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East Timor Alert Network Newsletter 1990

[ETAN Canada Newsletter]
Fall/Winter 1990
Inside East Timor

  • Student protests/youth unrest
    -General Murdani’s visit
    -100 Timorese civilians massacred by Indonesian army
    International Update
  • Continued criticism at the annual United Nations Decolonization Hearings
    -strong statement regarding support of Western countries, made by Canadian MP Ray Funk
    -Portuguese parliamentary visit cancelled by Indonesia
    -meeting between UN Secretary General and Parliamentarians for East Timor cancelled due to Gulf emergency
    -Portuguese President Soares met with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican
    -Portuguese Prime Minister advocates for the continued pressuring of the international community
    -Portuguese parliament initiates a National Timor Prize
    -The Timor Gap Treaty is ratified by the Australian parliament, yet faces legal review
    -the Inter-governmental Group on Indonesia gave 4.5 billion USD to Indonesia this year
    -the International Federation of Journalists condemns Indonesia for the restricted access to East Timor
    -the Council of Europe accepts a resolution condemning the Indonesia occupation of East Timor
    -the Socialist International adopts a strong resolution condemning Indonesia’s illegal occupation of East Timor
    -Portugal and Indonesia elected to the UN Human Rights Commission (the Western and Asian groups respectively)
    -Asia Watch Report entitled “A Human Rights Update on Indonesia and East Timor” is released in the US
    -the Lawyers Committee of the US strongly criticizes Washington’s position on human rights violations in East Timor
    -General Murdani speaks out against Iraq’s seizure of Kuwait
    In Canada
    -Bill Ripley from Queen’s University goes on 45-day hunger strike to protest Canadian support of Indonesian genocide of East Timorese
    -Canadian Embassy representatives visit East Timor
    -Actions for Canadians to take to support the East Timorese cause
    News Articles/Appendices
    -“Timor ‘wipe out’ threat” (11/3/90)
    -“Canadian investment mission” (06/03/90)
    -“A new NGO on Indonesian affairs in the US” (June 1990)
    -“Top-secret talks held on East Timor ‘trauma’” (29/04/1990)
    -“Indonesia accused of Timor massacre” (27/06/90)
    -“Group claims Timor killings” (27/06/90)
    -“A Tourist in Timor” (April 1990)
    -“East Timor Bishop Reports Torture and Pleads That Lisbon Intervene” (02/11/90)
    -“Translation of a Letter from Bishop Belo, Apostolic Administrator of Dili” (27/06/89)
    -“Map prepared by the FRETILIN Lisbon Office” (June 1990)
    -“Territories with which the special committee is concerned” (May 1989)
    -“Students fasting three days” (April 1990)
    -“Hunger Strike: Kingston man protesting Canadian role in cultural ‘genocide’ on Pacific islands”
    -“Hunger striker protests genocide in East Timor” (03/09/1990)
    -“Prof fights to halt East Timor ‘genocide’”
    -“Hunger stroke into second week” (03/13/1990)
    -“Assembly votes to encourage screening of donations”
    -“Assembly supports hunger striker”
    -“Kingston man addresses UN East Timor committee” (08/10/1990)
    -“Deserves scrutiny” (09/04/1990)
    -“Stop Canadian complicity”/Torture of East Timorese (04/12/1990)
    -“Hypocritical claims” (10/19/1990)
    -“Letters to the editor: Doesn’t seem to matter” (03/26/1990)
    -“Our outrage over Iraq shows hypocrisy” (08/22/1990)
    -“Tragedy continues in East Timor” (04/18/1990)
    -“East Timor: A Foot in the Door (August 1989)
    -“Memo: re recent visit to Indonesia” (June 1990)
    -“The CIA supplied Suharto with death lists in 1965” (June 1990)

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Alert Network Newsletter 1994-Fall

  • Canada eyes Indonesia trade; blind to human rights
  • Army targets the church, attacks protestors
  • Peace talks spurned
  • Protestors beaten, detained, and “disappeared”
  • Suharto cracks down on press
  • Indonesian group wants aid stopped
  • Asian support for East Timor grows
  • United Nations update
  • Parliamentarians for East Timor
  • Recommendations for Canada’s aid program
  • Six months for east Timor: an action campaign proposal

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Alert Network Newsletter 1995-Spring

  • East Timorese woman speaks out for justice
  • Timorese mothers appeal or help
  • Crackdown cracks Indonesian monolith (David Webster)
  • Indonesia: clampdown on the free press (David Webster)
  • Labour in Indonesia
  • International news
  • Liberals sell weapons to Indonesia: Ouellet rubber stamps $5.7 million in salevs
  • Canada’s diplomatic initiatives (Sharon Scharfe)
  • Parliamentarians for East Timor
  • Action reports

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Alert Network Newsletter 1997-Fall

  • War criminal on the loose!
  • Continued arrests and killings
  • Canada-Indonesia military ties (David Webster)
  • From the national office (Li-Lien Gibbons)
  • Halifax: confronting university complicity (Brooks Kind)
  • Toronto: reaching out (Susan Yates)
  • Vancouver: a summer of action (Robert Strang)
  • Ottawa: “this would never happen in Indonesia (Brian Dawson)
  • Prairies: ETAN grown

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Alert Network Newsletter 1998-09

Title: Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor

  • Inside East Timor: an update
  • José Antonio Belo released
  • Unrest in paradise (Ian Timberlake)
  • “Timor needs tourists”
  • Promises and prisoners in Indonesia
  • Support the Volunteer Team for Humanity
  • Canadian company pulping Indonesia forests
  • Indonesia, aid and the Canadian wheat board
  • News from around Canada

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Alert Network Newsletter 1998-12

  • Black Friday in Jakarta
  • Death in the streets at MPR special session
  • The army atrocities: a threat to Indonesian people and the main obstacle for democracy
  • East Timor and military lies
  • Voices from the resistance: Fernando de Araujo
  • Yeni Damayanti
  • New oil and gas projects
  • PT TEL Update
  • Stop Canadian military exports to Indonesia
  • Halifax: “who represents Canada?” (Brooks Kind)
  • News from around Canada
  • CAFIET national meeting February 26-28

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Alert Network Newsletter 1992-04

  • Letter from Ray Funk, M.P. Prince Albert/ Churchill River
  • Letter from Li-lien Gibbons
  • Canada reverses its position on East Timor (David Webster)
  • The games nations play
  • Ministers to discuss Timorese massacre (Louise Crosby)
  • Punishment over Timor
  • Indonesia bristles at criticism of Timor massacre: amnesty deplores rights violations
  • Pro-independence East Timor Spy gets five years
  • Canada accepts explanation of East Timor massacre (Dave Todd)
  • McDougall’s letter “pathetic”
  • Remember who also works for him
  • Making a mockery of our democracy (George Adamson)
  • Hypocritical policy
  • Sanctions could end against Indonesia
  • Canada endorses the big lie
  • Indonesia rejects aid idea (Jeff Sallot)
  • McDougall predicts end to sanctions
  • Indonesia criticizes aid donors
  • Murder victim mourned: blood-letting marks visit of Indonesia’s foreign minister (Don Hauka)
  • Trial begins for two students in anti-Indonesian protest
  • Farawar bloodshed leaves a stain on Canada (Li-lien Gibbons)
  • Woman carries on brother’s work (Murdoch Macleod)
  • Stop the aid to Indonesia (John McMurry)
  • West ignored killing until interest affected (Richard Foxton)
  • Peace ship gets warning
  • Canadians in group sailing for East Timor demonstration
  • Indonesians turn back peace boat
  • Diplomat trying to block protest voyage to Timor
  • Slaughter in East Timor angers student: protest at Indonesian consulate meant as message for Barbara McDougall (Timothy Folsom)
  • East Timor in a state of terror
  • East Timor trials: defendants challenge court’s jurisdiction
  • Dili demonstrators go on trial for subversion
  • UN commission adopts half-hearted decision
  • East Timor round-up – ban on foreign journalists visiting East Timor

East Timor Alert Network

Ottawa demonstration for East Timor, 7 December 1995

These photographs were taken at a demonstration in support of East Timor held in Ottawa on the 20th anniversary of the invasion, 7 December 1995. Demonstration organized by East Timor Alert Network/Ottawa. Key figures in images: Bella Galhos, Kerry Pither.

East Timor Alert Network

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