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Timor Link Newsletter 1985-10

Timor Link no. 3, October 1985

  • The church in East Timor: Mgr Belo on birth control
  • The situation inside: a report
  • Diplomatic news: after the Portuguese elections
  • Diplomatic news: Australia recognises Indonesian sovereignty
  • Diplomatic news: new report from Mr Perez de Cuellar
  • Diplomatic news: East Timor and the non-aligned movement
  • International church news: is there religious freedom in East Timor?
  • International church news: statement from the US bishops
  • International church news: the Brazilian bishops discuss East Timor
  • International church news: the Christian Conference of Asia assembly in Seoul
  • International church news: church groups in Asia Pacific sign appeal
  • International church news: round up -- Review: the Amnesty report

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Timor Link Newsletter 1985-12

Timor Link no. 4, December 1985

  • Editorial: Ten year after
  • The church in East Timor: Young people in East Timor, Mgr Belo's letter to young people, Young Timorese on the future
  • The situation inside: Analysis
  • Diplomatic news: The Indonesian-Portuguese talks, The role of the United Nations, Fretilin's position, Interview with Dr Mochtar
  • International church news: A new initiative in Europe, Statement from the Portuguese Council of Churches

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Timor Link Newsletter 1987-03

Timor Link no. 9, March 1987

  • The church challenged: Document - an appeal for church unity
  • The church challenged: Letter - Mgr Belo under surveillance
  • The church challenged: Solidarity - bishops write to the Timorese church
  • The church challenged: Document - extracts from Mgr Belo's first pastoral letter
  • News from inside: Round-up
  • News from inside: The April elections in East Timor
  • Around the world: Australia - open letter to Pope John Paul II
  • Around the world: Europe - Third Consultation of Christian Groups Geneva
  • Around the world: UN initiative - talks stutter Portugal toughens up

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Timor Link Newsletter 1989-10

Timor Link no. 18 & 19, October 1989

  • Special issues: The Pope's visit
  • Special issues: Arrests and repression
  • Special issues: Bishop Belo calls for a referendum
  • Special issues: Criticism of the Vatican's itinerary
  • Special issues: An appeal from Timorese exiles
  • Other news: European Parliament- resolution
  • Other news: United Nations- resolution
  • Other news: US Congress expresses concern
  • Reviews

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Timor Link Newsletter 1994-01

Timor Link no. 28, January 1994

  • 'Reconciliation' talks
  • A period of great changes
  • Prison conditions in East Timor
  • Xanana appeals to ICJ
  • British arms sales
  • US overtures at APEC
  • The primacy of economic interests
  • British coalition for East Timor tour
  • Bishop Belo visits Australia
  • Development for who?
  • Church pastoral on family planning
  • Repression continues
  • Health problems rampant in East Timor

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Timor Link Newsletter 1994-09

Timor Link no. 30, September 1994

  • Church on the front line
  • People's resistance
  • Christian-Islam tensions
  • UN talks advance
  • Rapporteur wins pledge
  • Petitions to United Nations
  • The London talks- a second look
  • Governments bungle APCET
  • Cardinal Sin's letter to Belo
  • Indonesia union and press bans
  • US stops small arms sales
  • Belo denounces Western complicity
  • Pilgrimage to Portugal

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Timor Link Newsletter 1996-03

Timor Link no. 35, March 1996

  • Inhibited dialogue
  • Eyewitness account
  • Human rights: Amnesty International report
  • UN High Commissioner reports
  • Recent human rights violations
  • Asia-Europe summit
  • Xanana's release requested
  • Portugal-Indonesia talks
  • EU common position
  • Clinton meets Suharto
  • New ambassador to Australia
  • Murder inquiry
  • International round-up
  • Church news
  • Who rules in East Timor?
  • New publication: partners in repression

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Timor Link Newsletter 1996-10

Timor Link no. 37, October 1996

  • Jakarta riots
  • Tripartite talks and UN Decolonisation Committee
  • BAe acquittal: the legal fallout
  • Lobbying Irish EU presidency
  • Lack of UN monitoring
  • International round-up
  • Canadian Catholic bishops' message
  • WCC and CCA delegation
  • New publication: East Timor- the continuing betrayal

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Timor Link Newsletter 1997-11

Timor Link no. 41, November 1997

  • Groundswell of abuses
  • Time for change
  • A shift in view
  • Interview: José Ramos-Horta, The shock of the real
  • Special supplement: EU policy on East Timor

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Timor Link Newsletter 1999-02

Timor Link no. 46, February 1999

  • Autonomy not automatic
  • Tomorrow's leaders
  • The Mandela of Timor
  • Winds of change
  • Uncovering the key to East Timor's future
  • Time for change
  • Confronting rape
  • Parallel hope for Timor's women
  • Flying back to new freedoms
  • A development strategy

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Timor Link Newsletter 2000-05

Timor Link no. 49, May 2000

  • The challenges of transition
  • Indonesian law on trial
  • Personal testimony: Dulce de Jesus Soares
  • Balancing the scales of justice
  • Reconstruction against the odds
  • Quick guide to UNTAET
  • Finding our own way
  • When opposites meet
  • The challenge for NGOs: interview with Antonio da Conceicao of Timor Aid

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Timor Link Newsletter 2000-08

Timor Link no. 50, August 2000

  • New steps to independence
  • Bring them home
  • East Timor: nation in waiting
  • Women have their say: the long and winding road
  • Statement from the first Congress of Women of Timor Loro Sae
  • The mechanics of transition
  • Reviewing progress
  • An agenda for international NGOs lobbying the World Bank
  • Letter to Kofi Annan
  • A voice for the voiceless
  • Staying power
  • A healthy dose of reality
  • Advocacy targets

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Timor Link Newsletter 2002-03

Timor Link no. 55, March 2002

  • Getting serious about justice
  • Independence countdown
  • Timor Sea talks
  • Why we need an international tribunal
  • Peacebuilding
  • The churches on justice
  • Women in transition
  • The lost children
  • Uncertainty for refugees

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Timor Link Newsletter 2002-10

Timor Link no. 56, October 2002

  • No justice for East Timor's victims
  • Reactions to the Jakarta trials
  • The UN human rights commission
  • Independence dawns
  • New role for the United Nations
  • Women: a war veteran speaks
  • Mission to the militia
  • Bishop Belo on amnesty
  • Oil dispute thickens

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Timor Link Newsletter 1986-04

Timor Link no. 5, April 1986

  • News from inside: Analysis, Timorese nationalists appeal to Australia, More Timorese arrive in Portugal
  • International: Sympathy in US Congress, Statement in Japanese Diet, Portugal: election of Mario Soares, News from the UN, Are British Hawks being armed?

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Timor Link Newsletter 1986-10

Timor Link no. 7, October 1986

  • News from inside: Visit of Anacoreta Correia, Arrest of Timorese students, Priests and religious in East Timor
  • International round-up: No vote at the UN this year, UN Special Committee on Decolonisation, Political Developments in Portugal
  • An extraordinary life: tribute to Justino Mota

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Timor Link Newsletter 1990-01/02

Timor Link no. 20 & 21, January-February 1990

  • The papal visit: Chronology of a repression
  • The papal visit: What the press saw
  • The papal visit: The homily
  • News from inside: Xanana Gusmao- an autocritque from the resistance
  • International round-up: EC, US, Japan
  • International round-up: UN and Portuguese Parliamentary visit
  • International round-up: The Australian oil rig
  • Reviews

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