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Timor Link Newsletter 1992-02

Timor Link no. 22, February 1992

  • Portuguese suspend visit
  • International reactions
  • Outrage sweeps Australia
  • Church under pressure
  • Foreign bishops rally
  • Life of fear

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Timor Link Newsletter 1993-03

Timor Link no. 25, March 1993

  • Resistance leader captured
  • Xanana- a censored voice
  • New governor appointed
  • Security around massacre anniversary
  • UN talks -- Contancio Pinto escapes
  • International lawyers conference
  • International round up
  • Eyewitness account
  • Clampdown on church

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Timor Link Newsletter 1997-01

Timor Link no. 38, January 1997

  • Ireland and the EU presidency
  • Human rights update
  • Balibo: a continuing cover-up
  • International analysis
  • Bishop Belo's basic demands
  • UK and Irish bishops' statements
  • ICJ ruling: reason for revision
  • New publications

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Timor Link Newsletter 1997-04

Timor Link no. 39, April 1997

  • UNCHR: a clear message
  • The UN resolution
  • Time for change
  • Whose security?
  • International round-up
  • Problems for the Indonesian church
  • Dialogue or aside?
  • New publications

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Timor Link Newsletter 1998-02

Timor Link no. 42, February 1998

  • Failing health
  • Drought brings threat of famine
  • New organisation attracts governor's wrath
  • Time for change
  • Canadian policy: all talk?
  • Bishop call for ceasefire
  • Statement by Cardinal Basil Hume
  • EU code of conduct on arms sales
  • Beyond Balibo
  • ASEM II: people and economics

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Timor Link Newsletter 1999-12

Timor Link no. 48, December 1999

  • A new beginning
  • Rising from the ashes
  • Chronology
  • From resistance to reconstruction
  • José Ramos-Horta: moving into the future
  • New challenges for East Timor
  • Lessons from South Africa: will the impunity end?
  • Lord Frank Judd: learning for the sake of the future
  • UN human rights session
  • Agencies working in Timor
  • Relief efforts

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Timor Link Newsletter 2000-12

Timor Link no. 51, December 2000

  • Timorese demand to be heard
  • Nation in waiting
  • Confronting instability
  • New roles for the churches
  • New beginnings
  • Special supplement: In search of justice- an international tribunal for East Timor

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Timor Link Newsletter 2001-03

Timor Link no. 52, March 2001

  • Must try harder
  • Justice delayed
  • Nation in waiting
  • Election countdown
  • Women lobby the World Bank
  • Quotas for women
  • Refugees: time to come home
  • Arms sales: avoiding tears before bed time
  • Balibo: the truth will out
  • Book reviews

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Timor Link Newsletter 2002-01

Timor Link no. 54, January 2002

  • Peaceful elections pave way for independence
  • Talking with Jakarta
  • Success at the polls for women
  • Tribunals on trial
  • Appeal from Bishop Belo
  • Repatriating refugees

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Timor Link Newsletter 1985-06

Timor Link No. 2, June 1985

  • The view of East Timor's church: a reflection
  • After the UN Human Rights Commission: what next?
  • The position of the Portuguese government
  • Parliamentarians want East Timorese at UN talks
  • Reviews

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Timor Link Newsletter 1986-06

Timor Link no. 6, June 1986

  • Maps of the military situation
  • News from inside: Overview, Document: a letter to Mgr da Costa Lopes, Governor acknowledges humanitarian problems
  • International news: President Reagan's visit to Bali, Concern of the US Congress and Senate, Talks at the UN reach the main issues, Indonesia prepares for the Non-Aligned Summit in Harare
  • Reviews: "Banking on Disaster"- transmigration, Report of the ICRC 1986, UDT-Fretilin Joint Statement

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Timor Link Newsletter 1987-07

Timor Link no. 10, July 1987

  • News from inside: Fresh news from East Timor
  • News from inside: Pressures in the church
  • News from inside: The elections
  • News from inside: Document - Timorese students condemn the elections
  • News from abroad: Portugal - elections, Casaroli and de Cuellar
  • News from abroad: US Catholic bishops call for Peace in Timor
  • News from abroad: US Council of Protestant Churches issue a study paper
  • News from abroad: New letter from the US Senate

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Timor Link Newsletter 1989-01/02

Timor Link no. 15 & 16, January/February 1989

  • News from inside: Timor declared "open"- background and analysis
  • News from inside: Visit by MEPs
  • The church: Belo appointed Bishop of Lorium
  • Diplomatic: EEC parliament votes Indonesia down
  • Review: New report by the Indonesian Community of Churches

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Timor Link Newsletter 1994-05

Timor Link no. 29, May 1994

  • Death of a nation
  • Journalists manipulated
  • Health of a nation
  • Harassment continues
  • Fr Soares interrogated
  • Torture of Viqueque students
  • Arms to Indonesia
  • Carrying the can
  • Pergau Dam- the night manager
  • Arms or jobs?
  • Belo on reconciliation talks
  • UN officials visit Dili and Jakarta
  • Reconciliation talks rejected in East Timor

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Timor Link Newsletter 1995-06

Timor Link no. 33, June 1995

  • Timorese agree to keep talking
  • More bad news than good
  • Timor Gap hearings
  • Resistance continues
  • Human rights: UN statement
  • Liquica massacre investigated
  • Balibo- twenty years on
  • Boat people
  • Lisbon conference
  • Indonesian military condemned
  • Dili massacre damages
  • Suharto's stormy reception
  • Protestant leader speaks out
  • Bishop Belo on the church's role

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Timor Link Newsletter 1986-12

Timor Link no. 8, December 1986

  • News from inside: The new offensive
  • News from inside: Asylum appeal in Jakarta
  • News from the churches: Pacific Conference of Churches, Western Samoa,
  • News from the churches: Asian justice and peace, Hong Kong
  • News from the churches: Conference of European Churches, Scotland
  • International round-up: Germany
  • International round-up: Sweden
  • International round-up: Japan

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Timor Link Newsletter 1987-11

Timor Link no. 11, November 1987

  • News from inside: New appeal from Xanana
  • News from inside: New maps from the war
  • News from inside: Human rights update
  • Views from Lisbon: Portugal's position
  • Views from Lisbon: The Cavaco Silva government
  • Review: The Uniting Church in Australia, report by Robert Archer

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Timor Link Newsletter 1988-04

Timor Link no. 12/13, April 1988

  • Asia-Pacific Consultation: full text of the statement
  • News from inside
  • Document: Fixing foreign visits- secrets from 1976
  • Church news: Papal concern, but doubts remain
  • International: New talks on a Portuguese visit to Timor
  • Review: Eukumindo on East Timor

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