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This document contains three separate documents.

  1. A Photograph entitled “Revolução dos cravos” with two soldiers featured.
  2. Newspaper article published in República entitled “As Forças Armadas tomaram o poder” (25/04/1974) | Portuguese
  3. A photograph of East Timorese citizens protesting for liberty and independence with two signs advocating for liberty

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains eleven separate documents.

  1. A photograph with the description: “Mid 1975. FRETILIN students and Portuguese sympathizers express their concern about the APODETI influence on UDT. This picture was taken several months before the Indonesian invasion.” with a translation in Esperanto. The photographer was Francisco Freire.
  2. Another photograph with the same description as above, but the photo is more zoomed in than the previous one.
  3. A photograph entitled “Oecusse March 1975” by Helen Hill. It is a photo of the protest with a sign that reads: “Integration-never never and never the People is with Fretilin”
  4. A photograph entitled: “Refugees from East Timor crowd the deck of the cargo vessel Macdili docked in Darwin on 15 August 1975. Courtesy National Archives of Australia”
  5. Press statement entitled: “Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor” published on September 16th, 1975 | 4 pages (Some pages are blurry)
  6. A booklet published by the Campaign for Independent East Timor entitled: ‘Independence or Death!’ East Timor’s border war eye-witness reports by Roger East. | 12 pages
  7. A document entitled: “Don’t forget Timor” with the headline, “We appeal to the Australian people. Please do something to stop this invasion.” (1975) | 2 pages.
  8. “Messages received by Bill Roberts via Telecom Darwin” September 1975 | 2 pages.
  9. A document entitled: “The Timor Tragedy”, the documents are a little blurry but still legible | 2 pages
  10. “Ballad for East Timor” by Phil Boyce, which is a song written about East Timor.
  11. A newspaper article entitled: “Indonesia Attacks” published in The Age, November 1975

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

1975 (1)

  1. Letter, Permanent Representative of Indonesia Anwar Sani to United Nations Secretary General, 1975-12-22
    Dili, New York
    The letter describes how on 17 December 1975, a declaration on the establishment of a Provisional Government of East Timor was signed between the four main political parties in the area. Indonesian Permanent Representative Anwar Sani requests the declaration be circulated as a document of the General Assembly under the “Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples” and “Question of Territories under Portuguese administration.” In the letter is embedded a copy of the declaration. The declaration outlines how the vacuum of authority in East Timor is due to the irresponsibility of Portugal. This vacuum of authority has been filled by the political parties of APODETI, UDT, KOTA, and TRABALHISTA. These parties on behalf of the people of East Timor declared the formation of a provisional government in East Timor to ensure the administration of law and order. This new provisional government seeks to restore normal life to the people of East Timor.
    2 Pages

  2. Fax, Jose Ramos Horta to Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-30
    New York
    In this fax the Minister of External Relations and Information for the Republic of East Timor, Jose Ramos Horta, is requesting to accompany the United Nations representative and mission to East Timor. Jose Ramos Horta makes his request to Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim. Jose Ramos Horta reasoning for the request is the to facilitate an early contract with FRETILAN leaders.
    1 Page

  3. Letter, Permanent Representative of Portugal J.M. Galvao Teles to United Nations, 1975-12-24
    New York, London
    The letter outlines how the Portuguese government will support the measures adopted during the UN Security Council’s resolution 384. The Portuguese Permanent Representative J.M. Galvao Teles, particularly highlights paragraphs 3 and 5 of the resolution. Paragraph 3 calls upon Portugal as the administrating power to co-operate fully with the United Nations to ensure the people of East Timor are allowed to freely exercise their right to self-determination. Paragraph 5 requests that the Secretary-General send a special representative to East Timor to make an assessment of the situation in East Timor and establish contact with all parties in the territory to ensure the implementation of the resolution. J.M. Galvao Teles affirms the Portuguese Government’s willingness to both provide assistance to the U.N Special Representative and cooperate with the United Nations to enable the people of Portuguese Timor to exercise their right to self-determination.
    1 Page

  4. Press Release, Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim Appoints Mr. Winspeare Guicciardi as his Special Representative in East Timor, 1975-12-29
    Press Release SG/A/176 /SC/3684
    New York, Geneva
    The press release outlines how United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, has appointed Vittorio Winspeare Guicciardi as his Special Representative for East Timor. Winspeare Guicciardi is appointed with two goals; to assess the existing situation in East Timor, and to establish contact with the parties and states involved in the territory. The goal of Winspeare Guicciardi’s mission is to ensure the implementation of Security Council resolution 384. The Governments concerned have been consulted and informed the Secretary-General they will make every effort to facilitate the mission of Winspeare Guicciardi.
    1 Page

  5. TELEX, Report of Conflict between FRETILIN and Indonesian Government in East Timor, 1975-12-23
    UNSYD AA25777
    New York, Sydney, Dili, Baucau, Geneva,
    This telex communication outlines how the conflict in East Timor has intensified. Despite the United Nations Security Council decisions condemning Indonesian aggression in East Timor, Indonesian forces have intensified attacks against FRETILIN in East Timor. Indonesian forces have attacked and bombarded Dili and Bacau, however both territories are still controlled by FRETILIN. For the democratic government of East Timor, it seems that all legal means to force the Indonesian invaders to withdraw are now over.
    3 Pages

  6. Minutes from Security Council, Andrew Peacock statement to United Nations Security Council 1975-12-23
    New York
    These minutes outline how the Australian Foreign Minister, Andrew Peacock, supports the United Nations Security Council approval of the compromise resolution on Portuguese Timor. Mr. Peacock identified the main features of the resolution as being the: respect for territorial integrity of the territory, the right of its people to self-determination, the call on Indonesia to withdraw forces, the call on Portugal to co-operate with the United Nations, and the request for the Secretary-General to send a special representative to East Timor. Mr. Peacock hoped that this special representative could foster co-operation between the political parties in Portuguese Timor and between the Portuguese and Indonesian authorities. Furthermore, Mr. Peacock hoped that special representative could leave for East Timor as soon as possible so that the Security Council could undertake further action based on first-hand reporting.
    2 Pages

  7. Draft Resolution, Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-22
    Resolution 384 (1975) Adopted by the Security Council at its 1869th meeting.
    New York
    The draft resolution focuses on ensuring the right of the people of East Timor to self-determination in accordance with the Declaration on the Granting of Independence included in the General Assembly’s resolution 1514. The Security Council deplores the intervention of Indonesian armed forces in East Timor and the loss of life is has created. The resolution contains seven steps of future action to avoid further bloodshed and ensure East Timor is granted their inalienable right for self-determination. These steps call upon all states to respect the territorial integrity of East Timor and for Indonesia to withdraw all its forces from the territory. The resolution includes a request that the Secretary-General send a special representative to East Timor to make an on-the-spot assessment of the existing situation and make recommendations to the Security Council that will ensure the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions for East Timor.
    2 Pages

  8. Memorandum, Permanent Representative of Portugal to the United Nations
    New York, Atauro, Atambua, Kupang, Batugade, Deatapupu, Jakarta
    This Memorandum outlines how when the Portuguese administration of Timor was transferred to the Island of Atauro, Portuguese soldiers were taken as prisoners by the Indonesian and UDT forces. A group of 19 Portuguese soldiers were taken prisoner by UDT and detained near the town of Batugade on August 27. On September 3, a group of 5 Portuguese soldiers who were supposed to be repatriated by airplane were instead taken to Kupang then transferred and detained in Batugade. Indonesia claims the Portuguese were imprisoned solely because of the actions of UDT. This assertion was tested by a testimony by International Red Cross regional representative Dr. Testuz. Dr. Testuz claimed he found Portuguese prisoners in Indonesian territory and led them to the village of Deatapupu where he left the prisoners under the protection of local Indonesian police. The knowledge of Dr. Testuz’ report cause the Indonesian government to send a note requesting a prompt repatriation of the Portuguese soldiers. The Indonesian Government is therefore involved in the situation not only because they openly support the actions of UDT but because the Portuguese soldiers detained were under the custody of Indonesian police authorities in Indonesian territory.
    4 Pages

  9. Telegram, Messrs. De Araujo and Francisco Xavier Lopes da Cruz to Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-18
    New York, Dili, Baucan
    This collection of telegrams was created to illustrate the situation in East Timor. The first telegram by Messrs. De Araujo and Lopes da Cruz to President Suharto outlines how the provisional government of Eastern Timor create peaceful conditions and smooth administration in the territory since December 17, 1975. In order to ensure peaceful conditions, the government requests military, social and economic assistance from the Indonesian government. In the second telegram the Prime Minister of East Timor Nicolay Reis Lobato outlines the heavy fighting in East Timor since the Indonesian invasion of the country. Lobato mentions how Dili is burned out by cannon fire. The telegram ends with an appeal by the Government of East Timor to all the peace-loving countries to protect against Javanese expansion in the country.
    The document is quite blurry rendering some of the words unclear.
    4 Pages

  10. Letter, Permanent Representative of Guinea-Bissauto the United Nations Gil Fernandes to President of the Security Council, 1975-12-12
    New York
    The letter is a request by the Permanent Representative of Guinea-Bissau to the United Nations, Gil Fernandes, to extend an invitation for two people to speak to the Security Council. The two people Fernandes wants to speak are Ministers from the Democratic Republic of East Timor: Mr. Jose Ramos Horta, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Information and Mr. Abilio Araujo, Minister of State for Economic Affairs. Gil Fernandes thinks these two individuals will supply the Council with valuable information relating to the question of the conflict in East Timor.
    1 Page

  11. Letter, Deputy Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the United Nations August Marpaung to President of the Security Council, 1975-12-15
    New York
    In this letter Deputy Permanent Representative of Indonesia, August Marpaung, requests that the Security Council extend an invitation to three persons to address the Council on the issue of the situation in Timor. These three individuals are: Mr. Guilhermo Maria Goncalves member of the Presidiu of APODETI, Dr. Mario Carrascalao member of the Central Committee of UDT, and Mr. Jose Martins President of Kota. August Marpaung thinks these three people will supply the members of the Security Council with information concerning conditions in Timor.
    1 Page

  12. Cable, President of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome Principe Manuel Pinto da Costa to Secretary-General United Nations Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-12
    English (translated from Portuguese)
    New York
    In this cable Manuel Pinto da Costa, the President of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome Principe, deplores the invasion of East Timor and the occupation of the Territory by Indonesian forces. Manuel Pinto da Costa states the Government and people of Sao Tome and Principe protest the occupation against a people struggling for national liberation. Manuel Pinto da Costa calls the pretenses for the re-establishment of order a false allegation that does not hide the intensions of imperialist expression of the Indonesian Government. Pinto da Costa states that if the UN remains inactive in the face of this barbarous aggression there will be no restraint against the use of force by more powerful countries against other States. He finishes off the letter by stating the action of Indonesia is a violation of the fundamental principles of the UN.
    2 Pages

  13. Note, Rafeeuddin Ahmed to the Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-11
    New York
    This note written by Rafeeuddin Ahmed for the Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, outlines the activity of the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly. The Permanent Representative of Portugal, Galvao-Teles, telephoned Ahmed to inform him that the item related to adopting a draft resolution for East Timor was considered favorable to Portugal’s position. Galvao-Teles said he contacted the President of the Security Council to ensure this matter would be quickly introduced in the Security Council.
    1 Page

  14. Record of the General Assembly Fourth Committee Meeting, 1975-12-11
    Meeting No. 2188 & 2189 of the General Assembly
    New York
    This document is a record of the United Nations General Assembly votes on the Draft Resolution for East Timor. The draft resolution was adopted by a roll-call vote of 69 to 11 with 38 abstentions.
    1 Page

  15. Draft Resolution on East Timor Motioned by Guyana. Sierra Leone and Trinidad and Tobago, 1975-12-9
    New York
    This draft resolution calls upon on all states to respect the rights of the people of Portuguese Timor to self-determination in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. The resolution strongly deplores the military intervention of Indonesia in Portuguese Timor and calls for the Government of Indonesia to withdraw their forces without delay. The resolution calls on the Security Council to take urgent action to protect the territorial integrity of Portuguese Timor in conformity with Article 11, Paragraph 3 of the United Nations Charter. The resolution ends with the request to the Special Committee on the Situation in Portuguese Timor to send a fact-finding mission to the territory as soon as possible in consultation with the political parties in Portuguese Timor and the Government of Portugal.
    3 Pages

  16. Interoffice Memorandum, Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs and Decolonization Tang Ming-chao to Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General R. Ahmed, 1975-12-11
    New York
    This brief note outlines Tang Ming-Chao’s position on the cable from President of APODETI. Tang Ming-chao does not think any action on the matter is necessary until the situation has been further clarified.
    1 Page

  17. Telegram, President of APODETI Arnaldo dos Reis Araujo to Secretary-General of the United Nations Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-7
    English translated from Portuguese.
    New York, Dili,
    In this telegram Arnaldo dos Reis Araujo declares that from 7 December 1975, the former Portuguese colony in Timor has been jointly occupied by APODETI/UDT/KOTA/TRABALHISTA. Arnaldo dos Reis Araujo requests that the Secretary-General inform the Governments of all nations of ADOPETI’s desire to integrate with Indonesia. Arnaldo Reis Araujo then accuses FRETILIN of using guns to prevent people from freely expressing themselves.
    1 Page

  18. Interoffice Memorandum, Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs and Decolonization Tang Ming-Chao to Secretary-General of the United Nations Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-10
    New York
    In this interoffice memorandum Tang Ming-Chao advises Kurt Waldheim on what to do in regard to Waldheim meeting the Timor political parties. APODETI, UDT, KOTA and TRABALHISTA requested to meet with Waldheim. A delegation from FRETILIN was also planning on coming to New York. Tang Ming-Chao suggests Waldheim wait for the arrival of both delegations before deciding whether to receive them.
    1 Page

  19. Telegram, Guilherme Maria Goncalves, Mario Viegas Carrascalao, and Jose Martins to Secretary-General of the United Nations Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-10
    New York, Jakarta
    This telegram is written by representatives of four East Timor political parties (APODETI, UDT, KOTA and TRABALHISTA) outline how they are arriving in New York and wish to meet with Secretary-General of the United Nations Kurt Waldheim.
    1 Page

  20. Interoffice Memorandum, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Security Council Affairs A.N Shevchenko to Secretary-General of United Nations Kurt Waldheim, 1975-12-9
    New York
    This interoffice memorandum is a preface to a paper outlining the development of the East Timor crisis. Shevchenko then reminds Waldheim that consultations will take place the afternoon of December 9 concerning the Portuguese request for Security Council consideration of the reported Indonesian military involvement.
    1 Page

United Nations - Secretariat


This document contains six separate documents.

  1. A photograph entitled “Australia” with the description, “1976 Stanislau da Silva and an Australian supporter operating the clandestine radio link between Australia and Fretilin forces in East Timor” Courtesy of the da Silva family.
  2. Two photographs. The first entitled “Moluccan hunger strike (Amsterdam, Netherlands)” with the description, “12 August 1976 Moluccans in The Netherlands on hunger strike in front of the church Westerkerk in Amsterdam to draw attention to the situation in East Timor. The activists are organized under the name Vrje Zuid-Molukse Jongeren (Free South Moluccan Youths) in Lunteren-Ede, The Netherlands. Photographer: Croes. The second is entitled “Moluccan hunger strike (Amsterdam, Netherlands)” with the description, “the activists had posted pictures of Mari Alkadiri, Nicolau Lobarto and Rosa Muki Bonaparte.
  3. Newspaper article entitled “Four men facing firearms export charges” published in The News. September 17, 1976.
  4. A page of six photographs taken in Australia in 1976. Two are graffiti on walls that say ‘Viva FRETILIN’ & ‘Independence for East Timor’. The other four are of various people photographed. The photos are a little blurry.
  5. Another page of six photographs taken in Australia in 1976. The photos are all taken on the streets in some kind of protest or stand off.
  6. Document entitled, “The Timor Story” by Helen Hill with the header, ‘Demand a public inquiry into the deaths of the six Australian Newsmen!’ 1976 | 2 pages.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains seven separate documents.

  1. “FRETILIN retake two towns” (document ineligible)
  2. A photograph taken in 1977 Darwin, Australia: Laurentino Pices & Rob Wesley-Smith, Radio Maubere. The photo is taken by Brian Manning.
  3. A document entitled, “Offensive Fails” East Timor News, No. 3, March 24, 1977.
  4. A document entitled, “Inside Occupied Dili” East Timor News, No. 3, March 24, 1977. | 2 pages.
  5. A document written by William J. Armstrong, National Coordinator of the action for world development. The report gives a detailed account of the attempts made to reunite East Timorese families separated by a civil war in, and an Indonesian Government invasion of East Timor in 1975. (1977) | 2 pages.
  6. A document entitled, “East timor: Refugees and Family Reunion.” The contents are The Current situation in East Timor, The origins of East Timorese refugees, Family Reunification (the context, first attempts at reunification, Australian/Indonesian negotiations on reunions, May 1977 - May 1978: no progress, recent developments), Sources and Footnotes. | 16 pages.
  7. Report on talks with Timorese refugees in Portugal - The East Timorese Situation | 17 pages

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains fifteen separate documents.

  1. A photograph from a protest in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1978. The are protesting in solidarity of Fretilin.
  2. A newspaper article entitled, “ ‘No intention to burn dog’ 600 at protest, heckling and a scuffle in park” July 6th 1978.
  3. Flyer entitled, “East Timor, Films: island of fear, Island of hope & supports speakers, literature, photo exhibition” which begins April 27th 1978.
  4. Flyer entitled, “Demonstration to protest against Indonesian Government’s callous refusal to reunite Timorese families” to take place on Friday, September 15th, 1978 in Melbourne | 2 pages
  5. Two page pamphlet entitled, “East Timor need help” with the subtitles, “What you can do, if you need help, songs for East Timor, Donate!” (1978) | 2 pages
  6. Document entitled, “Campaign for Independent East Timor” addressed to all CIET and AETA committees. March 9, 1979 | 3 pages
  7. Letter to Stan Newens, House of Commons London from Ted Rowlands, Minister of State (May 24, 1978) | 2 pages
  8. Press Release entitled, “National East Timor activities conference” May 14, 1978
  9. Letter to Miss Mildred Neville, General Secretary of the Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) from the Right Honourable the Lord Goronwy-Roberts. June 19, 1978 | 2 pages
  10. Letter to Eileen Sudworth, CIIR from Sir Bernard Bradine (?), House of Commons London. June 21st 1978 | a little blurry
  11. Letter to Stan Nevens from Eileen Sudworth, June 23rd 1978
  12. Letter to the Rt. Hon. the Lord Goronwy-Roberts, Minister of State from Miss Mildred Neville. June 29th 1978
  13. Letter to the Rt. Hon. The Lord Goronwy-Roberts from Miss Mildred Nevile, CIIR. July 27th, 1978
  14. Letter to Miss Mildred Nevile, CIIR from The Rt. Hon. The Lord Goronwy-Roberts. July 17th 1978.
  15. Newspaper article published in The Times entitled, “Relations with Indonesia Worsen” on July 7th, 1978

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains ten separate documents.

  1. A pamphlet entitled, “The 5th Annual Christmas Hills Festival” which was a benefit for the victims of war and starvation in East Timor. It includes the ‘East Timor Relief Appeal’, a description of the Festival, how to help East Timor support the festival. December 15 & 16 1979 | 3 pages
  2. Press Release: “East Timor Relief Appeal” sponsored by Australian Catholic Relief, Australian Council of Churches Austcare, Community Aid Abroad, Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Save the Children Fund, St. Vincent De Paul Society. December 19th, 1979
  3. A flyer entitled, “While remembering World War II, let’s not forget East Timor” (1979)
  4. Information sheet entitled, “East Timor Relief Appeal” November 1979.
  5. Australian Council for Overseas Aid - East Timor Sub-Committee. Report - 1979 council (Council Paper no.13) | 2 pages.
  6. Document prepared by John Waddingham, Pat Walsh & Bill Armstrong entitled, “International Committee in East Timor” October 4th, 1979 | 8 pages. (some pages are blurry)
  7. Document written by Jose G. entitled, “Family Reunions and Refugees” which details the situation in East Timor, Family Reunion programs, the present situation, conclusions. October 4th 1979 | 5 pages.
  8. Newspaper articles from the Canberra Times entitled, “‘No end’ to Fretilin fight” (22/05/1979) and from The Guardian entitled, “Many starving in E. Timor” (25.05.1979)
  9. Newspaper article from the East Timor News entitled, “American Military advisers in East Timor: Indonesian Source”, “Fretilin Ambush Convoy” and “World Vision & Timor.” May 3rd, 1979.
  10. Newspaper article from the East Timor News entitled “‘Nicolau Lobato expressed the most profound aspirations of the Maubere people’ : Samora Machel” January 18,1979.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains seven separate documents.

  1. A flyer created in Amsterdam, The Netherlands entitled, “Oost-Timor schreeuwt Nederland Medeplichtig!” June 3rd, 1980.
  2. A flyer created in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from the “Not a cent for Suharto (1980) Campaign against the IGGI”
  3. A sticker entitled, “East Timor, Stop the war next door” It has the East Timor flag on it. (1980)
  4. A flyer from the International East Timor Conference in Amsterdam on November 27th, 1980.
  5. A photograph of the East Timorese flag but redone to replace the red with soldiers and underneath it says, “East Timor: Australia’s shame”. (1980
  6. Newspaper article from the East Timor News (No.67) entitled, “More military aid” published on July 3rd, 1980.
  7. Newspaper article from the East Timor News (No.67) entitled, “Timorese will die fighting” on July 3rd,1980.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains three separate documents.

  1. A campaign poster from the Netherlands. The description is as follows: “1981. Holocaust on the sly - East Timor. Poster produced and distributed by Human Rights organization “Komitee Indonesia” in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The title refers to the holocaust by the Nazi-regime during WWII, comparing it to the genocide in East Timor- that was not heard- of was deliberately ignored - by those elements in the international community that had the power to stop it.
  2. Photograph entitled, “East Timor, South Maluku and West Papua unite Conference in The Netherlands” with the description: “24 April 1981: South Moluccans, East-Timorese and West-Papuans sign an agreement of collaboration. Location: Capelle and IJessel, The Netherlands. The people in the picture are: Lilypaly, Jacob Xavier, Referent Manusama and Ayamiseba. In the background we see the flags of South-Maluku and West-papua. Both flags are forbidden in Indonesia, and until now people still go to prison for raising these flags.
  3. Document entitled, “Legislative research document East Timor 1980-1981” | 2 pages.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains four separate documents.

  1. Press Release by the Australian Council for Overseas Aid published on August 28th 1982
  2. Provisional itinerary for Roger Clark and Carmel Budiardjo (September 1982) | 5 pages
  3. Senate Inquiry Checklist, with sections entitled, “Reference A: The Human Rights and Condition of the People of East Timor, Reference B: United Nations Resolutions and Actions with Regard to E. Timor, Reference C: Appropriate Policies to be Adopted by an Australian Government in Relation to Matters Revealed in the Committee’s Inquiry” September 1982 | 4 pages.
  4. A flyer entitled, “Timor-Leste, Genocídio físico, cultural e religioso” June 1982 | Portuguese

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


The document contains twelve separate documents.

  1. A flyer for a lecture on East Timor in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The description is March/April 1983: Human Rights organization “Komitee Indonesia” organized a sequence of lectures and reflections on issues in Indonesia. Pamphlet announces a lecture about East Timor by Prof. Wértheim. | The document is in Dutch.
  2. A photo of Jose Ramos-Horta in Stockholm at a conference.
  3. “La paix est possible au Timor Oriental (Peace is possible in Timor-Leste)” published in Em Timor-Leste a paz é possive!, May 1983, No. 1 | French
  4. “Le remplacement de MGR. Martinho Lopes (MGR. Martinho Lopes’ replacement)” published in Em Timor-Leste a paz é possive!, June 1983, No. 2 | French
  5. “Timor-Oriental vu par son époque” published in Em Timor-Leste a paz é possive!, July 1983, No. 3 | French, page a little blurry
  6. A flyer entitled, “Public Meeting in support of self determination for East Timor” Sunday July 31, Dallas Brooks Hall, 2pm.
  7. A pamphlet entitled, “Public Meeting in support of East Timor, Self-Determination: Australia’s Crucial Role” it includes a page with the speakers at the Public Meeting, the speakers include Abilio Araujo, Brian Howe, Senator Gordon McIntosh and Senator Colin Mason. The next page includes why the UN is important and how to join the Australia-East Timor Association (AETA) | 3 pages
  8. Media Release entitled, “Hawke Government breaches ALP Timor policy” written by AETA, May 1983
  9. A letter to the AETA members entitled, “Fretilin Delegation in Melbourne” written by John Sinnett, Secretary, 25 July 1983.
  10. A document prepared by AETA entitled, “East Timor Needs Help” which sections entitled, “What can you do…, If you need help, Songs for East Timor, How to join AETA. The document is for Pat Walsh. 1983. | 2 pages.
  11. Flyer about an emergency protest entitled, “Stop New Genocide in East Timor, No Sell-out of ALP East Timor Policy” The protest will take place on August 17, in Sydney, Australia.
  12. A flyer entitled, “TIMOR, a people betrayed - James Dunn” published by The Jacaranda Press, 1983. | 2 pages.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

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