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A summary of Amnesty International's concerns

Indonesia, The PRD Prisoners: A summary of Amnesty International's concerns
October 1997

It includes:

  • A summary of concerns
  • PRD Prisoner Case Studies
    • Budiman Sudjatmiko
    • Garda Sembiring
    • Suroso, Yacobus Eko Kurniawan and Ignatius Daminanus Pranowo
    • Petrus Hariyanto
    • Ken Budha Kusumandaru, Ignatius Putut Arintoko & Victor da Costa
    • Wilson Bin Nurtiyas
    • I Gusti Agung Anom Astika
    • Dita Indah Sari
    • Coen Husein Pontoh
    • Mochamad Sholeh

The Humanitarian Project

ADA Legislative Letter

Americans for Democratic Action: Legislative Letter (Vol. 8, No. 7)
"East Timor: the Overlooked Issue"

  • 1975: the Invasion
  • 1976
  • 1977
  • 1978
  • 1979

The Humanitarian Project

Americans for Democratic Action

Americans for Democratic Action: Thirty-Third Anniversary Convention Banquet (14.06.1980)

Human Rights section on East Timor and Indonesia.

The Humanitarian Project

Arnold Kohen

The collection represents a remarkable record of Timor advocacy and documentation in the USA and internationally. Materials in this collection relate to Arnold Kohen’s Timor advocacy from 1975 to about 2007, covering the period of Indonesian occupation (1975-1999) plus a box of additional materials for the years after 1999. The collection comprises 15 boxes now at Bishop’s University in Quebec.

The Humanitarian Project

Asian Survey

The Asian Survey published "The Indonesian takeover of East Timor" by Robert Lawless, a professor at The University of Florida.

The Humanitarian Project

CAFOD Millennium Lecture 1997

CAFOD Millennium Lecture by Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1996

Speakers include:

  • Welcoming remarks by Anne Forbes, Chair of CAFOD's Asia Committee
  • Introduction to CAFOD by Julian Filochowski, Director of CAFOD
  • Guest Speaker: Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo with his speech attached

The Humanitarian Project

CIIR press release

East Timor church leader says resistance to Indonesia remains strong.

Interview with Mgr. Martinho da Costa Lopes, recently re-sign Apostolic administrator of Dili East Timor. Text from Diario de Noticias and Libertar, Oporto and Lisbon, July 1983.

The Humanitarian Project

Congressional Record

Congressional Record : December 15th, 1997

"East Timor- Need for a Political Solution"
By Honorable Tony P. Hall

The Humanitarian Project

Continuing Human Rights Violations in East Timor

East Timor Human Rights Centre: "Continuing Human Rights Violations in East Timor"
Annual Report of Human Rights Violations in East Timor 1996

It includes:
A. Introduction

  • Responses from Indonesia and the international community
  • Scope of Annual Report

B. Patterns of Human Rights Violations

  1. Impact of Guerrilla Warfare on Civilian Population
    • Suspected extra-judicial executions and repercussions
    • Other suspected extra-judicial executions
    • Arbitrary arrests following killings
    • Intensive military operations
    • Other Arrests, torture and rape
    • Acts of Intimidation and terror
    • Militarisation of East Timorese Youth
  2. Nationalism and Urban Resistance
    • Arrests following Gleno Fires
    • Becora prison riot
    • Demonstrations
    • Baucau riots
    • Demonstrations in Dili, November and December
    • Demonstrations in Suai, November

C. East Timorese Flee

  • Boat People
  • Jakarta Asylum Seekers

D. Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Recommendations to the Indonesian Government
  • Recommendations to the UN Commission on Human Rights

E. Appendices

  • APPENDIX A: Suspected extra-judicial executions, 1996
  • APPENDIX B: Arbitrary arrests, "disappearances" and torture, 1996
  • APPENDIX C: People convicted for alleged involvement in Baucau riots, June 1996

The Humanitarian Project


Decolonization: a publication of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, Trusteeship and Decolonization
No. 19, December 1983

The Humanitarian Project

Decolonization - Issue on East Timor

This a publication of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, Trusteeship and Decolonization. It was published in August 1976 with a focus on the Issue of East Timor.

It is broken down in two parts:

  • Part one: The Political Evolution of Portuguese Timor
  • Part Two: The Question of Portuguese Timor in the International Arena

The Humanitarian Project


This articles contained within this document are dedicated to Senhor Jose Blanco, Administrator, Fundacao Caloustegul Benkien, and the people of Portugal.

The Humanitarian Project

Deteriorating Human Rights in East Timor

Indonesia / East Timor: Deteriorating Human Rights in East Timor
Presented by the Human Rights Watch / Asia (September 1997)


  1. Summary and Recommendations (includes the recommendations)
  2. The Military Situation
  3. Marginalization
  4. The Attacks Around the Election
  5. Human Rights Violations by the Indonesian Armed Forces (Arbitrary Detention, Torture, The Death of David Alex)
  6. Opposition Abuses
  7. Conclusion
  8. Appendix: List of Detainees in Dili Police Station

The Humanitarian Project

East Timor: A People Shattered by Lies and Silence

East Timor: A People Shattered by Lies and Silence
by A. Barbedo de Magalhães, Professor of the University of Oporto, Portugal and Coordinator of the Symposia on Timor of Oporto University


  1. At the East Timor scale, it's a veritable holocaust, with more than 40% of the whole people eliminated during the first six years of the occupation.
  2. An annexation in the name of regional stability and defence of the Free World, in a moment of panic motivated by the Soviet expansionism
  3. The oil and other economic interests and even religious factors also influenced the process.
  4. Twenty years later, instead of working in order to put an end to the dramatic consequences of their errors many politicians try to keep them under the shadow of lies.
  5. In reality, East Timor was occupied by the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, The Vatican, Japan and other powers, through Indonesia. Indonesia was not much more than executor of a policy that interested the West.
  6. Portugal initiated a process of decolonization that supposed a consultation of the Timorese people, but Indonesia succeeded in interrupting it.
  7. The relative abandon of Portugal and the comparison with the position of Spain towards Western Sahara.
  8. Facing all interest and forces involved, the actors in the field - both Timorese and Portuguese - were not much more than mere figurines
  9. It was based in lies that Indonesia created the instability and prepared the invasion.
  10. In order to make sure that those lies would not be exposed, the Indonesian regime did not hesitate to murder all the journalist present in the territory, and the government of the western powers silenced those crimes.
  11. In order to assure a complete silence, also the international humanitarian agencies were forbidden to enter in the territory.
  12. With the help of the Australian Government who captured the only retransmission radio that, from the Northern Territory, communicated with the Timorese Resistance, the information black out was almost complete during thirteen long years.
  13. With no information on the Media, governments of the occupying powers and theirs representatives could lie freely.
  14. With the public opinion asleep, even the Media lost interest in the question: East Timor, no one even knows where that is... East Timor does not sell... East Timor is not news...
  15. The courage and the intelligence of some newsmen prevented the Santa Cruz massacre to be another ignored and forgotten massacre.
  16. To report what goes on in East Timor and to demand responsibilities to the governments for the murder of journalists, the sales of arms and the political coverage they give to the occupying power are some of the ways to defend not only the Timorese but also Freedom itself and the international law.

The Humanitarian Project

East Timor Crisis

United Nations Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for East Timor Crisis - October 1999 - June 2000


  • Executive Summary
  • East Timor Section: Humanitarian Framework, Profile of Emergency Needs, Sector Strategies and Projects
  • West Timor Section: Humanitarian Framework, Profile of Emergency Needs, Sector Projects
  • Annex I

The Humanitarian Project

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