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The Humanitarian Project Item
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Various documents

This item contains:

  • East Timor Independence: The War Nobody Wanted by Helen Hill (1976) Pacific News Service | 4 pp.
  • Letter to Jacqui Chagnon from Barry, Editor of InterNews, Berkeley, California (03.03.1976)
  • Letter from Richard W. Franke of the Timor Defense Committee (02/1976)
  • Timor: the Island of Fear, Island of Hope written by the Cornell-Ithaca East Timor Defense Committee (1976)
  • Letter to Ithaca Rest of the News from Joel D. Meltzer, News Director (WVBR) (03.06.1976) | 3 pp.
  • June 2nd ROTN tape: a written description of the contents of the tape (1976)
  • May 31st UPI Story: a written description of the contents of the story (1976)
  • May 31st UPI Story 2: a written description of the contents of the story (1976)
  • Letter to the United Press International from Joel D. Meltzer, News Director WVBR (03.06.1976)
  • The Indonesian takeover of East Timor by Robert Lawless, University of Florida (21.05.1976) | 9 pp.
  • Letter to Mr. Chairman from Missāo Permanente de Portugal Junto das Noçōes Unidas, New York (1976) | 5 pp.
  • Indonesia and the incorporation of East Timor by Michael Leifer (09/1976) The World Today | 5 pp.
  • Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples (04.07.1976)
  • Memo to Support groups, Fraternal organizations, of the Democratic Republic of East Timor (05.12.1976)
  • The Military Situation in East Timor written by Richard Tanter (06/1976) | 10 pp.
  • On Developments in East Timor written by Helen Hill (30.04.1976) | 5 pp.
  • Letter to His Excellency, The Secretary-General, United Nations Organization, from Jose Martins, President of KOTA, (29.04.1976) | 2 pp.

The Humanitarian Project

Indonesian intervention in East Timor

Indonesian Intervention in East Timor: a Chronology was published by the East Timor Information and Research Project. It details the chronology of invasion of East Timor and some background information on East Timor from before the invasion.

The Humanitarian Project

News Articles 2

This item contains various newspaper articles published in 1979.

The first page of the item has a list of every item included in the attachment.

The Humanitarian Project


Various newspaper article packets that were handed out by the Humanitarian Project as well as newspaper articles that were written in 1982 about East Timor from various newspaper companies across the World.

The Humanitarian Project

Newspaper clippings

Various newspaper articles that were written about East Timor and Indonesia in 1983.

It includes a list within the item that has every article title/date/newspaper on it.

The Humanitarian Project


Decolonization: a publication of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, Trusteeship and Decolonization
No. 19, December 1983

The Humanitarian Project

CIIR press release

East Timor church leader says resistance to Indonesia remains strong.

Interview with Mgr. Martinho da Costa Lopes, recently re-sign Apostolic administrator of Dili East Timor. Text from Diario de Noticias and Libertar, Oporto and Lisbon, July 1983.

The Humanitarian Project

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