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SOS Timor

  • Collectie
  • 1997

SOS Timor (Belgium)

ETAN protest, Pratt and Whitney, Toronto

  • CAETANpics06
  • Stuk
  • 1990s

East Timor Alert network protesters attempt to block access to a loading bay at the Pratt and Whitney factory in Toronto. Pratt and Whitney was one company issued with military export licences to Indonesia. The protest aimed to highlight Canada's role in arming Indonesia as part of ETAN's campaign for an arms embargo on Indonesia. Photographer at right is one of the reporters who covered this event. The protesters were removed and arrested by local police.

East Timor Alert Network


  • CAPPP1992
  • Stuk
  • December 22nd, 1992

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Indonesia, the report addresses Canada-Indonesia bilateral relations in the context of the East Timor issue. It was created on December 22nd, 1992 by the Canadian Ministry of External Affairs Asia Pacific branch. The report begins by providing background on the shootings in Dili on November 12, 1991 and the actions taken by the Suharto regime following them. It then discusses the Canadian position on the Dili shootings and the country’s suspension of new development projects for Indonesia worth $30 million. Next, it discusses the Canadian delegation’s efforts at the UN Commission of Human Rights. (UNCHR) (A note is provided that sheds light on the information provided). Penultimately, it expresses positivity in regards to Indonesia’s response to the text released by the UNCHR. Finally, the document explains that Canada has not lifted its suspension of aid to Indonesia through the Consultative Group for Indonesia because of its observations in Timor and those of Amnesty International.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

The East Timor Issue and the Symposia of Oporto University

  • Oporto Symposia
  • Stuk
  • 1995


  • East Timor: Interrupted Decolonization of a People with its Own Identity
  • East Timor in the United Nations and the Portuguese Position Until 1986
  • 1986, A Turning Point
  • The First Symposium on Timor of Oporto University - September 1989 - and the Consolidation of Nationalist Convergence
  • II Symposium on Timor of Oporto University - April-May 1990: - Strengthening Hope, In Spite of Difficulties
  • III Symposium on Timor of OU - May 1991 - Or the Appeal to the Vatican for a More Coherent Commitment to the Defense of the Human and National Rights of the Timorese
  • IV Symposium on Timor of OU - April 92 - and the Santa Cruz Massacre
  • V Symposium on Timor of OU - July 1993 - From the Arrest of De Maximum Leader of the Maubere Resistance, Xanana Gusmào, to Cooperation with Indonesia Democrats
  • The Asia/Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET), which took place in Manila - from 31 May to 4 June 1994
  • The Iserlohn Conference - 30 September to 2 October 1994 - and the Development of German Solidarity with East Timor
  • VI Symposium on Timor of OU - 4 October 1994 to 26 March 1995 - Portuguese Universities take on a Growing Commitment and Propose a Grater Degree of Internationalization

Oporto University (University of Porto)

A Small Island's Big War: East Timor's Revolutionary War

  • small-island
  • Stuk
  • 1985

Book about the history of East Timor and Japan's involvement and responsibility in the matter.
Table of contents (see below for original Japanese):
• Japan’s Responsibility: Fretilin’s message to the United Nations
• Chapter 1: Do you know East Timor?
• Chapter 2: Details on the East Timor War
• Chapter 3: Fretilin and the people of East Timor
• Chapter 4: Indonesia and East Timor
• Chapter 5: Japan and East Timor
• Chapter 6: Each country’s response to the situation
• Chapter 7: The end— What we can do about it
Contains multiple graphs, the translated message of Fretilin to the United Nations, a letter from the Indonesian foreign minister Adam Malik to Jose Manuel Ramos Horta, and multiple pictures of the war.

Original Japanese:
• 日本の責任― フレテリンの国連へのメッセージ
• 第一章:東チモールを知っていますか
• 第二章:東チモール戦争の経緯
• 第三章:フレテリンと東チモールの人々
• 第四章:インドネシアと東チモール
• 第五章:日本と東チモール
• 第六章:各国の対応と運動の状況
• 第七章:おわりに― わたしたちにできること
• 本と資料の紹介

Free East Timor! Japan Coalition


  • Collectie


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