Item 199507 - East Timor: The Inside Story 1995-07

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B SCNL-IS-199507


East Timor: The Inside Story 1995-07


  • July 1995 (Creation)

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Textual record; 16 pp.

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(1975- c. 2000)

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(Sample draft description, incomplete). Established around the time of the occupation, FOET-WA was one of the first solidarity groups in Australia, but faded and re-appeared over time. In the 1990s it began to publish East Timor: The Inside Story. It was active in numerous campaigns, taking the lead on several including the campaign to free youth activist Jose Antonio Belo in the mid-1990s. It had no office and its membership shifted voer time extensively, but it was always informally linked to the office of Senator Gordon McIntosh.

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Title: “WWII Australia remembers?”

  • “Timor in WWII”
  • “August 15 – time to recognize East Timor’s sacrifice”
  • “The double reds of Timor”
  • “Political prisoners”
  • “Timor gap treaty in the world court”
  • “Excerpts from ACET media release”
  • “The ICJ decision – a pyrrhic victory” (by James Dunn)
  • “Indonesian Independance Day”
  • “Australia’s double standard on freedom”
  • “Indonesian KOSTRAD butchers to train in the Northern territory”
  • “Military update”
  • “FOET News”
  • “Intra-East Timorese Dialogue” (By Burg Schleining)


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