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Comment is published five times a year by the Catholic Institute for International Relations as a Christian contribution to knowledge and debate about public affairs, especially as they concern the developing world.

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Protest Photos

This file consists of 11 photographs that are believed to be a national day of protest in Australia. José Ramos Horta is depicted in one photograph sitting in front of a banner that says Stop the War Next Door. The flags displayed are that of UDT and Fretilin, the two major Timorese political parties at the time.
Little information concerning the background of these photos. Crowd-sourcing the clarification of these photos will be needed if more information is required.

Friends of East Timor - Western Australia (FOET-WA) (Australia)

Report Zeca Araujo (Secretary of the provisional Government in Dili) 1976-01-16

Official title: Linhas de orientacao para os contactos com a delegacao da ONU
Contents: Guidelines for Dili’s provisory administrators regarding the United Nations' visit to the capital. The document contains explicit restrictions on certain behaviors and symbols, and also certain places (those that were still under military activities) where they could not take the UN to visit. It also established a pattern of conversation that party leaders (APODETI, UDT, KOTA and LABOR) should follow with the UN delegation, mostly incriminating FRETILIN as communists. Provides answers to the possible questions the UN may have asked about the provisory administration in general.

Peace is Possible in Timor Leste Association (Portugal)

Letter Bishop Dom Carlos Filipe Ximenes (Administrator Apostolic of Dili) - Secretary General of UN 1989-02-06

Letter sent by Bishop Dom Carlos Felipe to the Secretary General of the UN to emphasize that the process of decolonization of East Timor is not yet concluded and cannot be left in oblivion. It calls for UN support by promoting a referendum in the country and reflects on the human rights situation.

Peace is Possible in Timor Leste Association (Portugal)

Report Dunisa Rubini (Direitos Humanos e Amigos de Justica e Paz no Timor Leste) 1991-01-12

Official title: Relatorio – Timor Leste
Contents: Report by Dunisa Rubini about several injustices to which the Timorese people are subjected; presenting military, political, economic and cultural realities after his trip to the country.
Main topics: Indonesian unsuccessful offensive to capture Xanana Gusmao; the intensification of Indonesian strategies against the Timorese struggle; civil rights violations by the militaries in Timor; the guerilla movement to recruit more people; and personal realities of human rights violations.

Peace is Possible in Timor Leste Association (Portugal)

Actions File

Early post-massacre ACFOAHR correspondence with various Australian and international advocates on Timor.

Australian government

Includes records of formal Australian government statements on the massacre and records re NGO meetings with Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans. Also includes transcripts of Australian parliamentary debates and the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (March 1992).

United Nations

Some United Nations official fragments but also includes items from CNRM, East Timor News Agency, Amnesty International.

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