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Clergy And Laity Concerned

  • Badan Korporasi

Clergy and Laity Concerned has a long history in the Untied States social justice movement. It was the first US group to take up East Timor as a cause, under the leadership of Jacqui Chagnon. Its Timor papers were transferred to Arnold Kohen and can be found in The Humanitarain project collection.

Australian Coalition for East Timor

  • Badan Korporasi

ACET was a coalition of local solidarity groups throughout Australia that attempted to coordinate the work of the diverse Australian solidarity movement.

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs

  • Badan Korporasi
  • 1968 - Present

The International Work Group for Indigenous Peoples represents both a non-political or religious institution that works to provide support for Indigenous and ethnic groups globally.

LAWASIA Human Rights Committee

  • International Organization
  • Badan Korporasi
  • 1966-today

LAWASIA's creation was heavily influenced by the (then) president of the Law Council of Australia, Mr J B Piggott CBE, (then) Mr Justice John Kerr and (then) Mr P B Toose QC to form a regional association of lawyers in Asia. In a conference held in 1966 LAWASIA was born and included 17 countries.

Pat Walsh

  • WPE
  • Person
  • 1941-

Pat Walsh was active on human rights in East Timor, Indonesia and the region for some three decades, including as director of the ACFOA Human Rights office in Melbourne. In this capacity, he collected and disseminated information on a range of policy and country-specific issues, including the Santa Cruz massacre in Dili, and, supported by ACFOA, lobbied in Australia and the international community for East Timorese self-determination. He witnessed East Timor's historic 1999 referendum then relocated to Dili to help set up and advise the CAVR truth commission and its successor organisations. He is currently an adviser to the Centro Nacional Chega! (CNC) and an adviser to CHART, the Diplomacy Training Program and Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR).

Steve Cox

  • COX
  • Person
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