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Various documents 8

Contains various documents such as letters, memorandums, faxes and press releases that were written or published in 1991. This item contains:

  • Letter to Paul Moore from Arnold Kohen (23.08.1991)
  • Letter to Mr. Richard Kessler, Senate Foreign Relations Committee from the Rt. Rev.
    Paul Moore (26.08.1991) | 2 pp.
  • Handwritten note for Mike J. from Arnold Kohen (13.11.1991)
  • Draft letter to President Bush (1991) | 2 pp.
  • Letter to Mr. Karl Hutterer, Social Science Research Council from John Monjo,
    Ambassador (14.12.1990)
  • Fax message for Steve Alston, CAFOD from Arnold Kohen (23.08.1991)
  • Telefax to Mr. Brian McKeown c/o Sen. Biden from Arnold Kohen (23.10.1991)
  • Telefax from Mr. Eugene Callahan, Administrative Assistant of Office of Sen. Alan
    Dixon from Arnold Kohen (23.10.1991)
  • Letter to Paul Moore from Arnold Kohen (23.10.1991)
  • Fax message to Steve Alston, CAFOD from Arnold Kohen (23.10.1991)
  • Letter to Sr. Perez De Cuellar, United Nations Secretary-General from Rt. Rev. John
    Crowley (24.10.1991) | 2 pp.
  • Letter to the Hon. Richard Solomon from theRt. Rev. Paul Moore (23.10.1991)
  • CAFOD Telefax to multiple organizations from Steve Alston (23.10.1991)
  • Letter to Ms. Ellen Straus from Arnold Kohen (26.08.1991)
  • Letter to Paul Moore from Arnold Kohen (26.08.1991)
  • Fax message for Dr. Peter Carey, Trinity College from Arnold Kohen (02.09.1991)
  • Fax message for Martin Rendon from Arnold Kohen (07.09.1991)
  • Draft letter to the President, The White House | 2 pp.
  • Fax message for Dr. Peter Carey, Trinity College from Arnold Kohen (23.07.1991)
  • Letter to Ms. Lee Arrowood c/o Sen. Wallop from Arnold Kohen (26.08.1991)
  • Fax message for Steve Alston, CAFOD from Arnold Kohen (28.10.1991)
  • Fax message for Donnacadh Hurley, Trocaire from Arnold Kohen (19.11.1991)
  • Fax message for Paul and Brenda Moore from Arnold Kohen (24.11.1991)
  • Letter to His Excellency Ali Alatas, Foreign Minister from Sidney Jones (20.11.1991) | 2
  • Letter to Ms. Mary McGrory, The Washington Post from Arnold Kohen (18.11.1991)
  • Letter to Mr. Karl Meyer, The New York Times from Arnold Kohen (18.11.1991)
  • Fax transmittal to Mr. Hugh O’Shaughnessy from Arnold Kohen (31.12.1991)
  • Letter to His Excellency Abdul Rachman Ramly, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
    from Harris Wofford (01.01.1991)
  • Fax message for Frank Monahan, Office of Gov’t Liaison from Arnold Kohen
  • Fax message for Lee Arrowood c/o Sen. Wallop from Arnold Kohen (24.11.1991)
  • A preliminary proposal for a One-Day Workshop on the Situation in East Timor (1991) |
    9 pp.
  • Letter to Arnold Kohen from Toby Volkman (10.06.1991) | 2 pp.
  • Congressional Record - July 29th, 1991 | 6 pp.

The Humanitarian Project

Various Publications

This item includes four different bulletins published about East Timor.
It includes:

  1. A bulletin of the National East Timor Winter Mobilization with the title being: “East Timor fights on.” The articles within the bulletin are entitled, “The rape of East Timor,” “How your taxes help the generals,” Faking Timor’s ‘Free choice’” “Why Fretilin will win,” “Timor’s women fight invaders,” “Peacock’s double-talk on Timor aid” and the last page discusses how to reach out and learn more. July 15-17. | 4 pages.

  2. A publication created for the East Timor Moratorium from March 18-20th. The title of the document is: “Timor— dying for its freedom.” The articles within are entitled, “What will you do?” “The Generals have trodden on a scorpion,” “What is Fretilin?” “How Fraser & Peacock help Jakarta’s genocide,” and the last page details the Moratorium and how you can help East Timor. | 4 pages.

  3. A publication created by the Campaign for an Independent East Timor entitled, “East Timor, Mini Vietnam?” The articles within the publication are entitled, “Stop Indonesian Invasion of East Timor,” “Independence or Invasion,” “The Facts on East Timor,” “Independent East Timor Campaign,” “$5000 East Timor — solidarity appeal” and “Appeal and donation form” | 4 pages.

  4. A Bulletin created in The Netherlands about East Timor in Dutch. | 2 pages

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

Violations of Human Rights and Medical Ethics in East Timor

Health Care on the Brink: Violations of Human Rights and Medical Ethics in East Timor - August 24, 1999


  • About Physicians for Human Rights
  • Executive Summary
  • Recommendations to the Government of Indonesia, to the Pro-Independence and Pro-integration Parties and Militias, to the International Donor Community and to the United Nations
  • Background: History, Decolonization, Invasion, Occupation, The Popular Consultation and the Rise in Militias, Rise of Militias and Recent Violations, Pre- and Post-Ballot Concerns and Health Status
  • Research Methods
  • Applicable Human Rights and Medical Ethics Standards
  • Findings

The Humanitarian Project

Visit of Canadian Embassy Representatives to East Timor

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Visit of Canadian Embassy Representatives to East Timor, it presents the observations of Mr. Kirby, Counsellor/Consul of the Embassy, from his visit to East Timor from December 19-28, 1989. After describing the elements of Mr. Kirby’s visit, the document then details the East Timor’s political situation. It focus is specifically on political changes made since the December, 1988 presidential decree providing East Timor equal status with the other Indonesian provinces. The document discusses detainments of Timorese demonstrators and a reorganisation of the local military command structure. The security situation is then described as is Mr. Kirby’s visit to Becora jail in Dili. Finally, the province’s economic situation and respect for human rights are discussed. Mr. Kirby explains that the general human rights situation seemed to be improved over years past.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Vote 1999

This file includes documents from the Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor, a response from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (CA) and handwritten notes.

  • Vote on the options of autonomy or independence for the territory in East Timor
  • International NGO Observers for East Timor Consultation

East Timor Alert Network

Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity

Leaflet published by ETAN/Canada in 1997 prior to President Suharto of Indonesia's visit to Vancouver, 1 p. Contains a brief description of his crimes against humanity.

East Timor Alert Network

Washington Journal Review

Interview in the Washington Journalism Review called "the New Foreign Correspondence". The WJR was interviewing Walter Pincus, Stanley Karnow, Constantine Menges, Ray White, Richard Valeriani and Barry Rubin.

The Humanitarian Project

Washington Post

Item consists of eleven articles from the Washington Post in 1985 and 1986 and one political cartoon relating to East Timor.

  1. East Timor: Forgotten
  2. Suharto Expands Crackdown on Dissidents: Former Indonesian Cabinet Minister Charged With Assassination Plot (2 pp.)
  3. A Chance to Oppose Tyranny
  4. Talking to President Suharto
  5. Dispute Over Press Mars Visit to Indonesia: Suharto Loses Chance to Improve Image
  6. Indonesian Corruption May Be Issue in Talks
  7. Bali Highlights
  8. [Political cartoon, untitled]
  9. Making Unsupportable Claims
  10. Another Clean Getaway
  11. Keepers Of The Vigil: 25th Anniversary for Amnesty International (2 pp.)

East Timor Human Rights Committee

Why should we devote attention to East Timor?

Item is a publication produced by the Asian Center with Noam Chomsky in 1980. It features an editorial-style article written by Chomsky, entitled "Why should we devote attention to East Timor, a small and remote place that most Americans have never even heard of?"

Asian Center


  • Title: Women in East Timor
  • Rape and Sexual Assault
  • Forced Sterilization, Birth Control and Depo Provera
  • East Timorese Women Indirectly Affected by Indonesia's Occupation

East Timor Alert Network

World Policy Institute

U.S. Arms Transfers to Indonesia 1975-1997: Who's influencing whom?
by William D. Hartung and Jennifer Washburn (Arms Trade Resource Center, World Policy Institute)


  • Introduction: The issue of arms to Indonesia heats up
  • In the Beginning: Kissinger's Green Light, stepped up weapons shipments
  • From Carter to Clinton: A steady traffic in arms to Jakarta
  • How important are U.S. arms to Indonesia?
  • The Pending F-16 Sale
  • Financing Offsets: who will pick up the tab?
  • The role of congress, the Code of Conduct Bill, and Arms exporter Campaign spending: who's influencing whom?

The Humanitarian Project

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