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Australian government

Includes records of formal Australian government statements on the massacre and records re NGO meetings with Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans. Also includes transcripts of Australian parliamentary debates and the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (March 1992).

United Nations

Some United Nations official fragments but also includes items from CNRM, East Timor News Agency, Amnesty International.

Journal "Timor Leste" 1975-10-11

Journal "Timor Leste" no. 3, October 11, 1975
This issue contains: the declaration of the statute of FRETILIN, which contains the organizational chart of the institution; the first sign of discussions between FRETILIN and the government of Portugal, breaking the silence between them; another mention to the support of FRETILIN’s cause by the Australian civil society group called “FRETILIN’s Friends”, who did a protest outside of the Indonesian embassy in Sydney; an explanation about the objectives of the Revolution that FRETILIN wanted to achieve for Timorese society, explaining that Revolution is not only based on arms, but on deep societal transformation of habits as well. The old habits, that the journal calls “fascist”, must be forgotten and replaced by new ones, such as respect for all and, above all, for the defenseless; finally, it provides information about the return of Colonel Lemos Pires to the country.

Fretilin, Independent East Timor Revolutionary Front

Journal "Timor Leste" 1975-10-25

Journal "Timor Leste" no. 5, October 25, 1975
This issue contains: a direct accusation of Indonesia as being a puppet of American imperialism and ASEAN, and of helping UDT in its attempted coup; A declaration linking the Colonel Lemos Pires to UDT; Another support message coming from Australian civil society, more specifically from the Student’s Union of Australia; A report of a boycott made by some stevedores on the Sydney Port of an Indonesian boat because of their nation’s interference on Timorese territory; A letter of support written by the World Federation of Trade Unions remarking on the abuses performed by Indonesia on East Timor and the Timorese population’s right to self-determination; Main article discussing the necessity of having a holistic view about the situation on East Timor, not only blaming certain individuals (like Colonel Lemos Pires) and forgetting about the whole picture of colonialism and imperialism.

Fretilin, Independent East Timor Revolutionary Front

Journal "Timor Leste" Extra issue 1975-12-04

Journal "Timor Leste" EXTRA issue, December 4, 1975
This issue contains: the declaration of independence of the Democratic Republic of East Timor made unilaterally by FRETILIN, featuring as president Francisco Xavier do Amaral, and as Prime-Minister Nicolau dos Reis Lobato. It also contains a list of the 11 ministers and their respective deputies; Highlights of the proclaimed constitution, remarking principles like sovereignty, non-interference and laicism. It also delimits the crime of high treason and voting age as fifteen years old (the vote was mandatory for all above that age); The recognition of independence coming from many organizations, governmental and non-governmental; An article discussing the evil of exploiting people, which they describe as being a violent process in itself; The main article is a recollection of the facts which led to the proclamation of independence of East Timor by FRETILIN.

Fretilin, Independent East Timor Revolutionary Front

Juan Federer Jakarta visit Jan/Feb 1992

Extensive summaries of conversations in Jakarta with well-placed, informed Indonesians – conducted by Juan Federer 25 January to 07 February 1992. Also includes preparatory planning and post-visit correspondence.

Letter to Pres. Bush

Organisational correspondence on an Australian parliamentarians joint-letter addressed to President Bush during his early 1992 Australian visit. Also includes correspondence concerning possible US Congressional letters directed to the Indonesian Government.

Union responses

Mainly Australian peak bodies and individual union resolutions and correspondence. Also copy of letter to President Suharto from the Philippines Kilusang Mayo Uno Labor Centre.

Journal "Timor Leste" 1975-11-08

Journal "Timor Leste" no. 7, November 8, 1975; Supplement no. 2
This issue contains: A statement disapproving of the act of making a deal with Indonesian forces (namely Adam Malik) made by Melo Antunes to secure Timor’s borders and free some Portuguese officials that were arrested by UDT. FRETILIN’s main discontent was with the complete disregard of these actors about the de facto government in charge of East Timor and its demands; A protest against the Indonesian interference on East Timor made by an Australian organization called Water Side Workers, blocking the exit of an Indonesian boat anchored on Sydney; Another report of support actions made by “FRETILIN’s Friends” in Canberra and Sydney; An article explaining the educational chart that FRETILIN is implementing in East Timor, highlighting the study of FRETILIN’s books and social engagement as its pillars; The main article discussing the aspects of the reactionaries and about how the people should be united and think not individually but as a group for the revolution to work.

Fretilin, Independent East Timor Revolutionary Front

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