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TAPOL Bulletin 1991-12

  • Title: TAPOL Bulletin no. 108, December 1991
  • Contents: Bishop Belo on the massacre -- Worldwide condemnation -- Massacre among the graves by Max Stahl -- ABRI chief: "They must be wiped out" -- The death and life of Kamal Bamadhaj -- Extracts from Kamal's diary -- Suharto's inquiry commission a farce -- The Motael shooting -- A heavy blow for the resistance -- European Parliament and EC condemn -- US Congress condemns Indondesia -- "It's hard to be a Christian in Timor" -- The army casualty - who is he? -- Australian roundup -- International jurists platform -- Timorese students in Indonesia rounded up -- Photo by Stephen Cox
  • Description supplied by Victoria University catalogue.


Ten Days in East Timor

Ten Days in East timor and the case for talks
by David Scott, AO
"Poland, Baltic States, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, the States of the Soviet Union, Namibia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Western Sahara, South Africa, the Middle East, now Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and Bougainville -- East Timor... if not now, when?"

East Timor Talks Campaign

The Humanitarian Project

The Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET) Report and Proceedings

This document is an excerpt from the Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET) Report and Proceedings. The conference was held from May 31 – June 5, 1994.

This document contains:

  • East Timor: History, Testimonies and Perspectives

In his address, English filmmaker and journalist Max Stahl attempts to provide the perspective of a foreigner who had only recently become engaged in the struggle of East Timor. Stahl had recorded the November 12th, 1991 Dili massacre, exposing it to the world. He notes the lack of media interest in the East Timor situation for many years. He explains his disbelief when world powers supported the Indonesian government despite its repression of East Timor. He then details the preparations of the East Timorese resistance movement leading up to the eventually cancelled visit of the Portuguese delegation.
Stahl explains why Timorese resistors chose to march to the Santa Cruz cemetery and details a small altercation between demonstrators and the Indonesian military that would be used to justify a massacre. After describing this massacre, Stahl emphasises the plurality of massacres of the Timorese. He also presents an eyewitness account from a man beaten by Indonesian soldiers and brought along with other dead and wounded protestors to a mortuary. Stahl explains that many demonstrators who had survived the initial attack were killed there. Finally, he emphasises the lack of information the massacred victims’ families received and the justice the people of East Timor seek.
The Report and Proceedings of APCET was published by the University of the Philippines in Dilman, Quezon City, Philippines.

Initiatives for International Dialogue

The East Timor issue

The East Timor Issue Since the Capture of Xanana Gusmao
by Herb Feith

East Timor Talks Campaign
December 1993

The Humanitarian Project

The East Timor Issue and the Symposia of Oporto University


  • East Timor: Interrupted Decolonization of a People with its Own Identity
  • East Timor in the United Nations and the Portuguese Position Until 1986
  • 1986, A Turning Point
  • The First Symposium on Timor of Oporto University - September 1989 - and the Consolidation of Nationalist Convergence
  • II Symposium on Timor of Oporto University - April-May 1990: - Strengthening Hope, In Spite of Difficulties
  • III Symposium on Timor of OU - May 1991 - Or the Appeal to the Vatican for a More Coherent Commitment to the Defense of the Human and National Rights of the Timorese
  • IV Symposium on Timor of OU - April 92 - and the Santa Cruz Massacre
  • V Symposium on Timor of OU - July 1993 - From the Arrest of De Maximum Leader of the Maubere Resistance, Xanana Gusmào, to Cooperation with Indonesia Democrats
  • The Asia/Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET), which took place in Manila - from 31 May to 4 June 1994
  • The Iserlohn Conference - 30 September to 2 October 1994 - and the Development of German Solidarity with East Timor
  • VI Symposium on Timor of OU - 4 October 1994 to 26 March 1995 - Portuguese Universities take on a Growing Commitment and Propose a Grater Degree of Internationalization

Oporto University (University of Porto)

The Right Hon. John Major MP

The East Timorese refugees writing this letter convey the following concerns to John Major: they ask why the situation in East Timor was not brought up during the Lisbon Summit; the writers ask that John Major ensures that Indonesia will not receive economic assistance from Britain until human rights violations in East Timor end; they urge that the British government does not agree to sell forty Hawk fighter-trainers to Indonesia; the writers call for the British Prime Minister to use his authority to aid those who have been imprisoned in the Santa Cruz Massacre.

Commission for the Rights of the Maubere People (CDPM)

The Secret Sacrifice of East Timor

Christianity & Crisis, Vol. 53, No. 1, February 1, 1993

"The Secret Sacrifice of East Timor" by Matthew Jardine

  • Invasion and Independence
  • Massacre at the Motael

The Humanitarian Project

Timor Link Newsletter 1992-02

Timor Link no. 22, February 1992

  • Portuguese suspend visit
  • International reactions
  • Outrage sweeps Australia
  • Church under pressure
  • Foreign bishops rally
  • Life of fear

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1992-05

Timor Link no. 23, May 1992

  • KPN report
  • Blaming the victims
  • Portugal under pressure
  • Britain cautions Alatas - Movement in the US?
  • International round-up
  • Church news

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1992-09

Timor Link no. 24, September 1992

  • Weighted scales- Timorese sentenced
  • School closed
  • Resistance outlines peace plan
  • Time for the UN to act - Xanana Gusmao statement
  • Portugal stalls and blocks
  • International round-up
  • Indonesian interview with Bishop Belo

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1993-03

Timor Link no. 25, March 1993

  • Resistance leader captured
  • Xanana- a censored voice
  • New governor appointed
  • Security around massacre anniversary
  • UN talks -- Contancio Pinto escapes
  • International lawyers conference
  • International round up
  • Eyewitness account
  • Clampdown on church

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1994-01

Timor Link no. 28, January 1994

  • 'Reconciliation' talks
  • A period of great changes
  • Prison conditions in East Timor
  • Xanana appeals to ICJ
  • British arms sales
  • US overtures at APEC
  • The primacy of economic interests
  • British coalition for East Timor tour
  • Bishop Belo visits Australia
  • Development for who?
  • Church pastoral on family planning
  • Repression continues
  • Health problems rampant in East Timor

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1994-09

Timor Link no. 30, September 1994

  • Church on the front line
  • People's resistance
  • Christian-Islam tensions
  • UN talks advance
  • Rapporteur wins pledge
  • Petitions to United Nations
  • The London talks- a second look
  • Governments bungle APCET
  • Cardinal Sin's letter to Belo
  • Indonesia union and press bans
  • US stops small arms sales
  • Belo denounces Western complicity
  • Pilgrimage to Portugal

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1995-01

Timor Link no. 31, January 1995

  • APEC- the turning point
  • 1995-ambivalent anniversaries
  • Rethinking Australian policy on East Timor
  • Diplomatic maze - Resistance meets Alatas
  • Sydney meeting
  • CAAT reports on arms and aid
  • International round-up: Australia - Labour Party calls for action, Timor Gap pact tested in court, British Commons mission under fire, Mandela visit, Guerrilas offer ceasefire, Amnesty International report, Belo thanks US bishops, Cardinal Arinze visits Indonesia

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1995-03

Timor Link no. 32, March 1995

  • Timor Gap case begins
  • Terror returns to Timor
  • Transmigration denounced
  • Xanana interviewed
  • Geneva promotes all-inclusive talks
  • Special rapporteur reports
  • Balibo- action at last?
  • Stern words from UN
  • CNRM youth message
  • South Korea hosts Rodrigues
  • European solidarity groups meet
  • Ramos Horta in Britain
  • Church ditches BAe shares
  • Bishop Belo's Christmas message
  • Radio station for Dili
  • Belo meets Pope

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1995-06

Timor Link no. 33, June 1995

  • Timorese agree to keep talking
  • More bad news than good
  • Timor Gap hearings
  • Resistance continues
  • Human rights: UN statement
  • Liquica massacre investigated
  • Balibo- twenty years on
  • Boat people
  • Lisbon conference
  • Indonesian military condemned
  • Dili massacre damages
  • Suharto's stormy reception
  • Protestant leader speaks out
  • Bishop Belo on the church's role

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1995-11

Timor Link no. 34, November 1995

  • Eyewitness account
  • A 'second invasion'
  • Bishop Belo calls for dialogue
  • Appeal to Beijing conference
  • Human rights update
  • UN decolonisation committee
  • Boutros- Ghali reports
  • UN subcommission
  • Socialists elected in Portugal
  • Asylum denied
  • MEPs condemn Indonesia
  • British aid scandal
  • Asylum plea to Britain
  • Indonesian Human Rights Commission
  • Indonesian prisoners released
  • US Presbyterians call for arms embargo
  • The 'braving of the church

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1996-03

Timor Link no. 35, March 1996

  • Inhibited dialogue
  • Eyewitness account
  • Human rights: Amnesty International report
  • UN High Commissioner reports
  • Recent human rights violations
  • Asia-Europe summit
  • Xanana's release requested
  • Portugal-Indonesia talks
  • EU common position
  • Clinton meets Suharto
  • New ambassador to Australia
  • Murder inquiry
  • International round-up
  • Church news
  • Who rules in East Timor?
  • New publication: partners in repression

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

Timor Link Newsletter 1996-07

Timor Link no. 36, July 1996

  • Cover-up continues
  • Timorese women speak out
  • Aid to Indonesia
  • Indonesian opposition leader sidelined
  • The path to peace
  • Terror in Baucau
  • Recent human rights violations
  • UN commissioner submits report
  • Human rights commission
  • EU Irish presidency
  • EU parliament resolution
  • Swedish arms sales
  • EU common position on East Timor
  • Vatican diplomacy
  • GCMC statement
  • Sanctuary for refugees

Catholic Institute for International Relations (Britain)

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