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Textiles of Timor Exhibit

Various documents about the Museum for Textiles in Toronto. The Museum of Textiles is a non-profit educational organization incorporated in 1975.
This item includes

  • The legend of the crocodile
  • Examples of textiles from Timor
  • East-Timor; The Survival of a Vision
  • The Buffalo and the Princess (Timorese folktale)
  • A Swedish magazine: Forintesle i Paradiset
  • A story a quail and a rat

East Timor Alert Network

Vote 1999

This file includes documents from the Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor, a response from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (CA) and handwritten notes.

  • Vote on the options of autonomy or independence for the territory in East Timor
  • International NGO Observers for East Timor Consultation

East Timor Alert Network

Human Rights Violations in East Timor

TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic content

Item consists of a publication produced by the East Timor International Support Center around 1997. It documents human rights violations which took place in East Timor during Indonesian occupation.


  • Warning
  • Introductions by Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Bishop Hilton Deakin, Chairman of the East Timor Human Rights Centre
  • Background on Human Rights in East Timor:
    -Summary of Human Rights in East Timor
    -The East Timor Human Rights Centre: excerpts from the 1996 Annual Report
    -Amnesty International: excerpts from various reports
    -The United Nations Human Rights Commission: Resolution on East Timor, May 1997
  • Photographic Evidence:
    -Photos of human rights violations from the early 1980s
    -Photos from the period of famine - 1979 to 1982
    -Photos of violations from the mid 1980s till 1991
    -The 'Dili massacre' in 1991
    -Torture and murder in East Timor after 1991
  • Conclusion

East Timor International Support Center

Press Packet 1

Item is a press packet compiled by the East Timor Human Rights Committee consisting of articles relating to East Timor from various press outlets in 1980 and 1981.

  1. International panel blames Indonesia for genocide, famine in East Timor (Boston Globe)
  2. East Timor: fresh focus on human rights (The Christian Science Monitor)
  3. The Pen and the Voice (Time)
  4. Tragedy of East Timor (The New York Times Magazine)
  5. Disclosures in Australia... and how Mr. Reagan can help (The Christian Science Monitor)
  6. Tiny Nation, Lost in a Grand Strategy (Washington Post)
  7. U.S. might have averted tragic Timor takeover (The Christian Science Monitor)
  8. Jakarta Ending Foreign Famine Aid to Annexed Land (New York Times)
  9. The Shaming of Indonesia (New York Times)
  10. East Timor: more food but repressive rule lingers (The Christian Science Monitor)
  11. Refugees Say Rebels in East Timor Are Still Fighting the Indonesians (New York Times)
  12. Tears for Timor (New York Times)
  13. Indonesia may be asked to allow Timor elections (Boston Globe)
  14. US role in plight of Timor: an issue that won't go away (The Christian Science Monitor)

East Timor Human Rights Committee

Various documents

This item contains:

  • East Timor Independence: The War Nobody Wanted by Helen Hill (1976) Pacific News Service | 4 pp.
  • Letter to Jacqui Chagnon from Barry, Editor of InterNews, Berkeley, California (03.03.1976)
  • Letter from Richard W. Franke of the Timor Defense Committee (02/1976)
  • Timor: the Island of Fear, Island of Hope written by the Cornell-Ithaca East Timor Defense Committee (1976)
  • Letter to Ithaca Rest of the News from Joel D. Meltzer, News Director (WVBR) (03.06.1976) | 3 pp.
  • June 2nd ROTN tape: a written description of the contents of the tape (1976)
  • May 31st UPI Story: a written description of the contents of the story (1976)
  • May 31st UPI Story 2: a written description of the contents of the story (1976)
  • Letter to the United Press International from Joel D. Meltzer, News Director WVBR (03.06.1976)
  • The Indonesian takeover of East Timor by Robert Lawless, University of Florida (21.05.1976) | 9 pp.
  • Letter to Mr. Chairman from Missāo Permanente de Portugal Junto das Noçōes Unidas, New York (1976) | 5 pp.
  • Indonesia and the incorporation of East Timor by Michael Leifer (09/1976) The World Today | 5 pp.
  • Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples (04.07.1976)
  • Memo to Support groups, Fraternal organizations, of the Democratic Republic of East Timor (05.12.1976)
  • The Military Situation in East Timor written by Richard Tanter (06/1976) | 10 pp.
  • On Developments in East Timor written by Helen Hill (30.04.1976) | 5 pp.
  • Letter to His Excellency, The Secretary-General, United Nations Organization, from Jose Martins, President of KOTA, (29.04.1976) | 2 pp.

The Humanitarian Project

Newspaper clippings

Various newspaper articles that were written about East Timor and Indonesia in 1983.

It includes a list within the item that has every article title/date/newspaper on it.

The Humanitarian Project

News Clippings

This item includes:

  • "Indonesia lifts the veil from East Timor, claiming Independence War has ended" (11.03.1985) The Asian Wall Street Journal
  • "La Tragedia de Timor" (18.03.1985) El Pais (Spanish)
  • "Indonesia is stepping up release of political prisoners in East Timor" (18.03.1985) The Asian Wall Street Journal
  • "Prelate in E. Timor accuses Indonesia of summary killings" (28.04.1985) The Washington Post
  • "U.S. might abandon SALT-2, Reagan says" (11.05.1985) Herald Tribune
  • "Recalling Timor’s forgotten voices" (20.05.1985) The Asian Wall Street Journal
  • "Letters to the Editor: Completing the picture of East Timor" (19.06.1985) The Asian Wall Street Journal
  • "US Bishop wants East Timor enquiry" (12.07.1985), Catholic Herald
  • "Shift hurts Human Rights lobbyist "(19.11.1985), The New York Times
  • "East Timor: hidden genocide" (28.12.1985) The Boston Globe

The Humanitarian Project

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