah, white man, have you any sacred sites?’ The second page is a compilation of poems that were compiled by Jeff Lee. 2005. | 2 pages.

  27. A page of photographs from a Fretilin Rally, July 2001, stadium in Dili.

  28. A flyer entitled, ‘Free West Papua’ for a benefit concert. West Papua Cultural group Tour of Australia 2005.

  29. A page of photographs. Top Left: Timor choir reunion in Sydney. Middle Top: AETA meeting, late 2006. Top Right: Timor protest 2002, Sydney. Bottom Right: Andrew McNaughtan talking at AETA Rally in 1997.

  30. A page of photographs. Coro Loro Sae Reunion - Sydney. The photos were taken by Jeff Lee.

  31. A photograph of Bernadette Conndle, a volunteer in August 30th 2009. She is reciting Maliana poem.

  32. A flyer for the Friends of Malian Benefit in Sydney in April 2009.

  33. A photograph of Denis Kevans who was the leading political poet in Australia launching Xanana Gusmao collection of poems and Defence Statement from trial. Denis Kevans wrote “Your friends will never forget you” based on leaflet about Timor Leste. He also wrote a poem about conservative Councillor P.P. McGuinness who opposed Library project in Maliana. 2006.

  34. The book cover for Xanana Gusmao’s book. Timor Lives! speeches of freedom and independence with a foreword by the Honourable Justice Marcus Einfeld. 2006.

  35. Cover of Juan Federer Book entitled, “The UN in East Timor: building Timor Leste, a fragile state. 2005.

  36. A page of photograph from Marly - Oecussi Friendship Launch in Sydney 2009.

  37. A page of four photographs all taken by Jeff Lee in July 2001. The descriptions read: Nuis for sale on Road sale - Dili to Baucau, Timor Troops on training at army base in Metinaro, Harold Maiche, ex-NSW Fretilin in Dili at basketball stadium before National TV debate, Da Silva at Football stadium with Melbourne Fretilin activist at Fretilin Rally.

  38. A photograph of protesters at the Sydney Protest at Darling Harbour over the Timor Oil Issue in 2004. Their sign reads “Timor Gap Treaty Shame Australia.”

  39. A flyer for a Fundraiser for Maliana at The Balmain Town Hall. The fundraiser is to refurbish the town Gymnasium building. There will be performances by Timor Leste Cultural Groups and a showing of “A Hero’s Journey.” June 17th, 2007.

  40. A page of photographs. There is no description to the photos. It seems to be a fundraiser or concert by the Australia East Timor Friendship Association. There are two photos of performers and others with a large crowd gathered.

  41. A page of photographs of the ‘Shooting Balibo” book launch in Sydney in May 2009.

  42. A page of photographs from the 5th Andrew McNaughton Memorial Lecture December 2008. Lecture by Juan Federer, John Maynard (Producer Balibo), James Thomas.

  43. A page of photographs. Left: Roger Kid tour organizer Cinquo D’Orielle 2009 and Jeff Lee at Womad Festival, May 2009.

  44. A page of photographs of Paddy Kenneally WW2 ‘Sparrowforce’ Funeral in May 2009 in Sydney with the Ambassador from Timor Lester, Hernani Coeller Da Silva, Abel

  45. A protest poster outside National ALP Conference in Sydney, 2003. The poster reads, ‘Give East Timor a fairer share of their oil and gas resources that can be done with the stroke of a pen’

  46. A page of photographs taken in July 2001 at a book launch.The Bottom Right has Steven Sewell pictured. The descriptions are blurry.

  47. A page of photographs from the “Pop Tarts” for Timor - Queen’s Birthday 2005 Empire Hotel, Annandale, $820.00 raised for Alola Foundation Project in Maliana.

  48. A page of photographs from Dr. Andy McNaughtan (inaugural) Memorial Lecture 2004

  49. A photo of a women in Timor in 1974 from Elaine Briere’s Book.

  50. A page of photographs from a BBQ for Maliana at Jeff’s place. 2008. Leichhardt.

  51. A book cover of ‘Shakedown - Australia’s grab for Timor oil’ by Paul Cleary. 2006.

  52. A flyer for East timor Cultural Day (of Solidarity & Celebration) on May 17th. It includes the program of events which includes a Book Launch. 2004.

  53. A flyer for Austcare entitled, “Join Austcare explore East Timor and at the same time raise much needed funds for Austcare’s East Timor projects.” It’s a 10 day exploratory journey of East Timor escorted by Austcare’s CEO Mike Smith. 2005.

  54. A page of photographs with no description. The photos seem to be taken at an event that includes hiking or camping because there is multiple shots of mountains and of a map. 2007.

  55. A page of photographs of Oecussi in July 2005 with “Don” from Melbourne.

  56. A page of photographs. Bottom Left: Vaughan Williams, Darwin activist with Tim Fisher. Bottom Right: Lynelall Barry, also Marella Dod and Irena Steph.

  57. A photograph of Hai Tien Lee with boy he photographed in Sydney Morning Herald that was shot in Dili (30 August 1999) This photo was taken at reunion two years later in August 2001. H.T.Lee was a journalist inside UN Compound who initiated petition to Ian Martin (September 1999)

  58. A cover of a book entitled, “The East Timor Problem and the Role of Europe” which was Edited by Pedro Pinto Leite for the International Platform of Jurista for East Timor.

  59. A book cover for, “East Timor - A Decade of Development”

  60. A book cover for, “East Timor Develops” which seems to have been written by the Indonesian Government.

  61. A pamphlet entitled, “Welcome to Indonesia East Timor” created by the Provincial Tourism Office Timor Timur in Dili. The contents are fairly blurry but it has two sides and four panels. | 3 pages.

  62. A poster that reads, “This is what the Indonesian Army uses for birth control in East Timor” and pictured is a bullet.

  63. A poster separated in two. The first half reads, “Wanted for crimes against humanity” and the Ex-Indonesian President Suharto (for genocide in East Timor and mass murder in Indonesia and for plundering’ Indonesia’s wealth for 30 years) and Indonesian President Habibie (for sending thousands more troops into East Timor and for more massacres in East Timor and Indonesia) are pictured. The second half reads, “Unwanted for crimes against democracy” with Foreign Affairs Minister Axworthy (for kowtowing to dictators and letting them dictate Canada’s foreign policy) and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien (for putting trade ahead of human rights abroad and in Canada) are pictured. The poster was created by ETAN.

  64. The East Timor Project - Volume 1, An Anthology: Essays on the Political Economy of East Timor by João Mariano de Sousa Saldanha. It only includes the cover and the table of contents. | 3 pages.

  65. A flag that reads, “Stop!! Funding Genocide in East Timor” with a drawing of a bloody hand holding a bag of money that says ‘U.S. Tax International Monetary Fund for President Suharto of Indonesia.’ The bag of money is held over a dead woman. The flag was created by ETAN.

  66. A bag with handcuffs in them. Original hand cuffs as used during the 1995 hand cuff actions in The Netherlands in solidarity with Timorese students who occupied the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. | 2 pages.

Solidarity Portugal Presentation

This presentation was created by Solidarity Portugal by CIDAC. A presentation about Xanana Gusmão, the first page reads, “When Xanana is arrested in 1992, 40,000 signatures are collected in Portugal in 5 days and delivered to the UN secretary General representative in Lisbon.”

The second slide reads, “And here we must acknowledge the undeniable role played by international solidarity. Solidarity as a whole, even provides tons, the Timorese, a lesson that I know, many consciences do not want to accept: a global vision of our struggle!” this was a message to the Timorese in the diaspora from Xanana Gusmão (1 May 1992)

The third slide is about the Pope’s visit to Portugal in 1982 with various newspaper headlines attached.

The fourth slide is about the Permanent Peoples’ tribunal session on East Timor in Lisbon on July 19th-21st 1981.

The fifth slide is when Portugal joined the EEC (European Union) in 1986, the European Parliament became an additional intervention ground for Portuguese solidarity.

The sixth slide is about documents removed from East Timor were essential to enhance public awareness in Portugal.

The seventh slide is about the information activity aimed at “contributing to the clarification and strengthening of public opinion demanding truth and accuracy” (1 January 1985)

The eighth slide is about raising awareness on the East Timor issue was also done in schools, from basic level with cartoons, educational building, exhibitions - to the universities (1985)

The ninth slide is in 1987, at the invitation of APPTL, the bishop of Setubal spoke before the UN Special Committee on Decolonization in 1987. In 1990, he collects 167 letters of bishops from Europe, Africa and the Americas to support the request for a referendum launched by Mons. Belo. He wants to deliver the letters to the UN S.G. but the Vatican forbids it.

The tenth slide says, “After the referendum in 1999 tens of thousands of people formed a human chain linking the office of the UN representation in Lisbon and the embassies of the 5 countries with veto right in the Security Council, requesting a direct armed intervention of the UN.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Bulletin No. 1

A Bulletin entitled, “4 mois pour Timor-Est” Mars 1994. It is written by different french solidarity groups for Timor. It includes witness statements, current news, good news, and 1. Aperçu Historique (the History)

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

This document contains seven separate documents.

  1. “FRETILIN retake two towns” (document ineligible)
  2. A photograph taken in 1977 Darwin, Australia: Laurentino Pices & Rob Wesley-Smith, Radio Maubere. The photo is taken by Brian Manning.
  3. A document entitled, “Offensive Fails” East Timor News, No. 3, March 24, 1977.
  4. A document entitled, “Inside Occupied Dili” East Timor News, No. 3, March 24, 1977. | 2 pages.
  5. A document written by William J. Armstrong, National Coordinator of the action for world development. The report gives a detailed account of the attempts made to reunite East Timorese families separated by a civil war in, and an Indonesian Government invasion of East Timor in 1975. (1977) | 2 pages.
  6. A document entitled, “East timor: Refugees and Family Reunion.” The contents are The Current situation in East Timor, The origins of East Timorese refugees, Family Reunification (the context, first attempts at reunification, Australian/Indonesian negotiations on reunions, May 1977 - May 1978: no progress, recent developments), Sources and Footnotes. | 16 pages.
  7. Report on talks with Timorese refugees in Portugal - The East Timorese Situation | 17 pages

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

This document contains ten separate documents.

  1. A pamphlet entitled, “The 5th Annual Christmas Hills Festival” which was a benefit for the victims of war and starvation in East Timor. It includes the ‘East Timor Relief Appeal’, a description of the Festival, how to help East Timor support the festival. December 15 & 16 1979 | 3 pages
  2. Press Release: “East Timor Relief Appeal” sponsored by Australian Catholic Relief, Australian Council of Churches Austcare, Community Aid Abroad, Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Save the Children Fund, St. Vincent De Paul Society. December 19th, 1979
  3. A flyer entitled, “While remembering World War II, let’s not forget East Timor” (1979)
  4. Information sheet entitled, “East Timor Relief Appeal” November 1979.
  5. Australian Council for Overseas Aid - East Timor Sub-Committee. Report - 1979 council (Council Paper no.13) | 2 pages.
  6. Document prepared by John Waddingham, Pat Walsh & Bill Armstrong entitled, “International Committee in East Timor” October 4th, 1979 | 8 pages. (some pages are blurry)
  7. Document written by Jose G. entitled, “Family Reunions and Refugees” which details the situation in East Timor, Family Reunion programs, the present situation, conclusions. October 4th 1979 | 5 pages.
  8. Newspaper articles from the Canberra Times entitled, “‘No end’ to Fretilin fight” (22/05/1979) and from The Guardian entitled, “Many starving in E. Timor” (25.05.1979)
  9. Newspaper article from the East Timor News entitled, “American Military advisers in East Timor: Indonesian Source”, “Fretilin Ambush Convoy” and “World Vision & Timor.” May 3rd, 1979.
  10. Newspaper article from the East Timor News entitled “‘Nicolau Lobato expressed the most profound aspirations of the Maubere people’ : Samora Machel” January 18,1979.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

This document contains four separate documents.

  1. Press Release by the Australian Council for Overseas Aid published on August 28th 1982
  2. Provisional itinerary for Roger Clark and Carmel Budiardjo (September 1982) | 5 pages
  3. Senate Inquiry Checklist, with sections entitled, “Reference A: The Human Rights and Condition of the People of East Timor, Reference B: United Nations Resolutions and Actions with Regard to E. Timor, Reference C: Appropriate Policies to be Adopted by an Australian Government in Relation to Matters Revealed in the Committee’s Inquiry” September 1982 | 4 pages.
  4. A flyer entitled, “Timor-Leste, Genocídio físico, cultural e religioso” [Translation: East Timor, Physical Genocide, cultural and religious] June 1982 | Portuguese

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

The document contains twelve separate documents.

  1. A flyer for a lecture on East Timor in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The description is March/April 1983: Human Rights organization “Komitee Indonesia” organized a sequence of lectures and reflections on issues in Indonesia. Pamphlet announces a lecture about East Timor by Prof. Wértheim. | The document is in Dutch.
  2. A photo of Jose Ramos-Horta in Stockholm at a conference.
  3. “La paix est possible au Timor Oriental (Peace is possible in Timor-Leste)” published in Em Timor-Leste a paz é possive!, May 1983, No. 1 | French
  4. “Le remplacement de MGR. Martinho Lopes (MGR. Martinho Lopes’ replacement)” published in Em Timor-Leste a paz é possive!, June 1983, No. 2 | French
  5. “Timor-Oriental vu par son époque” published in Em Timor-Leste a paz é possive!, July 1983, No. 3 | French, page a little blurry
  6. A flyer entitled, “Public Meeting in support of self determination for East Timor” Sunday July 31, Dallas Brooks Hall, 2pm.
  7. A pamphlet entitled, “Public Meeting in support of East Timor, Self-Determination: Australia’s Crucial Role” it includes a page with the speakers at the Public Meeting, the speakers include Abilio Araujo, Brian Howe, Senator Gordon McIntosh and Senator Colin Mason. The next page includes why the UN is important and how to join the Australia-East Timor Association (AETA) | 3 pages
  8. Media Release entitled, “Hawke Government breaches ALP Timor policy” written by AETA, May 1983
  9. A letter to the AETA members entitled, “Fretilin Delegation in Melbourne” written by John Sinnett, Secretary, 25 July 1983.
  10. A document prepared by AETA entitled, “East Timor Needs Help” which sections entitled, “What can you do…, If you need help, Songs for East Timor, How to join AETA. The document is for Pat Walsh. 1983. | 2 pages.
  11. Flyer about an emergency protest entitled, “Stop New Genocide in East Timor, No Sell-out of ALP East Timor Policy” The protest will take place on August 17, in Sydney, Australia.
  12. A flyer entitled, “TIMOR, a people betrayed - James Dunn” published by The Jacaranda Press, 1983. | 2 pages.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

This document contains six separate documents.

  1. A flyer entitled, “Timor, Legends and poems from the Land of the Sleeping Crocodile” created by Cliff Morris. 1984.
  2. East Timor Report (ACFOA) entitled, “Amnesty Report” published December 1984, No. 9. | 2 pages.
  3. East Timor Report (ACFOA) entitled, “Timorese leaders urge support for talks” published September 1984, No.8. This issue includes, Mgr. Belo (head of the Catholic Church in East Timor), Labor MPs, ALP Policy, Pope John Paul II, Amnesty International (August 1984) |2 pages.
  4. A document with three newspaper articles attached. The first: “Legality of refugee charges questioned” Canberra Times (08/03/1984). The second: “Indonesia agrees to PNG talks” The Age (31/03/1984). The third: “PNG acts on Indon. jet raid” The Melbourne Sun (30/03/1984).
  5. AETA Newsletter published for May/June 1984. Vol. 9, No. 2. It includes: Ramos-Horta, Public Meeting Sunday July 1st, Diplomatic Mission Cancelled!, Hastings mourns Ap, Media Flashbacks, Horta addresses Press, ALP National Conference, Dunn Speaks on Timor, Canberra Rally. | 4 pages.
  6. A publication made by the Australian Coalition for East Timor, entitled, “East Timor: The Acid Test for Labor in Government.” It includes sections entitled, “Changed Circumstances: From Opposition to Government,” “Unchanged Circumstances: Timorese still reject integration” “Australia’s crucial role,” “Towards a realistic East Timor Policy,” “The War Next Door won’t go away” published in April 1984. | 8 pages.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

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