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East Timor News 19770224

This newsletter contains:

  • Introducing the East Timor News Agency
  • Indonesians Lose 525 in Battle
  • Brief Reports
  • 'Shut Up' Refugees Told
  • Freedom Fighters' Radio
  • Timor Link Keeps Hope Alive (by Kerry Sharp)
  • Men Found Guilty of Illegal Exports to East Timor
  • ACTU Lifts Ban on Chile Wheat (from Keith Martin)
  • Roger East's Body Burned
  • Timor Probe Sought
  • Jakarta Gets Our Old Jets (from Michael Richardson)
  • Indonesia Accused of Mass Murders in East Timor (by David Watts)
  • Fretilin says Hard to Crush, Malik
  • Peacock Gets Poll on Timor (by Peter Game)
  • Jakarta Loses Plane in Timor Attack (from Hamish McDonald)
  • Timor Appeasement Must End (by Michael Hodgman)
  • Boat Gift to Indonesia
  • Inside Occupied Dili
  • Offensive Fails

East Timor News Agency

Letter Bishop M da Silva Martins-Unidentified 07-17

Letter from Bishop Silva Martins to an unidentified bishop regarding religious issues involved in the East Timor conflict.
Main topics: the inequality between the dioceses; his personal plea to the United Nations to defend Timorese rights against Indonesia; his plea for Bishops all over the world to write letters addressed to the UN in an effort to create pressure; his nomination by the Portuguese people as a Commissary to East Timor issues; etc.

Peace is Possible in Timor Leste Association (Portugal)

Press Packet 1

Item is a press packet compiled by the East Timor Human Rights Committee consisting of articles relating to East Timor from various press outlets in 1980 and 1981.

  1. International panel blames Indonesia for genocide, famine in East Timor (Boston Globe)
  2. East Timor: fresh focus on human rights (The Christian Science Monitor)
  3. The Pen and the Voice (Time)
  4. Tragedy of East Timor (The New York Times Magazine)
  5. Disclosures in Australia... and how Mr. Reagan can help (The Christian Science Monitor)
  6. Tiny Nation, Lost in a Grand Strategy (Washington Post)
  7. U.S. might have averted tragic Timor takeover (The Christian Science Monitor)
  8. Jakarta Ending Foreign Famine Aid to Annexed Land (New York Times)
  9. The Shaming of Indonesia (New York Times)
  10. East Timor: more food but repressive rule lingers (The Christian Science Monitor)
  11. Refugees Say Rebels in East Timor Are Still Fighting the Indonesians (New York Times)
  12. Tears for Timor (New York Times)
  13. Indonesia may be asked to allow Timor elections (Boston Globe)
  14. US role in plight of Timor: an issue that won't go away (The Christian Science Monitor)

East Timor Human Rights Committee

Canadian Universities aid to Indonesia

Multiple Canadian Universities were sending monetary aid to Indonesia for various projects in the country. A newspaper article was published by the Varsity of the University of Toronto expressing their distaste with the aid being sent to Indonesia.

East Timor Alert Network


Various documents from ETAN including

  • National Constitution (ETAN) 1996/1997, ETAN's mission statement, conference minutes
  • Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta newspaper article
  • Team Timor Campaign: financial report

East Timor Alert Network

ETAN Halifax

The Technical University of Nova Scotia awarded an honorary degree to the Indonesian minister of trade and industry. This file contains various newspaper article about the honorary graduate, Dalhousie University' support for the graduate and the distaste from Canadians and Nova Scotians regarding the honorary degree.

East Timor Alert Network

Barbara McDougall

Barbara McDougall was the Secretary of State of External affairs for Canada who met with the Indonesian Foreign Minister in Seoul in 1991.

This item contains:

  • a request for the transcript of the complete meeting between Barbara McDougall and the Indonesian Foreign Minister.
  • a letter from McDougall where she says that she told the foreign minister of Indonesia that she was upset with the recent shootings in East Timor and she suspended the approval to the new aid projects to Indonesia

East Timor Alert Network

U of G- Sulawesi Regional Development Project (SRDP)

The University of Guelph was involved with a 37 million dollar project with the government of Indonesia. The project was called the Sulawesi Project. This project fueled controversy as Indonesia was not being punished for their human rights violations and continued to receive funding for various project.

This item contains

  • Various newspaper articles, including some from the University of Guelph’s campus newspaper
  • Handwritten correspondence to Elaine Briere and John McMurtry
  • The review of the Sulawesi project

East Timor Alert Network

Textiles of Timor Exhibit

Various documents about the Museum for Textiles in Toronto. The Museum of Textiles is a non-profit educational organization incorporated in 1975.
This item includes

  • The legend of the crocodile
  • Examples of textiles from Timor
  • East-Timor; The Survival of a Vision
  • The Buffalo and the Princess (Timorese folktale)
  • A Swedish magazine: Forintesle i Paradiset
  • A story a quail and a rat

East Timor Alert Network

Vote 1999

This file includes documents from the Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor, a response from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (CA) and handwritten notes.

  • Vote on the options of autonomy or independence for the territory in East Timor
  • International NGO Observers for East Timor Consultation

East Timor Alert Network

How to Hide a Holocaust

How to Hide a Holocaust by Derek Rasmussen

This article retells the events of 1975 in East Timor.

East Timor Human Rights Committee

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