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East Timor News 19770224

This newsletter contains:

  • Introducing the East Timor News Agency
  • Indonesians Lose 525 in Battle
  • Brief Reports
  • 'Shut Up' Refugees Told
  • Freedom Fighters' Radio
  • Timor Link Keeps Hope Alive (by Kerry Sharp)
  • Men Found Guilty of Illegal Exports to East Timor
  • ACTU Lifts Ban on Chile Wheat (from Keith Martin)
  • Roger East's Body Burned
  • Timor Probe Sought
  • Jakarta Gets Our Old Jets (from Michael Richardson)
  • Indonesia Accused of Mass Murders in East Timor (by David Watts)
  • Fretilin says Hard to Crush, Malik
  • Peacock Gets Poll on Timor (by Peter Game)
  • Jakarta Loses Plane in Timor Attack (from Hamish McDonald)
  • Timor Appeasement Must End (by Michael Hodgman)
  • Boat Gift to Indonesia
  • Inside Occupied Dili
  • Offensive Fails

East Timor News Agency

Letter Bishop M da Silva Martins-Unidentified 07-17

Letter from Bishop Silva Martins to an unidentified bishop regarding religious issues involved in the East Timor conflict.
Main topics: the inequality between the dioceses; his personal plea to the United Nations to defend Timorese rights against Indonesia; his plea for Bishops all over the world to write letters addressed to the UN in an effort to create pressure; his nomination by the Portuguese people as a Commissary to East Timor issues; etc.

Peace is Possible in Timor Leste Association (Portugal)

Human Rights Violations in East Timor

TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic content

Item consists of a publication produced by the East Timor International Support Center around 1997. It documents human rights violations which took place in East Timor during Indonesian occupation.


  • Warning
  • Introductions by Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Bishop Hilton Deakin, Chairman of the East Timor Human Rights Centre
  • Background on Human Rights in East Timor:
    -Summary of Human Rights in East Timor
    -The East Timor Human Rights Centre: excerpts from the 1996 Annual Report
    -Amnesty International: excerpts from various reports
    -The United Nations Human Rights Commission: Resolution on East Timor, May 1997
  • Photographic Evidence:
    -Photos of human rights violations from the early 1980s
    -Photos from the period of famine - 1979 to 1982
    -Photos of violations from the mid 1980s till 1991
    -The 'Dili massacre' in 1991
    -Torture and murder in East Timor after 1991
  • Conclusion

East Timor International Support Center

Press Packet 1

Item is a press packet compiled by the East Timor Human Rights Committee consisting of articles relating to East Timor from various press outlets in 1980 and 1981.

  1. International panel blames Indonesia for genocide, famine in East Timor (Boston Globe)
  2. East Timor: fresh focus on human rights (The Christian Science Monitor)
  3. The Pen and the Voice (Time)
  4. Tragedy of East Timor (The New York Times Magazine)
  5. Disclosures in Australia... and how Mr. Reagan can help (The Christian Science Monitor)
  6. Tiny Nation, Lost in a Grand Strategy (Washington Post)
  7. U.S. might have averted tragic Timor takeover (The Christian Science Monitor)
  8. Jakarta Ending Foreign Famine Aid to Annexed Land (New York Times)
  9. The Shaming of Indonesia (New York Times)
  10. East Timor: more food but repressive rule lingers (The Christian Science Monitor)
  11. Refugees Say Rebels in East Timor Are Still Fighting the Indonesians (New York Times)
  12. Tears for Timor (New York Times)
  13. Indonesia may be asked to allow Timor elections (Boston Globe)
  14. US role in plight of Timor: an issue that won't go away (The Christian Science Monitor)

East Timor Human Rights Committee

Various documents

This document contains fifteen separate documents.

  1. A photograph from a protest in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1978. The are protesting in solidarity of Fretilin.
  2. A newspaper article entitled, “ ‘No intention to burn dog’ 600 at protest, heckling and a scuffle in park” July 6th 1978.
  3. Flyer entitled, “East Timor, Films: island of fear, Island of hope & supports speakers, literature, photo exhibition” which begins April 27th 1978.
  4. Flyer entitled, “Demonstration to protest against Indonesian Government’s callous refusal to reunite Timorese families” to take place on Friday, September 15th, 1978 in Melbourne | 2 pages
  5. Two page pamphlet entitled, “East Timor need help” with the subtitles, “What you can do, if you need help, songs for East Timor, Donate!” (1978) | 2 pages
  6. Document entitled, “Campaign for Independent East Timor” addressed to all CIET and AETA committees. March 9, 1979 | 3 pages
  7. Letter to Stan Newens, House of Commons London from Ted Rowlands, Minister of State (May 24, 1978) | 2 pages
  8. Press Release entitled, “National East Timor activities conference” May 14, 1978
  9. Letter to Miss Mildred Neville, General Secretary of the Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) from the Right Honourable the Lord Goronwy-Roberts. June 19, 1978 | 2 pages
  10. Letter to Eileen Sudworth, CIIR from Sir Bernard Bradine (?), House of Commons London. June 21st 1978 | a little blurry
  11. Letter to Stan Nevens from Eileen Sudworth, June 23rd 1978
  12. Letter to the Rt. Hon. the Lord Goronwy-Roberts, Minister of State from Miss Mildred Neville. June 29th 1978
  13. Letter to the Rt. Hon. The Lord Goronwy-Roberts from Miss Mildred Nevile, CIIR. July 27th, 1978
  14. Letter to Miss Mildred Nevile, CIIR from The Rt. Hon. The Lord Goronwy-Roberts. July 17th 1978.
  15. Newspaper article published in The Times entitled, “Relations with Indonesia Worsen” on July 7th, 1978

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

This document contains three separate documents.

  1. A campaign poster from the Netherlands. The description is as follows: “1981. Holocaust on the sly - East Timor. Poster produced and distributed by Human Rights organization “Komitee Indonesia” in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The title refers to the holocaust by the Nazi-regime during WWII, comparing it to the genocide in East Timor- that was not heard- of was deliberately ignored - by those elements in the international community that had the power to stop it.
  2. Photograph entitled, “East Timor, South Maluku and West Papua unite Conference in The Netherlands” with the description: “24 April 1981: South Moluccans, East-Timorese and West-Papuans sign an agreement of collaboration. Location: Capelle and IJessel, The Netherlands. The people in the picture are: Lilypaly, Jacob Xavier, Referent Manusama and Ayamiseba. In the background we see the flags of South-Maluku and West-papua. Both flags are forbidden in Indonesia, and until now people still go to prison for raising these flags.
  3. Document entitled, “Legislative research document East Timor 1980-1981” | 2 pages.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

This document contains eight separate documents.

  1. A photograph entitled, “Demonstration on Human Rights Square (Trocadero, Paris, France)” with the description: 1989: When Pope John Paul II visited Dili. This was the first demonstration organized in France under the name “Agir pour Timor” (Act for Timor) to make noice about East Timor and let people know about the situation and the struggle. Trocadero is the Human Rights Square in Paris. In the background we see the Eiffel tower for its 100th birthday.
  2. A different photograph with the same description as above.
  3. A newspaper article entitled, “Paul wants the Pope to join his crusade” written by Beverley Taylor published in the East London Advertiser. November 1989.
  4. Two newspaper articles, the first entitled, “Hunger strike still on” written by Beverley Taylor published in the East London Advertiser on November 3rd, 1989. The second article is entitled, “ Hunger striker Paul is backed by Kinnock” published in the East London Advertiser on November 24th 1989.
  5. A photograph entitled, “Demonstration in Dome City Utrecht (The Netherlands)” with the description: 14 October 1989: Action Group Purnarma and other activists march in Utrecht, The Netherlands after Pope JPII’s visit to East Timor resulted in violence. Utrecht was chosen as the location for this march. JPII visited here in May 1985.
  6. A document with two photographs attached. The first entitled, “Tokyo, Japan” with the description: 1989: Mr. Abilio Araujo together with Dr. Ana Gomes, then Portuguese Ambassador to Japan, at a symposium in Tokyo.The second entitled, “Hakata, Japan” with the description: 1989, Aug: Mr. Rogue Rodrigues speaks at the photo exhibition of Elaine Briere during a PP21 Rally in Hakata.
  7. A document entitled, “Primeriras Jornadas de Timor da Universidade do Porto (First Days of Timor at the University of Porto).” 1989. | 2 pages in Portuguese.
  8. A booklet entitled, “Timor-Leste: Identidade do seu povo e perspectivas para o futuro” (Timor-Leste: Identity of its people and perspectives for the future) written by A. Barbedo Magalhâes and Jorge Mendes. April 29th. 1989. | 9 pages in Portuguese.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

United Nations

This document contains sixteen separate documents.

  1. “Pétition au Comité de Décolonisation, Juillet 1994” [Translated: Petition to the committee of decolonization] from Agir pour Timor. They are asking the committee to provide, information to the public on its work in favour of the people of East Timor to self-determination. That this Committee exclude Indonesia, as a member, from any decision-making process concerning East Timor, under the principle of law that one cannot be both judge and party. That this committee recommend to the Secretary General to do everything in his power to obtain the release of Xanana Gusmao, as a symbol of the Timorese resistance movement, without neglecting to intervene for the release of the other Timorese political prisoners and that this committee recommends to the Secretary General to make public the two reports of Mr. Amos Wako. | 3 pages, all in French

  2. “Statement by the British Coalition for East Timor to the U.N. Decolonization Committee - New York. 13 July 1994” | 4 pages

  3. “Statement on East Timor to the UN Special Committee on Decolonization by Pedro Pinto Leite, Secretary-General of the International Platform of Jurists for East Timor. | 3 pages

  4. “Petition to the United Nations Special Committee of 24 in support of the struggler self-determination of the peoples of East Timor from Philippine Solidarity for East Timor and Indonesia (PSETI) July 13, 1994” | 3 pages

  5. “General Assembly Resolution 3485 - 12 December 1975 - Question of Timor” | 2 pages

  6. “S/RES/384 (1975) Adopted by the Security Council in its 1389th meeting on 22 December 1975” | 2 pages

  7. “S/RES/389 (1976) Adopted by the Security Council at its 1914th meeting on 22 April 1976” | 2 pages

  8. “Back to the Beginning: Report of an Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA) Delegation to East Timor, 5-13 June 1999 - Executive Summary and Key Recommendations” | 3 pages

  9. “Petition of the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET) at the United Nations’ Committee of 24 by Augusto N. Mictat, Jr.” 23 June 1999 | 3 pages

  10. “Petition to the U.N. Committee on Decolonization written by Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor (CAFIET)” New York, June 22, 1999. | 5 pages

  11. “Petition of East Timor International Support Center (ETISC), Darwin, Australia, to the United Nations’ Committee of 24” June 21, 1999. | 6 pages

  12. “Petition of the Indonesian people regarding the resolution of the East Timor Problem written by Fortilos, Solidarity forum with the People of Timor Lorosae” | 3 pages

  13. “Brief presented by Bishop Paul Yoshinao Otsuka, Bishop in charge of the Japan Catholic Council for Justice and Peace to the Special Committee on the Situation with Regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples” 22 June 1999. | 3 pages

  14. “Petition on the Question of East Timor” written by Östtimorkommittén (East Timor Committee) Sweden. 22 June 1999.

  15. “Statement on East Timor to the United Nations Special Committee of 24,23 June 1999 by TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign” | 4 pages

  16. “U.N. Decolonization Committee meets July 11”

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Various documents

This document contains seventeen separate documents.

  1. A page with three photographs of Observers from PET: Parliamentarians for East Timor. (Right): Sen. Satsuki EDA, present speaker of House of Councillors of Japan and Senator Hiroko Wada. 1999.

  2. A photograph taken in 1999: An Indonesian observer Ms. Yeni Damayanti

  3. A photograph of a protest sign for East Timor that has been destroyed. The photo was taken by Rob Wesley Smith.

  4. A photograph of the International Federation for East Timor. 1999.

  5. A page with two photographs. The first is entitled, “Popular Consultation 1999” Filomena (middle) and Sr. Inoue (right) at the IFET house in Delta Comoro. The house was bought by FOKUPERS in July and was pleased to IFET. The second is entitled, “Popular Consultation 1999” IFET’s first registered observers showing ID cards issued by UNAMET.

  6. A page with two photographs. The first is entitled, “IFET-OP” July 1999: The IFET-OP base in Bairo Pite, with Joe Nevins, Yuji Omori (Japan), Steve, Ravinder. The second entitled, “IFET-OP” July 1999: IFET-OP members Scott (UK), John Roosa, Randall (Canada) at Bairo Pite, Dili.

  7. A page with two paragraphs. The first is entitled, “IFET-OP” August 1999: IFET observer John Roosa from Canada at an improvised IDP camp close to Become terminal, Dili. The second is entitled, “IFET-OP” August 1999: Baucau Team member Tim Howard (New Zealand) in Venilale with student activists (Dewan Solidaritas) at a CNRT rally.

  8. A photograph entitled, “IFET-OP HQ, Bairro Pite, Dili” August 1999: More than 120 international activists from 22 countries came to Timor-Leste for the IFET Observer Project from June through September 1999. IFET-OP and the Indonesian project KIPER were the largest international observer delegations. In this photo, IFET U.S. coordinator Pamela Sexton and in country coordinator Joseph Nevins prepare to visit IFET teams deployed in every district of Timor Leste.

  9. A photograph entitled, “On plane between Dili and Darwin” 6 September 1999: IFET-OP observers had planned to stay in Timor-Leste for at least a month after the referendum, but Indonesian/militia violence and the inability of international forces to address the deteriorating security situation caused IFET observers in Dili (the last remaining international observers or journalists outside the UNAMET compound) accept evacuation by the Australian air force on the night of 6 September. The last IFET observers were evacuated from Baucau the following day. In the photo, IFET observers Jill Sternberg and Charlie Scheiner being evacuated to Darwin on an AAF Hercules.

  10. A page with two photographs. The first is entitled, “7 Sept 1999, Baucau” IFET Viqueque team members Susan Mackley (USA) and Endie van Binsbergen (The Netherlands) inside the Baucau UN CivPol quarters when Brimob and TNI were shooting to force UN and NGO workers from Baucau. The second is entitled, “7 Sept 1999, Baucau” The UN CivPol quarters where the last IFET observers had been hiding during a serious shoot-out. The picture was taken afterwards. The two men on the bikes are Indonesian soldiers (without uniforms) who had earlier been shooting around the quarters.

  11. A photograph entitled, “7 Sept 1999, Baucau Airport” Endie van Binsbergen and Tim Howard were part of the last IFET team evacuated to Darwin.

  12. A photograph entitled, “Sept. 1999, Darwin” IFET-OP spokespersons addressing the media.

  13. A photograph entitled, “IFET-OP” August 1999: IFET observer John Roosa from Canada at an improvised IDP camp close to Become Terminal, Dili.

  14. A photograph entitled, “IFET-OP Referendum Day” 30 August 1999: Voters queue in Dili on Referendum Day.

  15. A document entitled, “International Federation for East Timor (IFET)” Member Organizations (as of December 1999)

  16. Newspaper article written by solidarity activist, Sweden. August - September 1999: Gabriel Jonsson is the chairman of the Swedish East Timor Committee. He wrote this article in his own language. In short: “Stöd Östtimor!” means “Support East Timor.” This article was published on 29 August 1999, in a Swedish newspaper named, “Aftonbladet” and it presents the situation in the days before the referendum. He concludes by asking his government to act to make the Swedish political parties respect and realism the outcome of the referendum, to support further UN presence and to assist building a free East Timor.

  17. Articles by Gabriel Jonsson. August - September 1999: Gabriel Jonsson is the chairman of the Swedish Östtimorkommitten (or the East Timor Committee). He wrote these articles in his own language. They were published in Swedish newspapers. In short: “Omvärden bör stötta ett fritt Östtimor” means “Indonesia will have to let East Timor be free.” The article was published on 4 September 1999, only a moment before the outcome of the referendum was announced. The article is about what would happen after the results were announced and also gives information about the period before 1999 and how the writer sees the situation in a free East Timor.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Canadian Universities aid to Indonesia

Multiple Canadian Universities were sending monetary aid to Indonesia for various projects in the country. A newspaper article was published by the Varsity of the University of Toronto expressing their distaste with the aid being sent to Indonesia.

East Timor Alert Network


Various documents from ETAN including

  • National Constitution (ETAN) 1996/1997, ETAN's mission statement, conference minutes
  • Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta newspaper article
  • Team Timor Campaign: financial report

East Timor Alert Network

ETAN Halifax

The Technical University of Nova Scotia awarded an honorary degree to the Indonesian minister of trade and industry. This file contains various newspaper article about the honorary graduate, Dalhousie University' support for the graduate and the distaste from Canadians and Nova Scotians regarding the honorary degree.

East Timor Alert Network

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