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The Humanitarian Project
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The East Timor issue

The East Timor Issue Since the Capture of Xanana Gusmao
by Herb Feith

East Timor Talks Campaign
December 1993

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Newspaper Packets

Seven newspaper packets distributed as one. Includes newspaper clippings from various Australian newspaper about East Timor during 1982.

The first page of the document details every clipping in each packet.

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Paramilitary Violence in East Timor

Paramilitary Violence in East Timor.

  • Testimony from a briefing by the House Human Rights and Progressive Caucuses and a hearing of the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights of the International Committee

Includes testimonies by:

  • Francisco de Jesus da Costa, massacre survivor
  • Vicente Soares Faria, East Timorese Intellectual Forum
  • Manuel Dos Mártires
  • Aryati, Indonesian human rights activist
  • Arnold Kohen, The Humanitarian Project

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Salesian Winter 1999 - 2000
An article called: Bishop Carlos Belo and East Timor

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Various documents

This item includes various document written in 1982. Ranges from letters, memorandums, handwritten notes.

This item includes:

  • Memorandum to J. Bryan Hehir from Edward W. Doherty (26.01.1982) Subj.: East
  • Letter to Hgr. da Costa Lopes from Bishop J.J. Gerry D.D and his reply (11.11.1982)
  • Memorandum to J. Bryan Hehir from Edward W. Doherty (28.05.1982) Subj.: East
  • Memorandum to J. Bryan Hehir from Edward W. Doherty (02.07.1982) Subj.: East
  • Letter to J. Bryan Hehir from Edward Doherty (20.07.1982) Subj.: Possible
    Congressional Hearings on East Timor
  • Memorandum to J. Bryan Hehir from Edward Doherty (03.12.1982) Subj.: Funding the
    East Timor consultation
  • Letter from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops to Bishop Broderick
    (22.12.1982) and his reply
  • Correspondence from the Catholic Institute for International Relations to Arnold Kohen
    and Chin Wei (February-August 1982)
  • Memorandum from Eileen Sudworth to APHD Partner Agencies (23.08.1982) Subj.: East
    Timor, includes an interview with Mgr. Martinho da Costa Lopez, Apostolic
    Administrator of the Archdiocese of Dili, East Timor
  • Letter to Bishop Broderick from Father Charlebois regarding Father Hehir’s Testimony
    on East Timor (09.12.1982)
  • Thirty-Six Pearls of Pancasila
  • Letter to Edward Dougherty from Rosemary Huber with includes her experiences,
    reflections and impressions as a resident in Indonesia during the East Timor Crisis
  • Letter to Rev. Edwin B. Broderick from Patrick C. Jones (01.02.1982) Subj.: Reported
    Famine Situation - East Timor
  • Expenditures Grant Aid (receipts) 1982
  • CRS Project Profile: East Timor Agricultural Development Program
  • Information on East Timor/Informations sur Timor Est (16.01.1982)
  • Letter to Msgr. Daniel F. Hoye from Edwin B. Broderick and his reply (26.08.1982)
  • Handwritten notes (5 pp.) Subj.: East Timor Committees
  • Letter to Archbishop John Roach from the Sisters of North Dame De Namur about
    supporting the Apostolic Administrator of East Timor, Monsignor Martinho da Costa
    Lopes. (18.10.1982)
  • Letter to Monsignor Francis J. Lally from the Sister of North Dame De Namur about
    supporting the Apostolic Administrator of East Timor. (25.10.1982)
  • Handwritten note about East Timor (13.10.1982)
  • Timor’s Religious Speak: a document prepared by the Religious of East Timor for
    presentation at the conference of Indonesian Major Religious Superiors.
  • Letters to Rev. Edward Killackey from Edward Doherty in October and November of
  • Telex/Cable Message to Bishop Broderick regarding East Timor’s current status
  • Letter to Edward Doherty from the CIIR that encloses a list of contact addresses in
  • Letter to Mr. T. Magi at Monash University from Herb Feith, reader in politics.
    (02.04.1982) Subj.: Canberra Act 2600
  • Letter to Arnold Kohen from the Parliament of Australia - The Senate (22.12.1982)
  • Letter to Arnold Kohen from Pat in Australia (July & October 1982)
  • “Durenberger ‘Challenges U.S. Policy on East Timor (05.10.1982)
  • Letter to the U.S. Secretary of State Hon. George Shultz from U.S. Senators (30.09.1982)
  • Letter to the Hon. Charles Percy from U.S. Senators (30.09.1982)

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Loose newspaper clippings

This item includes newspaper clippings from various Australian and US newspapers about East Timor in 1982.

It includes a list within the item that has every article title on it.

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Support the Cornell-Ithaca ET defense Committee

Support the Cornell-Ithaca East Timor Defense Committee was a newsletter published by Cornell and Ithaca to bring awareness to what was happening in East Timor in 1976.

It contains:

  • East Timor: a war-by-proxy for 1976
  • Kissinger
  • Fretilin
  • Napalm
  • Bio-Bombs
  • Aid cut-off
  • What can be done?

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