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Human Rights Violations

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East Timor Update 1993-11-01

  • East Timor Update no. 27, November 1, 1993

Contents: Canada accused of "hypocrisy" on Timor

  • Thanks, Ray!
  • Security tightened for massacre anniversary
  • Flag dissent
  • Red Cross returns
  • Postcards to Xanana
  • Remember East Timor Massacre

East Timor Alert Network

East Timor Update 1994-11

  • Title: East Timor Update no. 37, November 1994

Contents: Renewed hope among new troubles in East Timor

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Dili, East Timor
  • Background: Dili Massacre
  • Background: Human Rights in Indonesia
  • Canadian Policy
  • Action Requested

East Timor Alert Network

Estafeta 1998-12

Title: A continuing saga for change
Editorial: Its been a tremendous, stupefying year

  • East Timor Action Network (John Roosa)
  • Suharto’s fall: a new era in East Timor
  • Year end review Indonesia
  • Human rights developments
  • The president’s problem generals (David Jenkins)
  • After Suharto (Geejay Arriola)
  • The secret Trips betraying Timor (Louise Williams)
  • Under the Indonesia jackboot
  • The independence stand off (Andrew Perrin)
  • Determined to be free (Bill Corcoran and Carl O’Brien)
  • Hopes for referending: defying guns and goons East Timorese speaks out (Stepahnie Coop)
  • Don’t lose hope: AIETD meet fails but is “globally positive”
  • CNRT Krumbach declaration
  • Days to remember (Roberto Soares Cabral)
  • Survivors mourn losses (Lew Pardomuan)
  • Light for peace (Robero Cristebal SantaMaria)
  • Once close ties with Indonesia turn frosty (Richarrd Llyod-Parry)
  • What really happened in Alas (John Martinikus)
  • Statement on the Alas massacre
  • The first East Timorese women’s conference (Jude Conway)
  • My Personal journey (Memen L. Lauzon)
  • Justice for Tien intolerance
  • An open letter to Indonesian president B.J Habibie and the government of ASEAN

East Timor Action Network

Estafeta 2002-Spring

East Timor Achieves Hard-won Nationhood

Changes and Challenges in Washington

The Women of East Timor Demand Justice

A Dangerous Oil Slick

Documents Detailing Role of Kissinger and Ford in 1975 Invasion Released

Ten Years for Justice and Self-Determination

ETAN Continues Refugee and Justice Campaigns

About East Timor and the East Timor Action Network

East Timor Action Network

Estafeta 2002-Winter

East Timor Elects Assembly

Ashes to Ashes: Reflections on Terror

ETAN to Kissinger

ETAN Marks Anniversaries

September 11 Aftermath Brings Shifts in Washington

Lobby Days 2001 Yields Info, Action

Phillips Petroleum & Canberra Play an Old Game

ETAN Tour Spotlights Refugee Crisis

President Megawati: Bad News for Timor

Court Issues $66 Million Judgment Against Indonesian General

A Letter from Dili

About East Timor and the East Timor Action Network

East Timor Action Network

Estafeta 2007-Winter

East Timor hits potholes on the road to independence
Petroleum dependency

Support Democracy! Become an Election Observer

Support Resolution on “Comfort Women”

U.S. Re-engages the Indonesian Military: Rights, Democracy Suffer

Munir Update

Justice Remains Distant for East Timorese

Chega!’s Recommendations & the U.S.

Crimes Against Humanity From Ford to Saddam

Madison-Ainaro Sister City Alliance Maintains Solidarity Links

New Year Dawns with Threats to Human Rights in West Papua


East Timor Action Network

Excelentíssima Senhora (1993-09)

This document contains two letters. One letter (written in 1993-09-17) is written by Catherine Scott from the Catholic Institute for International Relations and sent to Luisa Pereira from CDPM. The letter by Catherine Scott contains a list of the people detained following the demonstration at Bishop Belo’s residence in East Timor. The other letter (written in 1993-09-10), which Catherine Scott had attached, is directed to Hillary Clinton from the Timorese mothers of those that have either disappeared, were captured or killed following the Santa Cruz Massacre. The mothers express their sorrow for their lost ones, state some human rights violations that are occurring in East Timor, and ask for recognition and action from the international community.

Commission for the Rights of the Maubere People (CDPM)

Human Rights Violations in East Timor

TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic content

Item consists of a publication produced by the East Timor International Support Center around 1997. It documents human rights violations which took place in East Timor during Indonesian occupation.


  • Warning
  • Introductions by Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Bishop Hilton Deakin, Chairman of the East Timor Human Rights Centre
  • Background on Human Rights in East Timor:
    -Summary of Human Rights in East Timor
    -The East Timor Human Rights Centre: excerpts from the 1996 Annual Report
    -Amnesty International: excerpts from various reports
    -The United Nations Human Rights Commission: Resolution on East Timor, May 1997
  • Photographic Evidence:
    -Photos of human rights violations from the early 1980s
    -Photos from the period of famine - 1979 to 1982
    -Photos of violations from the mid 1980s till 1991
    -The 'Dili massacre' in 1991
    -Torture and murder in East Timor after 1991
  • Conclusion

East Timor International Support Center

Letter to Gareth Evans

Organisational correspondence seeking signatures from 150 prominent Australian for a letter to Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans concerning his proposed Indonesia visit, 19 December 1991

Letter to Pres. Bush

Organisational correspondence on an Australian parliamentarians joint-letter addressed to President Bush during his early 1992 Australian visit. Also includes correspondence concerning possible US Congressional letters directed to the Indonesian Government.

Network News 1993-01

Title: Xanana Gusmão captured: repression increases, but the struggle continues

  • ETAN/ US passes first year
  • Anniversary of Dili massacre marked
  • Chomsky film - Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
  • Aid Flores earthquake victims in the name of East Timor
  • Timor peace talks in New York

East Timor Action Network

Network News 1994-04

Title: Send congress a message – lobby for East Timor

  • Documentary reveals new details of Dili massacre (Mathew Jardine and John M. Miller)
  • Much activity, limited progress, in Washington (Charles Scheiner)
  • Code of conduct on arms sales
  • GSP update
  • Parliamentarians meet with UN secretary general
  • UN urges Indonesia to improve human rights
  • Constâncio Pinto in the US
  • ETAN protests in Seattle
  • Indonesian academic describes ecological and cultural destruction
  • Timor advocate to lead NCC Churches (Anne Treseder)

East Timor Action Network

Network News 1994-11

Title: Clinton heads to Indonesia

  • “Only the US can tilt the scales our way”
  • ETAN steering committee meets
  • Congress limits arms sales and military training for Indonesia (Charles Scheiner)
  • Guerillas offer ceasefire; Indonesia threatens offensive
  • General Sintong Pankjaitan loses$14 million lawsuit over death of non-Timorese killed in the Santa Cruz massacre
  • Amnesty launches Indonesia/ East Timor rights campaign
  • Indonesia meets the resistance
  • All in the family: Music for East Timor
  • Indonesian scholar exposes occupation’s impact (Mathew Jardine)

East Timor Action Network


This document includes various newspaper articles published by Australian newspaper companies between 1975 to 2000.

It contains:

  • “Parents at home plea” (1980) The Sun Terra
  • Cartoon from The West Australian about the massacre of the Timorese people (14/11/1991)
  • “Repressive regime in East Timor” in reply to Peter Hastings’ article, (27/04/1987)
  • “Tale behind East Timor fall” Sunday Territorian (3/05/1994)
  • A Cartoon by Wicking’s View with the setting: Garuda introducing more flights and a boarding passenger says to the flight attendant ’No, I don’t need a return ticket… I’m on the blacklist…’ (no date)
  • “Consulate open protest”by Frank Alcorta, Northern Territory News (16/06/1993)
  • “Indon call over rights” Northern Territory News, (14/06/1993)
  • "Presiden sampaikan penghargaan untuk ABN” (The President expressed his appreciation for ABN) Surya, (22.11.1992) | newspaper article in Indonesian
  • Drawing of two men, one from Australia and the one from Indonesia, about to shake hand over a text bubble with the money sign in it. The text below says “cultural understanding”.
  • “East Timorese want their conquerors out” The New York Times. (07/03/1993)
  • A cartoon with the title, ’Tombstone Territory’ by Wicking published in the Sunday Territorian, (27/06/1993)
  • “Fretilin back on air”, Northern Territory News, (27/05/1985) | 2 pp.
  • “Timor concern widens”, The Age (Melbourne), (25/11/1991)
  • “Secret talks Herald oil boom” Sunterra, (15/12/1991)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of the Indonesian Patrol Boats to visit with the Captain saying “Okay, same speech as usual… Don't shoot the locals”. (04/11/1992)
  • “Timorese fight won’t fade away”, Northern Territory News, (17/01/1994)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of a Timor protester saying “I’ve been doing this [protesting] fro 19 years!” and an employee of the Australian government with their fingers in their ears replying “me too”. (no date)
  • A cartoon called “Tombstone Territory” by Wicking which depicts various countries with someone who is dead, East Timor is included. Sunday Territorian (17/11/1993)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of an Australia-Indonesia Business Conference with East Timor on the outside of it. Northern Territory News, (29/10/1993)
  • “CM blasts Keating’s Asian approach”, Northern Territory News (21/06/1993)
  • “Bali holiday bungle” Northern Territory News (05/01/1993)
  • “News from inside East timor” Aluta Continua! (1996) | 2 pp.
  • “Alatas says he doubts Portuguese parliamentarians good will” Indonesia Time (29/10/1991)
  • “Timor Tragedy” The Sun, Weekend Edition (22/06/1985) | 3 pp.
  • “Activist artists make visit to Top End” Northern Territory News (27/02/1993)
  • “Timor Exposed: Soldiers’s diary tells of insight into army life” The West Australian (17/12/1994)
  • “Indon. safety call critised” Northern Territory News (26/08/1994)
  • “Indonesia consulate secure: NT police” Northern Territory News (08/09/1994)
  • “Protests can go so far” The Age (Melbourne) (28/08/1994)
  • “Timor talks rile Indonesians” Sunterra (22/05/1994)
  • “Rights Indonesia” (16/09/1994)
  • “Australia attacked over human rights” The West Australian (20/07/1994)
  • “Row stirs as Jakarta invited to war games” The West Australian (20/07/1994)
  • “Timorese resistance says Indonesians use torture chamber” The Age (Melbourne) (20/08/1994)
  • “Indonesia’s Suharto may visit next year” The Age (Melbourne) (20/08/1994)
  • “How, why did Ben die?” Sunterra (07/08/1994)
  • “Darwin man tortured” The Suburban (24/01/1996)
  • Canberra: “Ministers’ talks to include E Timor” (21/02/1995)
  • “China says:” Northern Territory News (28/02/1995)
  • The Hague: “21 to face war crimes tribunal” (15/04/1995)
  • “UN slams Dili killers’ jail terms” The Canberra Times (13/03/1993)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of Perron: Asian Armies Can train Here with a soldier who shot a protester with the text bubble saying “Sorry… force of habit…” (14/03/1995)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View of a man tied to a pole saying ‘what about human rights’ and he is addressing three guns with the text bubble saying “we’re not human…” (28/02/1995) Northern Territory News
  • “Family sent home: Bali holiday bungle” Northern Territory News (05/01/1993)
  • “Timor trial now a slanging match” Northern Territory News (08/02/1995)
  • “Evans: We told Indons” Northern Territory News (08/02/1995)
  • “Democrats move to repeal Timor treaty” Democrats Newsletter (no date)
  • “Timor Gap treaty attacked” Northern Territory News (25/01/1995)
  • “Timor and pragmatism” Northern Territory News (19/06/1984)
  • “Peacemaker Evans does nothing for East Timorese” Vanguard (06/11/1991)
  • A cartoon by Wicking’s View entitled Australia, Indonesia to produce weapons? with a woman asking her husband, a soldier, ‘Hey! who’s been kissing your butt?’ (no date)
  • “$4950 costs awarded to three men” (09/09/1997)
  • “Farmer wins appeal on conviction” (13/05/1977)
  • “Timor medicine for Aboriginals” (16/04/1977)
  • “No recognition but we accept reality” The Age (Melbourne) (21/10/1976)
  • “Damage after boat seized, claims owner” Northern Territory News (25/11/1976)
  • “No regrets - Timor backer” The Advertiser (13/05/1977)
  • “Mission to Timor by Bernard Boucher” The Canberra Time (04/06/1977)
  • “Splits within Indonesia by Denis Freney” (22/05)

Australians for a Free East Timor

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