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A Small Island's Big War: East Timor's Revolutionary War

  • small-island
  • Item
  • 1985

Book about the history of East Timor and Japan's involvement and responsibility in the matter.
Table of contents (see below for original Japanese):
• Japan’s Responsibility: Fretilin’s message to the United Nations
• Chapter 1: Do you know East Timor?
• Chapter 2: Details on the East Timor War
• Chapter 3: Fretilin and the people of East Timor
• Chapter 4: Indonesia and East Timor
• Chapter 5: Japan and East Timor
• Chapter 6: Each country’s response to the situation
• Chapter 7: The end— What we can do about it
Contains multiple graphs, the translated message of Fretilin to the United Nations, a letter from the Indonesian foreign minister Adam Malik to Jose Manuel Ramos Horta, and multiple pictures of the war.

Original Japanese:
• 日本の責任― フレテリンの国連へのメッセージ
• 第一章:東チモールを知っていますか
• 第二章:東チモール戦争の経緯
• 第三章:フレテリンと東チモールの人々
• 第四章:インドネシアと東チモール
• 第五章:日本と東チモール
• 第六章:各国の対応と運動の状況
• 第七章:おわりに― わたしたちにできること
• 本と資料の紹介

Free East Timor! Japan Coalition

Australian Coalition for East Timor (National) newsletter - May-June 1986

  • ACETnews05961986
  • Item
  • May-June 1986

Item is the May-June 1986 issue of the Australian Coalition for East Timor (National) newsletter.


  • Timor Update
  • ALP National Conference
  • Former Indonesian MP to visit Adelaide
  • Amnesty's 25th Anniversary
  • Radio Liberation 5MMM
  • Coming Events

Australian Coalition for East Timor

CALC Report Vol. VI, no. 2 (Special Issue): East Timor, An Act of Genocide

  • CALC report
  • Item
  • March 1980

Item is a special issue of the Clergy and Laity Concerned (CALC) Report (Vol. VI, no. 2) entitled "East Timor: An Act of Genocide", published in March 1980.


  • East Timor: four years of genocide (by the Asian Center Staff)
  • Words of resistance
  • U.S. Responsibility
  • Action Suggestions
  • Resources
  • Trouble in the Heartland (by Michael G. Matejka)
  • Nuclear Victims Go On U.S. Tour
  • News from Chapters & Friends: Southeast Region, New England Region, Upstate New York Region, Upper Midwest Region, Central Region, Midwest Region
  • Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World Sponsors Actions in D.C., April 25-28

Clergy And Laity Concerned

Canadians Concerned about Ethnic Violence in Indonesia

  • January, 1999

Titled, Canadians Concerned about Ethnic Violence in Indonesia, this position paper was created in January, 1999. It provides first a brief description of CCEVI. Then it discusses “The Historical Context of Anti-Chinese Discrimination and Violence” focusing on three components: “Pre-Suharto,” “The Suharto Years” and “Anti-Chinese Violence.” After, it presents “The Events of Mid-May, 1998” with sub-sections “The Riots” and “The Rapes”. Finally, it provides both “Recent Developments and CCEVI’s Recommendation to the Canadian Government” and “CCEVI’s Recommendations” – four courses of action that it argues the Canadian government could take to help re-establish stability in Indonesia.

Canadians Concerned about Ethnic Violence in Indonesia

Colonizing East Timor: Indonesia and Australia’s Oil Drilling Plans

  • CAPPP1991
  • Item
  • July/August, 1991

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Colonizing East Timor: Indonesia and Australia’s Oil Drilling Plans, the article was written by Allan Nairn in the Petrochemical age section of the July/August 1991 issue of Multinational Monitor. The article argues that Australia is reaping rewards from Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor by extracting the oil of East Timor’s seabed through the Timor Gap Treaty. It signed the treaty with Indonesia in 1989. The article features a quote from Jose Ramos Horta that argues the hypocrisy of Australia as it concurrently joined a war against Iraq in the name of international law while saying that Indonesia was not precluded by international law from invading Timor. Next, the article presents the comments of Dick Woolcott, the Australian ambassador to Indonesia, on the Indonesian invasion of Timor. It then explains that oil company research in the early 1970s had estimated that the disputed waters between Australian and Timor could hold vast amounts of oil and natural gas. Finally, the article argues that the Timor Gap Treaty is the first international agreement that formally legitimizes the Indonesian annexation of Timor and presents Portugal’s challenge to Australia over the treaty in the World Court.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Come-into Evaluation all of the University of East Timors’ Students

  • CAPPP1991
  • Item
  • October 31st, 1991

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Come-into Evaluation all of the University of East Timors’ Students, the document was published on October 31st, 1991 in Dilli by University of East Timors’ student. It begins with a welcome message to ambassadors and journalists. The message then expresses a desire for self-determination and freedom for East Timor. It elaborates conditions under Indonesian military occupation and asks foreign observers to help engender a referendum for the East Timorese people.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Death in East Timor

  • CAPPP1992
  • Item
  • February 10th, 1992

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Death in East Timor, the document is part of Third World Network Features and was received February 10th, 1992. It is an account of the experience of a mother, Helen Todd: a Malaysian freelance journalist whose son was killed by the November 12th, 1991 Santa Cruz massacre in East Timor. Her son, Kamal Bamadhaj, was the only foreigner killed during the shooting. Helen Todd emphasises her difficulty in discovering the reason for the fate of her son and expresses her belief that it demonstrates the misinformation and mendacity of Indonesia’s government. She also discusses Kamal’s observations of the Indonesian regime’s tactics to hide realities when discussing East Timor with foreigners. Next, she provides eye witness accounts of the shooting of the procession to the Dili cemetery. Finally, she presents Kamal’s observations of the attitudes of the Timorese, especially Timorese youth, before the march.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

ETAN protest, Pratt and Whitney, Toronto

  • CAETANpics06
  • Item
  • 1990s

East Timor Alert network protesters attempt to block access to a loading bay at the Pratt and Whitney factory in Toronto. Pratt and Whitney was one company issued with military export licences to Indonesia. The protest aimed to highlight Canada's role in arming Indonesia as part of ETAN's campaign for an arms embargo on Indonesia. Photographer at right is one of the reporters who covered this event. The protesters were removed and arrested by local police.

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor - a backgrounder

  • CAPPPIssues199211
  • Item
  • May, 1992

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
It is the May, 1992, Number 11, issue of Pacific Issues published by the Centre for Peace Studies of the University of Auckland. Titled “East Timor – a backgrounder”, it an informative document discussing several elements of East Timor. The subsections of the document are: “Historical background”, “The 1975 invasion and subsequent events” and “Political implications”. The information sheet was prepared with the assistance of the Auckland East Timor Independence Committee.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

East Timor votes for independence. Theme issue of Tok Blong Pasifik, magazine of the Pacific Peoples' Partnership, December 1999

  • TBF1999-12
  • Item
  • 1999

PPP supported the International Federation for East Timor Observer Project (IFET-OP) during the 1999 referendum in Timor-Leste. This special issue of the organization's magazine includes eyewitness accounts from several Canadian observers.

Tragedy or Betrayal: The United Nations
Consultation in East Timor
(Randall Garrison)

East Timor and the (In)Security Agreement
(Bob Crane)

Post-Vote Violence - A Coordinated Campaign
(Drew Penland)

Women and the Vote for Independence
(Erin McQuillan)

East Timor Snapshots: Diary Excerpts
(Aaron Goodman)

Canada's Foreign Minister on East Timor
(Lloyd Axworthy)

A New Nation and a New Order:
The Political Future of East Timor and
(Arlindo Marcal)

The Road to an Independent Timor Lorosae:
Assessing the First Three Months
(Ceu Brites)

East Timor NGO Forum Statement to
International Donors

Pacific Peoples Partnership

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