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Newspaper clippings

This item contains newspaper clippings and articles from various newspapers in 1990.

This item contains:

  • US Congress seeks inquiry on abuses in East Timor (04.01.1990) Far Eastern Economic Review
  • Torture in East Timor (18.01.1990) The Washington Post
  • Violence in Timor protest (19.01.1990) The Guardian
  • Timor student killed by Indonesian troops (20.01.1990) Herald Australian
  • East Timor Bishop writes of torture (11.02.1990) The New York Times
  • Provincial protest (15.02.1990) Far Eastern Economic Review
  • U.S Officials’ lists aided Indonesian Bloodbath in the ‘60s (21.05.1990) The Washington Post
  • President Suharto’s rise to power (13.06.1990) The Washington Post
  • Indonesia 1965: Year of living cynically? (13.07.1990) The Washington Post
  • Indonesia 1965: Year of U.S. Irrelevance (20.07.1990) The Washington Post
  • An Archipelago struts its stiff all over U.D. (20.09.1990) Wall Street Journal
  • East Timor, reopened by Indonesians, remains a sad and terrifying place (21.10.1990) The New York Times
  • Indonesians sitting on ‘time bomb’ (28.10.1990) Sunday Territorian
  • U.S. keeps in touch with RI on Human Rights issues (29.11.1990) Indonesian Observer
  • East Timor: the shame endures (07.12.1990) The New York Times
  • A case in East Timor (23.12.1990) The Washington Post
  • East Timor gains solidarity (14.06.1990), Advocate
  • Update view of Indonesia - call to Australians (21.06.1990) Advocate
  • Indonésia Marca Pontos (n.d.) Publico (Lisbon) [in Portuguese]
  • Exploring East Timor (18.10.1990) Far Eastern Review
  • The Nation (29.10.1990) | 4 pp.
  • Lawmakers voice concern on Timor (19.11.1990) Boston Globe
  • U.S. lawmakers hit abuses in East Timor (20.11.1990) The Japan Times
  • US politicians protest over abuses in E Timor (20.11.1990) Melbourne (Australia)
  • East Timor’s killing fields (08.12.1990) The Boston Globe

The Humanitarian Project

News Clipping

Item contains:

  • Record in Congress: In House and Senate, Tsongas Went His Own Way (New York Times, Feb. 25, 1992)

Online Publications

Online Publications published in 1997.

It includes:

  • Kyodo News Service by Rachel Turner: "The 1996 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and East Timor independence campaigner, Jose Ramos-Horta, called Monday on Japan’s to actively help the United Nations’ peace mediating effort for East Timor (…)" (08.07.1997) | 2 pp. [online article]
  • Reuters (Lisbon): "Nelson Mandela, in an apparent bid to speed a settlement between Portugal and Indonesia over the disputed territory of East Timor (…)" (26.01.1997) [online article]
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “South African President Nelson Mandela urged President Suharto to free Timor guerrilla leader Xanana Gusmao during his visit to Indonesia” (26.07.1997) [online article]
  • Reuters (Australia) by Carolyn Simmonds: “Australia and Indonesia signed a long-awaited sea boundary treaty on Friday (…)” (16.01.1997) | 2 pp. [online article]
  • The Associated Press: “United Nations: Granted an unprecedented meeting with the U.N. secretary-general, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning independence activist for East Timor promised to support U.N. mediation between his land and Indonesia (…)” (16.03.1997) | 2 pp. [online article]
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “East Timor resistance spokesman Jose Ramos-Horta denied on Tuesday that guerrillas had been responsible for the recent shooting of two teachers in the Indonesia-occupied territory (…)” (07.10.1997) [online article]
  • The Associated Press: “Aloisius Nobuo Soma, a Roman Catholic bishop and human rights advocate, has died of heart failure, police said Tuesday. He was 81. (…)” (07.10.1997) [online article]
  • The Associated Press: “White House Counsel Charles F.C. Ruff met last Thursday with Attorney General Janet Reno but failed to inform her of the discovery a day earlier of videotapes relevant to her fund-raising investigation, aides say. (…)” (19.10.1997) | 2 pp. [online article]
  • Reuters (Washington) by Jim Wolf: “Attorney General Janet Reno said Sunday she was mounting one of the most complex investigations in U.S. history to determine whether to seek an independent counsel probe of President Clinton’s campaign fund-raising activities. (…)” (19.10.1997) | 2 pp. [online article]
  • Reuters (Vancouver): “President Bill Clinton urged Indonesian President Suharto on Monday to permit human rights and raised the situation in East Timor (…)” (25.11.1997) | 2 pp. [online article]
  • Reuters (Washington): “The U.S. Congress has urged the Clinton administration not to supply arms to Indonesia that could be used in East Timor (…)” (14.11.1997) [online article]
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “Bishop Carlos Belo, Roman Catholic bishop of Dili and a Nobel Peace Laureate, accused Indonesian security forces on Friday of acting with 'incalculable brutality’ against students in East Timor (…)” (15.11.1997) [online article]
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “East Timor Bishop Carlos Belo, joint winner of the Nobel peace prize last year, said on Wednesday that the award had not led to any improvement in human rights in the Indonesia-occupied territory. (…)” (10.12.1997) [article online]
  • Reuters (London): “The British government is poised to support calls for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize tobe dedicated to the late Princess Diana for her crusade against landmines (…)” (21.09.1996)
  • Antara: “Dr. Abilio Reiterates support of tripartite dialogue” (18.06.1997)
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “Bishop Belo criticises human rights abuse following ET tour” (06.02.1997)
  • Media Indonesia: “Belo explains his meeting with Clinton” (29.06.1997) | 2 pp.
  • Irish Times: “Prizes reward differing tactics in one struggle” (12.10.1996) | 2 pp.
  • Media Indonesia: “Belo Kian Bijak Tempatkan Diri di Percaturan Politik” [Indonesian] (14.01.1997)
  • The Associated Press (Vatican City): “Pope John Paul II consecrated 12 new bishops Monday to Bolster Catholicism in places where it is tested, like East Timor, and areas where it is growing, such as Africa (…)” (08.01.1997)
  • The Associated Press (Washington): “Meeting with a Nobel Prize-winning right s activist from East Timor, President Clinton said Tuesday he would not back down in pressuring Indonesia to improve its human rights record.” (17.06.1997)
  • The Associated Press (Oslo): “Opponents of land mines and advocates of peace in the Balkans are among the most-mentioned contenders to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.” (25.09.1997) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Oslo): “The destination of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize tipped variously togo to anti-landmines campaigners or a Chinese dissident will be decided next week when the Norwegian Nobel Committee holds a secretive final meeting.” (26.09.1997) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Washington): “The Clinton administration should allay questions about its ties to Indonesian businessmen by actively mediating the two-decade-old conflict in East Timor.” (22.01.1997) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Oslo) by Doug Mellgren: “Former President Carter, Bosnian peace envoy Richard Holbrooke and Balkan peace activists are among this year’s noinees for the Nobel peace Prize.” (19.01.1997)
  • Reuters (Melbourne): “Australian Prime Minister John Howard said on Tuesday Australia had used its understanding of the Asian region to improve relations between the United States and Indonesia.” (11.11.1997) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (London): “Following are some of the major events to have occurred on December 7 in history: (…) (01.12.1997) | 3 pp.
  • Reuters (Jakarta): “Two East Timorese men have been sentenced to death for taking part in an ambush during the general elections in May in which 17 Indonesian troops were killed, the official Antara news agency reported on Friday.” (12.12.1997)
  • The Associated Press (Havana): “With Pope John Paul II’s arrival in Cuba only weeks away, the government and the Roman Catholic Church are maneuvering to take advantage of the visit without sparking an open confrontation that will harm both.” (13.12.1997) | 3 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Nanjing, China): “Six decades haven’t erased the pain for Jiang Gengfu, whose eyes fill with tears as he recounts seeing his mother shot to death by Japanese soldiers that bitter winter 60 years ago.” (13.12.1997) | 3 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Jakarta, Indonesia): “Drought blamed on El Nino has spread to a remote corner of Indonesia, forcing nearly 82, 000 hungry villagers to try to find wild yams in the forest after their crops failed.” (15.12.1997)
  • The Associated Press (Dili): “One year after he received the Nobel Peace prize, Roman Catholic Bishop. Carlos Belo says peace remains far off for the troubled Pacific territory of East Timor.” (10.12.1997)
  • Reuters (Geneva) by Stephanie Nebehay: “The United States on Friday criticized China’s tactics during the U.N. Human Rights Commission saying that no country, especially a Security Council member, could put itself above the forum’s scrutiny.” (18.01.1997) | 3 pp.
  • Reuters (Jakarta) by Jim Della-Giacoma: “The swift growth of satellite television across Indonesia and the notion’s unlimited access to what is seen as a service spreading foreign values has worried many, including the government, in the multi-ethnic archipelago.” (17.04.1997) | 3 pp
  • PRNewswire (Washington, D.C.) : “Students were chosen to represent the tens of thousands of young Americans who participated in Zip-Across-America (SM), a letter writing campaign where young people wrote the President about the issues they believe are most important to address (…)” (30.04.1997) | 4 pp.
  • Agence France Presse by Linawati Sidarto: “US human rights official says he had fruitful visit to East Timor” (24.03.1997)
  • The Associated Press (Washington): “NATO expansion won approving words Thursday from the prime minister of Portugal, who met with President Clinton to encourage his tack in U.S. Russian talks on the alliance.” (04.04.1997)
  • Agence France Presse (Lisbon): “Nobel Peace Prize caused more arrests and torture: Belo” (16.05.1997) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Jakarta): “A letter for Indonesian President Suharto from his South African counterpart Nelson Mandela concerning a jailed East Timorese rebel leader was accidentally sent to the Portugueses embassy in Pretoria, (…)” (03.08.1997) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Jakarta): “At least 17 people were killed when a truck carrying East Timorese pilgrims plunged into a ravine in the former Portuguese colony, the official Antara news agency reported on Wednesday.” (08.10.1997)
  • Reuters (Lisbon) by Richard Waddington: “Portugal said on Friday that clashes in East Timor in which soldiers were reported to have fired on students were revealing about ’the Indonesian dictatorship’ and should be condemned by the international community.” (15.11.1997) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Lisbon) by David Brough: “Nobel peace laureate Jose Ramos-Horta on Wednesday urged the United States to mediate for self-determination in East Timor which he said was a simpler problem than Bosnia or the Middle East.” (19.02.1997)
  • Reuters (Frankfurt) by Catherine O’Mahony: “The family of jailed Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng and campaigners for his release are hoping President Jiang Zemin’s forthcoming state visit to the United States will aid their cause.” (16.10.1997) | 2 pp.

The Humanitarian Project

Online Publications 1

This item includes online news publications written in 1998.

It includes:

  • The Associated Press (Jakarta): “East Timor’s spiritual leader has rejected an offer to meet with Indonesian President B.J. Habibie, citing differences over government policy in the former Portuguese Colony.” (26.12.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “Jailed Timorese guerrilla leader Xanana Gusmao was wuoted as saying on Wednesday that East Timor was not ready for independence and needed a 10-year transition period before achieving self-determination.” (16.12.1998)
  • Reuters (Sydney): “Nobel peace laureate Jose Ramos Horta says former Indonesian President Suharto should be arrested for crimes against humanity, just as former Chilean President Augusto Pinochet had been arrested in London.” (15.12.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Dili): “Timor bishop calls for cut in Indonesian military” by Tommy Ardiansyah (15.10.1998) | 3 pp.
  • The Washington Post: “NSC gave warnings about Asian Donors” (15.02.1998) | 6 pp.
  • Insight (Jakarta): “Indonesian military ends hunt for East Timorese rebels” (21.11.1998)
  • Reuters (Canberra): “The governor of East Timor at the time of the 1991 Dili massacre says there were dozens more people executed and buried in the month after the Santa Cruz cemetery killings,” (18.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Sydney): “Human rights groupe Amnesty International called on Indonesian President B.J. Habibie on Wednesday to ‘break the cycle of violence’ now gripping Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia.” (18.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (London): “Brits Order Pinochet Court Presence” by Maureen Johnson (18.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Lisbon): “The attorney general’s office said Tuesday that it is examining a Portuguese lawmaker’s request to seek the extradition of former President Suharto” (17.11.1998)
  • The Associated Press (Jakarta): “Indonesian Students Protest Again” by Christopher Torchia (19.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Jakarta): “Lisbon’s mayor Joao Soares met Timorese rebel leader Xanana Gusmao in a Jakarta jail on Thursday and said he had pressed the Indonesian government for his unconditional release.” (19.11.1998)
  • The Associated Press (Jakarta): “Indonesian Lawmakers on Friday chided a Portuguese effort to extradite former President Suharto, describing the proposal as impossible and unreasonable.” (20.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters: “Nobel concert prize is going to Fox Family.” (20.11.1998) | 3 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Lisbon): “Portugal and Indonesia are mulling a new proposal to settle their dispute over East Timor and talks between the two are at a crucial stage” (11.10.1998)
  • Reuters (Johannesburg): "S.Africa truth probe to highlight ANC crimes” by Alister Bull (26.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Agence France-Presse (East Timor): “East Timorese to observe Dili massacre with prayers” (10.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Agence France-Presse: “What Belo has just missed” (12.11.1998) | 3 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Jakarta): “Indonesia Chief stands by Army Boss” by Christopher Torchia (15.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Jakarta): “Indonesia questions dissidents” by Christopher Torchia (16.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Jakarta): “Pertamina signs oil deals for $3.4-bln investments” (16.11.1998)
  • Reuters (Denver): “Tutu calls for Central American debt relief” by Judith Crosson (14.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Oslo): “No Hints from Nobel Peace Committee” by Doug Mellgren (15.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Oslo): “Nobel peace committee calms N. Irish win rumours” by Alister Doyle (09.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Stockholm): “Not that there’s ever a bad time to get a Nobel Prize, but this year isn’t the greatest- at least in terms of money.” (09.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Madrid): “Nobel winner Saramago criticizes Vatican” by Isabel Garcia-Zarza (09.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “Nobel prize win banishes Portugal crisis” by Richard Waddington (09.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Mexico City): “Interview- Mexico’s Fuentes hails Saramago Nobel prize” (08.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Lisbon): “After years of waiting, Portugal went into a fit of self-congratulation Thursday when writer Jose Saramago was awarded the 1998 Nobel Literature Prize.” (08.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “Nobel Literature laureate Saramago found fame late” by Richard Waddington (08.10.1998) | 3 pp.
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “East Timor leader says Suharto’s days are numbered” by Richard Waddington (14.05.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Kyodo (Dili): “Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Bel said Sunday he intends to accept Indonesian President B.J. Habibie’s proposal of granting 'special status’ to East Timor like that given to provinces of Yogyakarta, Aceh and Jakarta” (14.06.1998) | 2 pp.
  • “Clinton Rights Message Undermined” by Sid Balman Jr. (16.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Dili): “Timor students suspend anti-Indonesia demos” by Lewa Pardomuan (15.06.1998) | 3 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Jakarta): “Indonesia Leader Predicts Recovery” by Geoff Spencer (13.06.1998) | 3 pp.
  • Reuters (Dili): “On Sundays, East Timorese forget politics” by Lewa Pardomuan (14.06.1998) | 3 pp.
  • Reuters (Lisbon): “French President Jacques Chirac has written to new Indonesian President Jusuf Habibie to press for the release of East Timorese Political Prisoners” (09.06.1998)
  • Reuters (Jakarta): “South African Foreign Minister Alfred Nzo on Tuesday met with jailed East Timorese rebel leader Xanana Gusmao, who is serving a 20-year sentence in Jakarta prison” (14.04.1998) | 2 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Dili): “At least 11 separatist rebels were killed by Indonesian troops in recent days following a series of clashes in the disputed territory of East Timor.” (22.11.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Dili): “Hundreds of East Timorese stormed the airport in the capital Dili on Sunday and occupied the runway for about an hour, forcing U.N. Special envoy Jamsheed Marker to change his travel plans.” (20.12.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Agence France Presse (Jakarta): “A Nobel peace laureate in East Timor has urged the Indonesian military not to conceal troop movements in and out of the troubled territory” (21.09.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Agence France Presse (Jakarta): “East Timor can use Indonesia’s offer of autonomy to the former Portuguese colony to create a ‘climate of tolerance’ to prepare for self-determination” (20.09.1998) | 3 pp.
  • The Associated Press (Dili): “About 15, 000 East Timorese staged a second consecutive day of protest today and demanded the provincial governor quit over a threat to fire government employees who support an independence referendum for the troubled territory.” (12.10.1998) | 2 pp.
  • Reuters (Dili): “Timor bishop calls for cut in Indonesian military” by Tommy Ardiansyah (15.10.1998) | 3 pp.
  • Agence France Presse (Dili): “ Roman Catholic Bishop Basilio de Nascimento of the Baucau diocese in East Timor Wednesday called for political topics to be included for the first time in UN-sponsored intra-Timorese talks.” (28.10.1998) | 2 pp.

The Humanitarian Project

Online Publications

Online publications published in 1999.

The first page of the item has a list of every item included in the attachment.

The Humanitarian Project

APEC 1997

Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was founded in 1989 and Canada was hosting the annual meeting in Vancouver in 1997. The President of Indonesia was attending and students were protesting his arrival.

This item contains:

  • APEC position paper for ETAN
  • Anti - APEC action network minutes
  • Stop APEC globalization people! (flyer)
  • House of Commons debates
  • Arrest Suharto campaign
  • Alatas confident Canada can ban
  • Citizen's arrest of Suharto
  • Groups will demonstrate at APEC trade ministers meeting (ENG/FRA)
  • Manila declaration and plan of action
  • Souham: the limits of free speech
  • Lunch with the dictators (leaflet)

East Timor Alert Network

APEC prior to 1997

This file includes documents from prior to the 1997 summit in Vancouver.


  • Protest against Anti People Economic Control
  • Linking trade with human rights at the APEC meeting - an open letter to the Prime Minister
  • APEC contact list
  • South East Asian NGOs forum on human rights and development
  • APEC plan
  • Response to the open letter to the PM by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Prime Minister announces bilateral development co-operation projects with Indonesia

East Timor Alert Network

Arms Embargo

This item contains articles and emails regarding the arms embargo on Indonesia.

  • Church, union leaders call for end to Indonesia sales
  • Sit-in ends in arrest for protesters
  • Canada to fund Indonesian military training
  • Canadian military sales to Indonesia; Indonesia's Military Regime; Canada's role
  • Jakarta pursues arms
  • Arms to Indonesia - the Liberal gov. is propping up a dictatorship
  • Groups to protest arms sales to Indonesia
  • Recommendations regarding the future of Canadian military goods production and export
  • Canadian arms flood world's war zones
  • Emails regarding Canadian arms sales to Indonesia
  • External Affairs silent on East Timor
  • Canadian arms sales to Indonesia condemned

East Timor Alert Network

Elaine Briere 1997

Item contains press clippings, handwritten notes, telephone bills, and a poster for the opening of an art exhibition. The documents date from 1991, 1996, and 1997 and relate to photographer and activist Elaine Briere.

East Timor Alert Network


Item consists mainly of press clipping, correspondence, reports, and handwritten notes pertaining to the Honourable Raymond Chan's involvement in the East Timor solidarity movement, from about 1993 to 2000.

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Hope Foundation

Item consists of one pamphlet produced by the East Timor Hope Foundation, probably in the late 1990s, as well as a letter from Abe Barreto Soares dated 26 May 1997, requesting funds from the group to repay his loan from ETAN.

East Timor Alert Network

Benjamin Parwoto

This file includes various documents about the Indonesian Ambassador to Canada, Benjamin Parwoto during 1996.

  • Indonesian Ambassador continues intimidation
  • Ambassador adds fuel to Indonesian dispute
  • Indonesia "regrets" Canadian charge of Intimidation

East Timor Alert Network

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University (SFU) was providing grants to Indonesian Universities.

This document contains leaflets exposing SFU’s implication with Indonesia, newspaper articles, a flyer about a conference to educate students on the genocide in East Timor, news release that confirms SFU’s aid to Indonesia from 1986.

East Timor Alert Network

Barreto Soares, Abe

TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic images.

Item consists of biographical information regarding Abé Barreto Soares, including press clippings, correspondence, a flyer for a fundraising event in Australia, and two graphic photographs depicting nudity and scenes of violence.

East Timor Alert Network

Team Canada 1996

Canada was sending a "Team Canada" to Indonesia for trading purposes and ETAN was urging them to prioritize human rights while on their trip.
This item includes

  • Multiple newsletters from ETAN to the Prime Minister and Premiers
  • A letter and notes from Jean Chretien

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Hope Foundation

Leaflet published by ETAN/Canada in the 1990s, 6 pp. Contains a brief description of East Timor history, the East Timor Hope Foundation and the foundation's project.

East Timor Alert Network

Det Grymma Spelet (The Cruel Game)

Det Grymma Spelet (The Cruel Game) by Björn Larsson (Red.)
"Sweden's role in Indonesia's genocide in East Timor, 1975-1985" (Svergies roll i Indonesiens folkmord i östtimor 1975-1985)

Sweden East Timor Committee


This document includes various newspaper articles published by Australian newspaper companies between 1975 to 2000.

It contains:

  • “Parents at home plea” (1980) The Sun Terra
  • Cartoon from The West Australian about the massacre of the Timorese people (14/11/1991)
  • “Repressive regime in East Timor” in reply to Peter Hastings’ article, (27/04/1987)
  • “Tale behind East Timor fall” Sunday Territorian (3/05/1994)
  • A Cartoon by Wicking’s View with the setting: Garuda introducing more flights and a boarding passenger says to the flight attendant ’No, I don’t need a return ticket… I’m on the blacklist…’ (no date)
  • “Consulate open protest”by Frank Alcorta, Northern Territory News (16/06/1993)
  • “Indon call over rights” Northern Territory News, (14/06/1993)
  • "Presiden sampaikan penghargaan untuk ABN” (The President expressed his appreciation for ABN) Surya, (22.11.1992) | newspaper article in Indonesian
  • Drawing of two men, one from Australia and the one from Indonesia, about to shake hand over a text bubble with the money sign in it. The text below says “cultural understanding”.
  • “East Timorese want their conquerors out” The New York Times. (07/03/1993)
  • A cartoon with the title, ’Tombstone Territory’ by Wicking published in the Sunday Territorian, (27/06/1993)
  • “Fretilin back on air”, Northern Territory News, (27/05/1985) | 2 pp.
  • “Timor concern widens”, The Age (Melbourne), (25/11/1991)
  • “Secret talks Herald oil boom” Sunterra, (15/12/1991)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of the Indonesian Patrol Boats to visit with the Captain saying “Okay, same speech as usual… Don't shoot the locals”. (04/11/1992)
  • “Timorese fight won’t fade away”, Northern Territory News, (17/01/1994)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of a Timor protester saying “I’ve been doing this [protesting] fro 19 years!” and an employee of the Australian government with their fingers in their ears replying “me too”. (no date)
  • A cartoon called “Tombstone Territory” by Wicking which depicts various countries with someone who is dead, East Timor is included. Sunday Territorian (17/11/1993)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of an Australia-Indonesia Business Conference with East Timor on the outside of it. Northern Territory News, (29/10/1993)
  • “CM blasts Keating’s Asian approach”, Northern Territory News (21/06/1993)
  • “Bali holiday bungle” Northern Territory News (05/01/1993)
  • “News from inside East timor” Aluta Continua! (1996) | 2 pp.
  • “Alatas says he doubts Portuguese parliamentarians good will” Indonesia Time (29/10/1991)
  • “Timor Tragedy” The Sun, Weekend Edition (22/06/1985) | 3 pp.
  • “Activist artists make visit to Top End” Northern Territory News (27/02/1993)
  • “Timor Exposed: Soldiers’s diary tells of insight into army life” The West Australian (17/12/1994)
  • “Indon. safety call critised” Northern Territory News (26/08/1994)
  • “Indonesia consulate secure: NT police” Northern Territory News (08/09/1994)
  • “Protests can go so far” The Age (Melbourne) (28/08/1994)
  • “Timor talks rile Indonesians” Sunterra (22/05/1994)
  • “Rights Indonesia” (16/09/1994)
  • “Australia attacked over human rights” The West Australian (20/07/1994)
  • “Row stirs as Jakarta invited to war games” The West Australian (20/07/1994)
  • “Timorese resistance says Indonesians use torture chamber” The Age (Melbourne) (20/08/1994)
  • “Indonesia’s Suharto may visit next year” The Age (Melbourne) (20/08/1994)
  • “How, why did Ben die?” Sunterra (07/08/1994)
  • “Darwin man tortured” The Suburban (24/01/1996)
  • Canberra: “Ministers’ talks to include E Timor” (21/02/1995)
  • “China says:” Northern Territory News (28/02/1995)
  • The Hague: “21 to face war crimes tribunal” (15/04/1995)
  • “UN slams Dili killers’ jail terms” The Canberra Times (13/03/1993)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of Perron: Asian Armies Can train Here with a soldier who shot a protester with the text bubble saying “Sorry… force of habit…” (14/03/1995)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of a man tied to a pole saying ‘what about human rights’ and he is addressing three guns with the text bubble saying “we’re not human…” (28/02/1995) Northern Territory News
  • “Family sent home: Bali holiday bungle” Northern Territory News (05/01/1993)
  • “Timor trial now a slanging match” Northern Territory News (08/02/1995)
  • “Evans: We told Indons” Northern Territory News (08/02/1995)
  • “Democrats move to repeal Timor treaty” Democrats Newsletter (no date)
  • “Timor Gap treaty attacked” Northern Territory News (25/01/1995)
  • “Timor and pragmatism” Northern Territory News (19/06/1984)
  • “Peacemaker Evans does nothing for East Timorese” Vanguard (06/11/1991)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View entitled Australia, Indonesia to produce weapons? with a woman asking her husband, a soldier, ‘Hey! who’s been kissing your butt?’ (no date)
  • “$4950 costs awarded to three men” (09/09/1997)
  • “Farmer wins appeal on conviction” (13/05/1977)
  • “Timor medicine for Aboriginals” (16/04/1977)
  • “No recognition but we accept reality” The Age (Melbourne) (21/10/1976)
  • “Damage after boat seized, claims owner” Northern Territory News (25/11/1976)
  • “No regrets - Timor backer” The Advertiser (13/05/1977)
  • “Mission to Timor by Bernard Boucher” The Canberra Time (04/06/1977)
  • “Splits within Indonesia by Denis Freney” (22/05)

Australians for a Free East Timor

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