Pièce 199401 - East Timor Alert Network Newsletter

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East Timor Alert Network Newsletter


  • January 1994 (Production)

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Printed newsletter; 26 pp.

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East Timor (Timor-Leste) was invaded in 1975 by Indonesia and occupied by the Indonesian armed forces until 1999, with widespread resulting human rights violations. The East Timor Alert Network (ETAN/Canada) was founded in 1986 to raise awareness about the situation of East Timor and to change Canadian government policy, which accepted Indonesian rule.

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  • 1994: a new hope for East Timor
  • Xanana refused visitors after writing letter
  • A letter from Cipinang
  • Inside East Timor, war and killings carry on
  • United Nations update
  • USA: weapons embargo a step closer
  • Indigenous peoples struggling for survival throughout Indonesia
  • Canada redirecting aid projects in East Timor
  • The new Canadian parliamentarians for East Timor and their mission to the UN
  • Action reports
  • East Timor activist in court over tax resistance
  • “Canada ‘one of the most hyprocritcical countires in world’” (Robb Cribb)
  • “NDP talks the talk but Audrey won’t walk the walk” (David Malmo-Levine)
  • “Amnesty accuses Canada of more talk thtan action” (Karen Gram)
  • “East Timor: Western aid fuels tragedy” (Simone Hoedel)
  • “Canadians key players in Indonesian pulp mill” (Robert Williamson)
  • “East Timor aid allocation” (Nantha Kumar)
  • “Manufacturing Consent” (Dinos Kyrou)
  • “Remembering the victims of Santa Cruz” (Talvo Evard)
  • “Jailed for ripping flag”
  • “A genocide to call our own: East Timor” (Chuck E. Tallyrand)


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