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Newspaper articles

This item includes newspaper articles published in 1997.

It includes:

  • "From cattle prods to cobras" (25.01.1997) The Economist
  • “Tricky Talks” by Jessica Mathews (27.01.1997)
  • “Shadow Timor state forming in Australia” (25.01.1997) Washington Times
  • “Indonesia’s Lippo plans to expand insurance business in Hong Kong” (27.01.1997) Journal of Commerce
  • “Indonesia” (29.01.1997) World Bank
  • “Indications point to Clinton toughening Indonesia policy” (29.01.1997) Los Angeles Times
  • “Indonesia, resplendent at Swiss Forum, indignant over U.S. critics” (02.02.1997) The Washington Post
  • “U.N. and U.S. pressed on Rights stance” (02.02.1997) The New York Times
  • “Local activists blast Wold over rights review” (02/1997)
  • “ ‘Hope’ from East Timor” (28.02.1997) The Washington Post
  • “Off the screen again” (04.03.1997) The Washington Post
  • “Shoot-from-the-hip trade rules (10.03.1997) The Boston Globe
  • “US public must lead the sanctions on Indonesia” (12.04.1997) The Boston Globe
  • “Bishop Belo not reassigned” (12.05.1997) Time
  • "Belo due to vote in Washington" (28.05.1997) Jakarta Post
  • “Indonesia wants to clear up U.S. media ‘misinformation’” (06/1997) O’Dwyer’s PR Services Report
  • “E.Timor bishop seeks US Catholics’ support” (02.06.1997) The Boston Globe
  • “Timor Rebels widen attacks on Indonesia rule” (08.06.1997) The New York Times
  • “A White House Visit” (21.06.1997) The Washington Post
  • “Timor Rebel is killed; cause of death disputed” (27.06.1997) The New York Times
  • “Still Talking” (21.08.1997) Far Eastern Economic Review
  • “Indonesia’s crisis reveals its weaknesses” (21.08.1997) The Wall Street Journal
  • “People” (03.09.1997) International Herald Tribune
  • “Notables seek solution to East Timor rebellion” (11.09.1997) International Herald Tribune
  • “Cook lays down law on arms” (29.09.1997) The Guardian
  • “Timor bishop urged to focus on peace (24.10.1997) Catholic News Service
  • “Murder on the mountain” (25.10.1997) The Tablet
  • “Creating genuine peace” (02.01.1997) USCC | 3 pp.
  • “Nobel Laureate seeks peace in East Timor” (04.03.1997) San Francisco Chronicle
  • “La luta continua! The struggle goes on in East Timor” (01/1990) National Outlook | 4 pp.
  • “Nous gagnerons la bataille pour la liberté de Timor” (27.03.1997) La Croix [French]
  • “L’Indonésie empêche le Prix Nobel Timorais José Ramos Horta de s’exprimer devant la Commission des droits de l’homme de l’ONU” (07.03.1997) Le Monde [French]
  • “Off the screen again’ (04.03.1997) The Washington Post
  • “Un Prix Nobel muselé” (27.03.1997) Le Monde [French]
  • “Milestones: Reassigned, Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo” (31.03.1997) Time
  • “Letters: Bishop Belo not reassigned” (12.05.1997) Time
  • “The ’smart’ mine fallacy” (04.04.1997) Army Times
  • “Chafee hurts self with cheap shot at Kennedy, E. Timor” (29.05.1997) Providence Journal Bulletin
  • “E. Timor bishop seeks US Catholics’ support” (02.06.1997) The Boston Globe
  • “Ripples across the world” (14.06.1997) The Tablet | 3 pp.
  • “Murder in the cathedral” (July-September 1997) Inside Indonesia
  • “We want to be free” (09/1992) Inside Indonesia | 3 pp.
  • “Obituaries: Aloisius Nobuo Soma” (12.10.1997) The New York Times
  • “Ramos Horta’s involvement investigated” (22.10.1997) Kompas Online | 2 pp.
  • “No White House meeting for East Timor advocate” (28.05.1997) The Washington Post
  • “Trabalhar pelo próximo é uma missão muito difícil” (1997) [Portuguese]
  • “The unfinished saga of East Timor” (05.03.1997) The Christian Science Monitor
  • “Belém fica à espera de Belo” (13.05.1997) Diario de Noticias [Portuguese]
  • “Bishop asks help for East Timor’s youth” (20.06.1997) National Catholic Reporter
  • “Mission to dam the river of shells and guns” (15.06.1997) The Universe | 2 pp.
  • “Liberdade no condicional” (13.05.1997) Diario de Noticias [Portuguese]
  • Interview with Jose Ramos-Horta (23.03.1997) A Section of the Sunday Examiner & Chronicle | 2 pp.
  • “Champion of a Forgotten People” by Paul Raffaele (February 1997) Reader’s Digest | 4 pp.

The Humanitarian Project

Newspaper articles

Various newspaper articles published in 1999, mostly in the Untied States.

This item includes:
● A sketch for Newsday (1999)
● East Timor capital starts to revive (1999) The Washington Post
● Lisbon offers to fund East Timor (26.02.1999) Financial Times
● Indonesia: a pledge to investors (10.04.1999) The New York Times
● Indonesia: Second thoughts (29.04.1999) Far Eastern Economic Review | 2 pp.
● Alarm bells in East Timor (31.05.1999) The Washington Post
● U.S. warns Indonesia over political violence (28.08.1999) The New York Times
● ‘Most Important Day’ (02.09.1999) Catholic New York
● ‘People are Panicking’ (09.09.1999) Catholic New York
● The Fruits of ‘Realism’ (07.09.1999) The New York Times
● Promising Safety, the U.N. led East Timor to the Slaughter (09.09.1999) The Time Daily |
2 pp.
● Pressure Indonesia to halt killings (09.09.1999)
● The world’s attention must focus on E. Timor (10.09.1999) The Sun
● Helping East Timor, and Indonesia (10.09.1999) The New York Times
● Blood and ashes in East Timor (11.09.1999) The Tablet | 2 pp.
● The writing on the stone (24.04.1999) The Tablet | 2 pp.
● Wasserman’s view (14.09.1999) The Boston Globe
● Fatal trust in Timor (15.09.1999) The New York Times
● No more time to waste as East Timor disappears (17.09.1999) International Herald
● Indonesians begin pullout from E. Timor (18.09.1999) The Washington Post
● W. Timor no haven for some refugees (19.09.1999) Los Angeles Times
● W. Timor: terror crosses border (19.09.1999) Los Angeles Times
● In East Timor, smiles greet peacekeepers (21.09.1999) The Washington Post | 2 pp.
● In tent city camp, refugee relives horror (19.09.1999) Los Angeles Times
● Once again, peacekeepers arrive too late (21.09.1999) The Wall Street Journal | 3 pp.
● Indonesian leader backs East Timor Independence (22.09.1999) The Washington Post
● Fear still reigns in E. Timor Hills (22.09.1999) The Washington Post
● Peace Operation in Timor enters critical phase (22.09.1999) International Herald Tribune
● Facing truth in Indonesia (22.09.1999) The Washington Post
● Arrival of U.N. troops has revived hope in Dili (22.09.1999) USA Today
● In East Timor, high hopes, big risks and an uncertain future (22.09.1999) USA Today
● Peacekeeping force prepares to spread out from Dili (22.09.1999) Financial Times
● Abhorrent siblings (22.09.1999) Financial Times
● East Timor inquiry agreed (23.09.1999) Financial Times
● Surviving on Fibs and Faith (23.09.1999) The Washington Post | 2 pp.
● Australia accepts a limited UN assignment in East Timor (23.09.1999) International
Herald Tribune
● Journalists targeted in E. Timor (23.09.1999) The Washington Post
● Photo in the International Herald Tribune (25-26.09.1999)
● A plea for peace from someplace near hell (27.09.1999) U.S. News & World report
● Photo in The Boston Globe (27.09.1999)
● The hunter and the hunted (27.09.1999) U.S. News & World report
● Tales of survival heard in Dili (27.09.1999) The Boston Globe
● Survivors tell of ending rampage in Timor (27.09.1999) The Boston Globe
● East Timor is pacified, now what? (27.09.1999) The Wall Street Journal
● A Scorched-Earth Policy (28.09.1999) The Washington Post
● Jakarta general leaves E. Timor (28.09.1999) The Washington Post
● Indonesia’s dangerous politics (02.10.1999) The Economist | 2 pp.
● A new leader in Indonesia (23.10.1999) The Boston Globe
● East Timor’s devastated church will seek U.S. Catholic help (25.10.1999) The Catholic
● When despair and joy collide, outside the spotlight (31.10.1999) Boston Sunday Globe
● Millennium, ecumenism top stories of 1999; pope heads newsmakers (16.12.1999)
Catholic New York
● Military aid suspension tests U.S.. Indonesia Ties (05.11.1999) The Washington Post

The Humanitarian Project

Newspaper articles 4

Various newspaper articles published in 1999, mostly in the United States.
This item includes:

  • Tension emerges between E.Timor resistance chiefs (01.12.1999)
  • “As Jakarta troops leave, peacekeepers face guns” (24.09.1999) The New York Times
  • “Habibie gives go-ahead for E. Timor peace force” (1999)
  • “East Timor decides” (30.08.1999) Financial Times
  • “New test for Indonesia” (10.02.1999) International Herald Tribune
  • Student-Police scuffle in Jakarta (10.02.1999) International Herald Tribune
  • Indonesia promises East Timor pullout (25.09.1999) The Global Guardian
  • E. Timor villages go up in smoke as army retreats (27.09.1999) Washington Post | 2 pp.
  • Indonesia will allow peace force (1999) The Los Angeles Times | 2 pp.
  • Refugees staring death in the face (1999) The Associated Press
  • Relief felt at summit on 2 counts (13.09.1999) The Associated Press
  • World Bank begins task of rebuilding in East Timor (02.11.1999) The new York Times | 2 pp.
  • UN-backed forces to enter E Timor (16.09.1999) Financial Times
  • ASEAN struggles to find a role in peacekeeping (1999)
  • Indonesia: U.N. aide takes up post (02.06.1999) The New York Times
  • U.N. pleads for E. Timor peacekeepers (09.09.1999) The Atlanta Constitution
  • Indonesians on the defensive against Western intervention (21.09.1999) USA Today
  • “Tens of thousands trucked out against their will” (08.09.1999) The Independent
  • Pro-Indonesia militias raise tension after Timor votes (01.09.1999) The New York Times
  • Clinton’s foreign policy apparatus shares blame for East Timor (29.09.1999) Los Angeles Times
  • West’s credibility at Stake, Laureate says (09.09.1999) The Washington Post
  • East Timor independence leader hails vote (29.09.1999) The Boston Globe
  • No resistance, no welcome for E. Timor peacekeepers (21.09.1999) The Atlanta Constitution
  • Crisis spreads to West Timor (20.09.1999) The Christian Science Monitor | 2 pp.
  • East Timor family’s terror: trapped at home by gunmen (27.09.1999) The New York Times | 2 pp.
  • A peace to keep in East Timor (16.09.1999) The Baltimore Sun
  • S. Korean leader wins peace prize: Kim Dae Jung (2000) The Washington Post | 2 pp.
  • S. Korea’s Kim wins Peace prize The Washington Post
  • Peace prize goes to activist, bishop for work in East Timor (12.10.1999) The Charleston Gazette
  • Bishop, exile win Peace prize (12.10.1996) Sarasota Herald-Tribune
  • Nobel Peace Prize goes to independence seekers (12.10.1996) The Birmingham News
  • East Timor activists win Peace Prize (12.10.1999) Cape Cod Times

The Humanitarian Project

Indonesian intervention in East Timor

Indonesian Intervention in East Timor: a Chronology was published by the East Timor Information and Research Project. It details the chronology of invasion of East Timor and some background information on East Timor from before the invasion.

The Humanitarian Project

Inquiry Magazine

Inquiry Magazine published "Slaughter in East Timor". It contains the article "East Timor: the press cover-up" by Noam Chomsky. It's contents are the invasion, American aid, the atrocities, the cover-up, refugees and human rights.

The Humanitarian Project

The Politics of Starvation

The Politics of Starvation by Arnold Kohen and Roberta A. Quance

  • published in Inquiry in February 1980
  • about the famine across East Timor

The Humanitarian Project

Americans for Democratic Action

Americans for Democratic Action: Thirty-Third Anniversary Convention Banquet (14.06.1980)

Human Rights section on East Timor and Indonesia.

The Humanitarian Project

Washington Journal Review

Interview in the Washington Journalism Review called "the New Foreign Correspondence". The WJR was interviewing Walter Pincus, Stanley Karnow, Constantine Menges, Ray White, Richard Valeriani and Barry Rubin.

The Humanitarian Project

The "Decolonization" of East Timor

The "Decolonization" of East Timor and the United Nations Norms on Self-Determination and Aggression written by Roger S. Clark.
It was printed in the Yale Journal of World Public Order.

Clark's work gives a detailed history of East Timor and the Indonesian invasion.

The Humanitarian Project

East Timor, Land of Hope

East Timor, Land of Hope written by the Oporto University. It was presented at the second seminar on East Timor at the University. It includes a range of articles and the history of East Timor.

The Humanitarian Project

East Timor: A People Shattered by Lies and Silence

East Timor: A People Shattered by Lies and Silence
by A. Barbedo de Magalhães, Professor of the University of Oporto, Portugal and Coordinator of the Symposia on Timor of Oporto University


  1. At the East Timor scale, it's a veritable holocaust, with more than 40% of the whole people eliminated during the first six years of the occupation.
  2. An annexation in the name of regional stability and defence of the Free World, in a moment of panic motivated by the Soviet expansionism
  3. The oil and other economic interests and even religious factors also influenced the process.
  4. Twenty years later, instead of working in order to put an end to the dramatic consequences of their errors many politicians try to keep them under the shadow of lies.
  5. In reality, East Timor was occupied by the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, The Vatican, Japan and other powers, through Indonesia. Indonesia was not much more than executor of a policy that interested the West.
  6. Portugal initiated a process of decolonization that supposed a consultation of the Timorese people, but Indonesia succeeded in interrupting it.
  7. The relative abandon of Portugal and the comparison with the position of Spain towards Western Sahara.
  8. Facing all interest and forces involved, the actors in the field - both Timorese and Portuguese - were not much more than mere figurines
  9. It was based in lies that Indonesia created the instability and prepared the invasion.
  10. In order to make sure that those lies would not be exposed, the Indonesian regime did not hesitate to murder all the journalist present in the territory, and the government of the western powers silenced those crimes.
  11. In order to assure a complete silence, also the international humanitarian agencies were forbidden to enter in the territory.
  12. With the help of the Australian Government who captured the only retransmission radio that, from the Northern Territory, communicated with the Timorese Resistance, the information black out was almost complete during thirteen long years.
  13. With no information on the Media, governments of the occupying powers and theirs representatives could lie freely.
  14. With the public opinion asleep, even the Media lost interest in the question: East Timor, no one even knows where that is... East Timor does not sell... East Timor is not news...
  15. The courage and the intelligence of some newsmen prevented the Santa Cruz massacre to be another ignored and forgotten massacre.
  16. To report what goes on in East Timor and to demand responsibilities to the governments for the murder of journalists, the sales of arms and the political coverage they give to the occupying power are some of the ways to defend not only the Timorese but also Freedom itself and the international law.

The Humanitarian Project

Focus on East Timor

Peace Prize Symposium: Focus on East Timor

Includes a brief profile of the speakers of the Peace Prize Symposium : Dr. George Aditjondro, Dr. James J. Fox, Vice-Rector Armindo Maia, Mr. Max Stahl & Dr. John Taylor

The Humanitarian Project

Messaggero di sant'Antonio

La città del Santo incontra monsignor Carlos Belo Premio Nobel Per la Pace (The City of the Saint meets Monsignor Carlos Belo, Nobel Peace Prize)

[In Portuguese]

The Humanitarian Project

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