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Clergy And Laity Concerned

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Clergy and Laity Concerned has a long history in the Untied States social justice movement. It was the first US group to take up East Timor as a cause, under the leadership of Jacqui Chagnon. Its Timor papers were transferred to Arnold Kohen and can be found in The Humanitarain project collection.

Australian Coalition for East Timor

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ACET was a coalition of local solidarity groups throughout Australia that attempted to coordinate the work of the diverse Australian solidarity movement.

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs

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  • 1968 - Present

The International Work Group for Indigenous Peoples represents both a non-political or religious institution that works to provide support for Indigenous and ethnic groups globally.

LAWASIA Human Rights Committee

  • International Organization
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  • 1966-today

LAWASIA's creation was heavily influenced by the (then) president of the Law Council of Australia, Mr J B Piggott CBE, (then) Mr Justice John Kerr and (then) Mr P B Toose QC to form a regional association of lawyers in Asia. In a conference held in 1966 LAWASIA was born and included 17 countries.

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