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The "New World Order" Includes Genocide

  • CAPPP1991
  • Item

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP). It was published by East Timor Action Network / U.S.
Titled, The “New World Order” Includes Genocide, the document discusses Indonesia’s use of U.S. military and development aid to perpetrate its occupation and control of East Timor. The document argues killings in Indonesian-controlled East Timor are common and details the amount of aid the US provides to the Suharto regime. It asks supports to write to their Congresspeople to urge them to suspend all aid and weapons sales to Indonesia. Finally, it makes four suggestions as to “What you can do to stop genocide in East Timor” and provides the Dec. 6th, 1991 New York Times Op-ed page titled “Realism and Evil” by Anthony Lewis. The op-ed discusses East Timor and U.S. reactions to its fate.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Treading carefully in East Timor

  • Item

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Treading carefully in East Timor, the document is an account of a week-long visit to East Timor by Australian Kirsty Sword. The account is 1,350 words long. Within it, Ms. Sword describes her experience talking with East Timorese and her observations of their mindset and their knowledge of the attitudes of the rest of the world towards their struggle. She also explains her discussions with priests regarding the independence movement of the Timorese. Next, she presents her experience of being surveyed by Indonesian intelligence agents. Finally, she explains that compared to another Australian traveller, she had had a much less constrained trip to East Timor.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Visit of Canadian Embassy Representatives to East Timor

  • CAPPP1989
  • Item
  • December 19-28, 1989

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Visit of Canadian Embassy Representatives to East Timor, it presents the observations of Mr. Kirby, Counsellor/Consul of the Embassy, from his visit to East Timor from December 19-28, 1989. After describing the elements of Mr. Kirby’s visit, the document then details the East Timor’s political situation. It focus is specifically on political changes made since the December, 1988 presidential decree providing East Timor equal status with the other Indonesian provinces. The document discusses detainments of Timorese demonstrators and a reorganisation of the local military command structure. The security situation is then described as is Mr. Kirby’s visit to Becora jail in Dili. Finally, the province’s economic situation and respect for human rights are discussed. Mr. Kirby explains that the general human rights situation seemed to be improved over years past.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Indonesia Reports July 1985

  • IDReports
  • Item
  • July 1985

Item is the July 1985 issue of Indonesia Reports.

  • Subversion Trials Sweep Java
  • Crackdown on Muslim Preachers During Ramadhan, Sjafruddin Prawiranegara Interrogated
  • Salemba Prison Escapees "Disukabumikan" (Shot Dead); Death Squads Wipe Out "Recidivists"
  • Tens of Thousands of Retired Soldiers to be Hired to Guard Prisons and Forests as Huge Fires Strike Sumatran Estates and Reafforested Areas
  • Edgy Indonesian Government Lashes Out at Amnesty International for Report on Timor; Australians in Radio Contact with Fretilin; European Parliament for Resolutions on Executions of Long-Term PKI Prisoners
  • Young Generation Officers Control Reorganized Army and Police Headquarters, Military Area Commanders Promoted
  • Social Organization Law; Irian Jays Refugees; Aceh; Transmigration
  • Economic Tensions with Japan, U.S., Australia; Capital Investment Coordinating Board Actions; U.S. Committee Formed in Kadin; IGGI Aid

Indonesia Publications

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