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Actions File

Early post-massacre ACFOAHR correspondence with various Australian and international advocates on Timor.

Assorted other responses

A wide variety of Australian and international individual and organisational responses to the massacre – especially in the days following the events in Dili.

Australian government

Includes records of formal Australian government statements on the massacre and records re NGO meetings with Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans. Also includes transcripts of Australian parliamentary debates and the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (March 1992).

Australian MPs

Statements and correspondence between Australian politicians and political parties. Also includes long David Scott paper on the East Timor Talks Campaign.

Berita Timor Timur

Largely English-language reports from Jakarta on media coverage and events under the name “Berita Timur Timor" (East Timor News) issued by INFIGHT (Indonesian Front for the Defense of Human Rights). Includes particular focus on Timorese facing trials for subversion.


A extensive range of statements, correspondence, draft documents from official Churches, religious organisations and individuals.

Eyewitness accounts

Chronologies, correspondence, name lists, diary extracts, media conference transcripts, statements based on eyewitness testimony.

Funding appeal

Internal papers on the ACFOAHR Office planning for a fund-raising appeal to support ongoing advocacy for human rights in Timor.

International responses

Predominantly USA Congressional responses and media coverage. Also a range of other international responses including Portugal, Japan and Europe.

Juan Federer Jakarta visit Jan/Feb 1992

Extensive summaries of conversations in Jakarta with well-placed, informed Indonesians – conducted by Juan Federer 25 January to 07 February 1992. Also includes preparatory planning and post-visit correspondence.


ACFOAHR background leaflet on Timor post-Dili massacre and two graphic leaflets.

Letter to Pres. Bush

Organisational correspondence on an Australian parliamentarians joint-letter addressed to President Bush during his early 1992 Australian visit. Also includes correspondence concerning possible US Congressional letters directed to the Indonesian Government.

Letter to Gareth Evans

Organisational correspondence seeking signatures from 150 prominent Australian for a letter to Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans concerning his proposed Indonesia visit, 19 December 1991

NGO responses – Amnesty International

Initial Amnesty International reports and media releases on Santa Cruz massacre. Folder also includes the extensive AI report to the August 1991 UN Decolonization Committee on pre-massacre-period human rights violations.

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