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East Timor Alert Network Newsletter

  • CAETANnews2
  • Stuk
  • April 1991
  • OPIRG film screening raises eyebrows (Mike Adler)
  • INCO grant called into question (Shawn Murchison)
  • On the island of East Timor an invisible intifadah (David Webster)
  • Statement of the Canadian delegation to the 45th session of the UNHRC Hearings
  • What about East Timor?
  • Canada backs Kuwait, backs off on East Timor: Indonesia ranks highg in foreign aid despite human-rights abuses (Ahmed Elamin)
  • The world ignores East Timor’s struggle for independence (David Webster)
  • Amnesty International concerned for the safety of university students arrested during a peaceful demonstration
  • Canadian role in Indonesia opportunistic (John Sorenson)
  • Development and death in east Timor (Elaine Brière and Dan Devaney)
  • Canadian newspapers coverage of East Timor, 1990

East Timor Alert Network

ETAN protest, Pratt and Whitney, Toronto

  • CAETANpics06
  • Stuk
  • 1990s

East Timor Alert network protesters attempt to block access to a loading bay at the Pratt and Whitney factory in Toronto. Pratt and Whitney was one company issued with military export licences to Indonesia. The protest aimed to highlight Canada's role in arming Indonesia as part of ETAN's campaign for an arms embargo on Indonesia. Photographer at right is one of the reporters who covered this event. The protesters were removed and arrested by local police.

East Timor Alert Network

CALC Report Vol. VI, no. 2 (Special Issue): East Timor, An Act of Genocide

  • CALC report
  • Stuk
  • March 1980

Item is a special issue of the Clergy and Laity Concerned (CALC) Report (Vol. VI, no. 2) entitled "East Timor: An Act of Genocide", published in March 1980.


  • East Timor: four years of genocide (by the Asian Center Staff)
  • Words of resistance
  • U.S. Responsibility
  • Action Suggestions
  • Resources
  • Trouble in the Heartland (by Michael G. Matejka)
  • Nuclear Victims Go On U.S. Tour
  • News from Chapters & Friends: Southeast Region, New England Region, Upstate New York Region, Upper Midwest Region, Central Region, Midwest Region
  • Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World Sponsors Actions in D.C., April 25-28

Clergy And Laity Concerned

Indonesian monopolies in East Timor

  • Stuk

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Indonesian monopolies in East Timor, it was written by Dr. George Aditjondro and is the 24th occasional report of The Indonesia Human Rights Campaign. The resource presents the Batara Indro Group (BIG) companies; those referred to as East Timor’s major monopoly holders. These companies are presented along with information such as their specialty, brief history, managers, address and phone. The document also includes descriptions of BIG projects, branch offices in Java, and companies based in Jakarta related to BIG owners or directors. Finally, it provides information on other companies operating or based in East Timor and important addresses in phone numbers.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Treading carefully in East Timor

  • Stuk

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Treading carefully in East Timor, the document is an account of a week-long visit to East Timor by Australian Kirsty Sword. The account is 1,350 words long. Within it, Ms. Sword describes her experience talking with East Timorese and her observations of their mindset and their knowledge of the attitudes of the rest of the world towards their struggle. She also explains her discussions with priests regarding the independence movement of the Timorese. Next, she presents her experience of being surveyed by Indonesian intelligence agents. Finally, she explains that compared to another Australian traveller, she had had a much less constrained trip to East Timor.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Financing Ecological Destruction, The World Bank and the IMF

  • CAPPP1987
  • Stuk
  • 1987

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Financing Ecological Destruction, The World Bank and the IMF, the article was published in 1987. Its first section, titled Five Fatal Projects, presents growing concerns over the ecological impact of World Bank projects and expresses support for World Bank solutions to these critiques. Its second section, “Indonesia: Transmigration”, describes a World Bank sponsored project that would move hundreds of thousands of families and destroy 3.3 million hectares of tropical rainforest. It argues that no further World Bank investments into the project should be approved before five conditions are met that promote ecological integrity and the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Non-Governmental Organizations’ collaboration with indigenous communities in Irian Jaya

  • CAPPP1988
  • Stuk
  • September 12th, 1988

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Non-Governmental Organizations’ collaboration with indigenous communities in Irian Jaya, to face the challenges of transmigration and other natural resources exploitation, it was written by Dr. George J. Aditjondro on September 12th, 1988 in Ithaca. It includes first, an “Introduction” (p.1) discussing the title of the work. Second, it provides “Outsiders’ views towards Irian Jaya” (p.4). Third, it discusses “The Indonesian NGOs’ response” (p.9) in which it presents elements of a counter-hegemony discourse designed to “demystify the dominant Indonesian hegemony.” Fourth, it asks in “Quo vadis?” (p.19) “Are the Irianese Indigenous peoples now better off?” because of the work done by NGOs in Irian Jaya. Finally, in the “Post-script,” (p.22) Dr. Aditjondro makes “personal remarks about the personal remarks (he has) often received about (his) own work or presence in Irian Jaya.”

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Visit of Canadian Embassy Representatives to East Timor

  • CAPPP1989
  • Stuk
  • December 19-28, 1989

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Visit of Canadian Embassy Representatives to East Timor, it presents the observations of Mr. Kirby, Counsellor/Consul of the Embassy, from his visit to East Timor from December 19-28, 1989. After describing the elements of Mr. Kirby’s visit, the document then details the East Timor’s political situation. It focus is specifically on political changes made since the December, 1988 presidential decree providing East Timor equal status with the other Indonesian provinces. The document discusses detainments of Timorese demonstrators and a reorganisation of the local military command structure. The security situation is then described as is Mr. Kirby’s visit to Becora jail in Dili. Finally, the province’s economic situation and respect for human rights are discussed. Mr. Kirby explains that the general human rights situation seemed to be improved over years past.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Speech by Geraldo Magno, FRETILIN, to the 6th NFIP Conference

  • CAPPP1990
  • Stuk
  • November 1-7, 1990

This document was sourced from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP).
Titled, Speech by Geraldo Magno, FRETILIN, to the 6th NFIP Conference, the conference took place from November 1-7, 1990 in Aotearoa. Geraldo Magno begins by acknowledging the conference’s occurrence on Maori land and emphasising East Timorese indigenous origins. He then describes East Timor’s political situation and discusses Indonesian policies of genocide in the country. Magno emphasises the consolidation of East Timorese identity since the Indonesian invasion and discusses his people’s armed struggle. He then presents victories of his movement and argues the signing of the Timor Gap agreement between Indonesia and Australia is a violation of East Timor’s right to self-determination. Finally, he calls for an end to nuclear testing in the Oceania region. At the end of the document is a draft resolution with nine points related to the content of the speech.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

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