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Australian Coalition for East Timor (National) newsletter - May-June 1986

  • ACETnews05961986
  • Item
  • May-June 1986

Item is the May-June 1986 issue of the Australian Coalition for East Timor (National) newsletter.


  • Timor Update
  • ALP National Conference
  • Former Indonesian MP to visit Adelaide
  • Amnesty's 25th Anniversary
  • Radio Liberation 5MMM
  • Coming Events

Australian Coalition for East Timor

Indonesia Reports July 1985

  • IDReports
  • Item
  • July 1985

Item is the July 1985 issue of Indonesia Reports.

  • Subversion Trials Sweep Java
  • Crackdown on Muslim Preachers During Ramadhan, Sjafruddin Prawiranegara Interrogated
  • Salemba Prison Escapees "Disukabumikan" (Shot Dead); Death Squads Wipe Out "Recidivists"
  • Tens of Thousands of Retired Soldiers to be Hired to Guard Prisons and Forests as Huge Fires Strike Sumatran Estates and Reafforested Areas
  • Edgy Indonesian Government Lashes Out at Amnesty International for Report on Timor; Australians in Radio Contact with Fretilin; European Parliament for Resolutions on Executions of Long-Term PKI Prisoners
  • Young Generation Officers Control Reorganized Army and Police Headquarters, Military Area Commanders Promoted
  • Social Organization Law; Irian Jays Refugees; Aceh; Transmigration
  • Economic Tensions with Japan, U.S., Australia; Capital Investment Coordinating Board Actions; U.S. Committee Formed in Kadin; IGGI Aid

Indonesia Publications

Campaign For Independent East Timor (S.A.)

  • Koleksi
  • 1975-1990

Campaign for an Independent East Timor (CIET) was formed around the 1975 invasion of East Timor. Its South Australia (SA) chapter remained active though the 1990s.

Campaign For Independent East Timor (S.A.)

CALC Report Vol. VI, no. 2 (Special Issue): East Timor, An Act of Genocide

  • CALC report
  • Item
  • March 1980

Item is a special issue of the Clergy and Laity Concerned (CALC) Report (Vol. VI, no. 2) entitled "East Timor: An Act of Genocide", published in March 1980.


  • East Timor: four years of genocide (by the Asian Center Staff)
  • Words of resistance
  • U.S. Responsibility
  • Action Suggestions
  • Resources
  • Trouble in the Heartland (by Michael G. Matejka)
  • Nuclear Victims Go On U.S. Tour
  • News from Chapters & Friends: Southeast Region, New England Region, Upstate New York Region, Upper Midwest Region, Central Region, Midwest Region
  • Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World Sponsors Actions in D.C., April 25-28

Clergy And Laity Concerned

East Timor votes for independence. Theme issue of Tok Blong Pasifik, magazine of the Pacific Peoples' Partnership, December 1999

  • TBF1999-12
  • Item
  • 1999

PPP supported the International Federation for East Timor Observer Project (IFET-OP) during the 1999 referendum in Timor-Leste. This special issue of the organization's magazine includes eyewitness accounts from several Canadian observers.

Tragedy or Betrayal: The United Nations
Consultation in East Timor
(Randall Garrison)

East Timor and the (In)Security Agreement
(Bob Crane)

Post-Vote Violence - A Coordinated Campaign
(Drew Penland)

Women and the Vote for Independence
(Erin McQuillan)

East Timor Snapshots: Diary Excerpts
(Aaron Goodman)

Canada's Foreign Minister on East Timor
(Lloyd Axworthy)

A New Nation and a New Order:
The Political Future of East Timor and
(Arlindo Marcal)

The Road to an Independent Timor Lorosae:
Assessing the First Three Months
(Ceu Brites)

East Timor NGO Forum Statement to
International Donors

Pacific Peoples Partnership

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