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This document contains three separate documents.

  1. A Photograph entitled “Revolução dos cravos” with two soldiers featured.
  2. Newspaper article published in República entitled “As Forças Armadas tomaram o poder” (25/04/1974) | Portuguese
  3. A photograph of East Timorese citizens protesting for liberty and independence with two signs advocating for liberty

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains eleven separate documents.

  1. A photograph with the description: “Mid 1975. FRETILIN students and Portuguese sympathizers express their concern about the APODETI influence on UDT. This picture was taken several months before the Indonesian invasion.” with a translation in Esperanto. The photographer was Francisco Freire.
  2. Another photograph with the same description as above, but the photo is more zoomed in than the previous one.
  3. A photograph entitled “Oecusse March 1975” by Helen Hill. It is a photo of the protest with a sign that reads: “Integration-never never and never the People is with Fretilin”
  4. A photograph entitled: “Refugees from East Timor crowd the deck of the cargo vessel Macdili docked in Darwin on 15 August 1975. Courtesy National Archives of Australia”
  5. Press statement entitled: “Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor” published on September 16th, 1975 | 4 pages (Some pages are blurry)
  6. A booklet published by the Campaign for Independent East Timor entitled: ‘Independence or Death!’ East Timor’s border war eye-witness reports by Roger East. | 12 pages
  7. A document entitled: “Don’t forget Timor” with the headline, “We appeal to the Australian people. Please do something to stop this invasion.” (1975) | 2 pages.
  8. “Messages received by Bill Roberts via Telecom Darwin” September 1975 | 2 pages.
  9. A document entitled: “The Timor Tragedy”, the documents are a little blurry but still legible | 2 pages
  10. “Ballad for East Timor” by Phil Boyce, which is a song written about East Timor.
  11. A newspaper article entitled: “Indonesia Attacks” published in The Age, November 1975

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains six separate documents.

  1. A photograph entitled “Australia” with the description, “1976 Stanislau da Silva and an Australian supporter operating the clandestine radio link between Australia and Fretilin forces in East Timor” Courtesy of the da Silva family.
  2. Two photographs. The first entitled “Moluccan hunger strike (Amsterdam, Netherlands)” with the description, “12 August 1976 Moluccans in The Netherlands on hunger strike in front of the church Westerkerk in Amsterdam to draw attention to the situation in East Timor. The activists are organized under the name Vrje Zuid-Molukse Jongeren (Free South Moluccan Youths) in Lunteren-Ede, The Netherlands. Photographer: Croes. The second is entitled “Moluccan hunger strike (Amsterdam, Netherlands)” with the description, “the activists had posted pictures of Mari Alkadiri, Nicolau Lobarto and Rosa Muki Bonaparte.
  3. Newspaper article entitled “Four men facing firearms export charges” published in The News. September 17, 1976.
  4. A page of six photographs taken in Australia in 1976. Two are graffiti on walls that say ‘Viva FRETILIN’ & ‘Independence for East Timor’. The other four are of various people photographed. The photos are a little blurry.
  5. Another page of six photographs taken in Australia in 1976. The photos are all taken on the streets in some kind of protest or stand off.
  6. Document entitled, “The Timor Story” by Helen Hill with the header, ‘Demand a public inquiry into the deaths of the six Australian Newsmen!’ 1976 | 2 pages.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains seven separate documents.

  1. “FRETILIN retake two towns” (document ineligible)
  2. A photograph taken in 1977 Darwin, Australia: Laurentino Pices & Rob Wesley-Smith, Radio Maubere. The photo is taken by Brian Manning.
  3. A document entitled, “Offensive Fails” East Timor News, No. 3, March 24, 1977.
  4. A document entitled, “Inside Occupied Dili” East Timor News, No. 3, March 24, 1977. | 2 pages.
  5. A document written by William J. Armstrong, National Coordinator of the action for world development. The report gives a detailed account of the attempts made to reunite East Timorese families separated by a civil war in, and an Indonesian Government invasion of East Timor in 1975. (1977) | 2 pages.
  6. A document entitled, “East timor: Refugees and Family Reunion.” The contents are The Current situation in East Timor, The origins of East Timorese refugees, Family Reunification (the context, first attempts at reunification, Australian/Indonesian negotiations on reunions, May 1977 - May 1978: no progress, recent developments), Sources and Footnotes. | 16 pages.
  7. Report on talks with Timorese refugees in Portugal - The East Timorese Situation | 17 pages

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains fifteen separate documents.

  1. A photograph from a protest in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1978. The are protesting in solidarity of Fretilin.
  2. A newspaper article entitled, “ ‘No intention to burn dog’ 600 at protest, heckling and a scuffle in park” July 6th 1978.
  3. Flyer entitled, “East Timor, Films: island of fear, Island of hope & supports speakers, literature, photo exhibition” which begins April 27th 1978.
  4. Flyer entitled, “Demonstration to protest against Indonesian Government’s callous refusal to reunite Timorese families” to take place on Friday, September 15th, 1978 in Melbourne | 2 pages
  5. Two page pamphlet entitled, “East Timor need help” with the subtitles, “What you can do, if you need help, songs for East Timor, Donate!” (1978) | 2 pages
  6. Document entitled, “Campaign for Independent East Timor” addressed to all CIET and AETA committees. March 9, 1979 | 3 pages
  7. Letter to Stan Newens, House of Commons London from Ted Rowlands, Minister of State (May 24, 1978) | 2 pages
  8. Press Release entitled, “National East Timor activities conference” May 14, 1978
  9. Letter to Miss Mildred Neville, General Secretary of the Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) from the Right Honourable the Lord Goronwy-Roberts. June 19, 1978 | 2 pages
  10. Letter to Eileen Sudworth, CIIR from Sir Bernard Bradine (?), House of Commons London. June 21st 1978 | a little blurry
  11. Letter to Stan Nevens from Eileen Sudworth, June 23rd 1978
  12. Letter to the Rt. Hon. the Lord Goronwy-Roberts, Minister of State from Miss Mildred Neville. June 29th 1978
  13. Letter to the Rt. Hon. The Lord Goronwy-Roberts from Miss Mildred Nevile, CIIR. July 27th, 1978
  14. Letter to Miss Mildred Nevile, CIIR from The Rt. Hon. The Lord Goronwy-Roberts. July 17th 1978.
  15. Newspaper article published in The Times entitled, “Relations with Indonesia Worsen” on July 7th, 1978

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit


This document contains ten separate documents.

  1. A pamphlet entitled, “The 5th Annual Christmas Hills Festival” which was a benefit for the victims of war and starvation in East Timor. It includes the ‘East Timor Relief Appeal’, a description of the Festival, how to help East Timor support the festival. December 15 & 16 1979 | 3 pages
  2. Press Release: “East Timor Relief Appeal” sponsored by Australian Catholic Relief, Australian Council of Churches Austcare, Community Aid Abroad, Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Save the Children Fund, St. Vincent De Paul Society. December 19th, 1979
  3. A flyer entitled, “While remembering World War II, let’s not forget East Timor” (1979)
  4. Information sheet entitled, “East Timor Relief Appeal” November 1979.
  5. Australian Council for Overseas Aid - East Timor Sub-Committee. Report - 1979 council (Council Paper no.13) | 2 pages.
  6. Document prepared by John Waddingham, Pat Walsh & Bill Armstrong entitled, “International Committee in East Timor” October 4th, 1979 | 8 pages. (some pages are blurry)
  7. Document written by Jose G. entitled, “Family Reunions and Refugees” which details the situation in East Timor, Family Reunion programs, the present situation, conclusions. October 4th 1979 | 5 pages.
  8. Newspaper articles from the Canberra Times entitled, “‘No end’ to Fretilin fight” (22/05/1979) and from The Guardian entitled, “Many starving in E. Timor” (25.05.1979)
  9. Newspaper article from the East Timor News entitled, “American Military advisers in East Timor: Indonesian Source”, “Fretilin Ambush Convoy” and “World Vision & Timor.” May 3rd, 1979.
  10. Newspaper article from the East Timor News entitled “‘Nicolau Lobato expressed the most profound aspirations of the Maubere people’ : Samora Machel” January 18,1979.

Timor Leste International Solidarity Exhibit

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