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East Timor International Support Center

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ETISC was formed to support the diplomatic front of the Timorese resistance and worked closely with the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM) diplomatic wing, led by Jose Ramos Horta. It was based in Australia and provided information for other solidarity organizations.

Oporto University (University of Porto)

  • PTUP
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Professor Antonio Barbedo de Magalhaes, a Timor veteran, became a leading Timor-Leste solidarity activist in Portugal. His work was supported and published by his employer, Oporto University. Each year, the university hosted Jornadas Timor-Leste, an international solidarity conference.

Asian Center

  • USAC
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East Timor Defence Committee

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  • 1970s

Based in the United States in support of Fretilin efforts at the United Nations. Richard Franke

Philippine Solidarity for East Timor and Indonesia (Phil-SETI)

  • Philippines
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  • 1999

Inspired by the 1994 Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor in Manila, the Philippine Solidarity for East Timor and Indonesia was created to promote cooperation towards the self-determination of East Timor between nations.

Canada Asia Working Group (CAWG)

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  • 1975-2000

The Canada-Asia Working Group is an interchurch coalition mandated by ecumenical churches and religious organizations to work on human rights and justice issues linking Canada and partners in the Asian region.

Republic of Indonesia, Ministry Foreign Affairs

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  • 1945-present

Indonesia's foreign ministry, founded on independence in 1945. Produced Bandung conference Bulletin in 1955 (not about Timor, but foundational in decolonization). Indonesia occupied East Timor from 1975 to 1999 and the ministry produced r distributed pro-occupation materials for some years.

Friends of East Timor - Western Australia (FOET-WA) (Australia)

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  • 1975- c. 2000

(Sample draft description, incomplete). Established around the time of the occupation, FOET-WA was one of the first solidarity groups in Australia, but faded and re-appeared over time. In the 1990s it began to publish East Timor: The Inside Story. It was active in numerous campaigns, taking the lead on several including the campaign to free youth activist Jose Antonio Belo in the mid-1990s. It had no office and its membership shifted voer time extensively, but it was always informally linked to the office of Senator Gordon McIntosh.

SOS Timor (Belgium)

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  • 1980s-90s

Formed by residents of Brussels to lobby the European Union and the Belgian government and public.

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