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Various documents


  • 1975-2009 (Creación)

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Textual Record and Photographs. Fifty-one pages.

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This document includes fifty separate documents:
It includes:

  1. A document with two photographs. The first entitled, “Osaka, Japan” with the description: 1999, May: Laura Abrantes speaks at a meeting in Osaka, organized by the ‘Free East Timor! Japan Coalition (FETJC).’ The second is entitled, “Osaka, Japan” with the description: 1999, Maiu: Mika Barreto speaks at peace gathering of university students in Osaka.

  2. A photograph entitled, “Osaka, Japan” with the description: 1999, May: Domingas Alves speaks about violence against East Timorese women, at a meeting in Osaka.

  3. A poster with the title: “7 de Dezembro Dia Internacional de Solidariedade com Timor-Leste. Que Viva o Povo de Timor-Leste” (7 December International Day of Solidarity with Timor-Leste! May the People of Timor-Leste Live) With the photograph of people for Timor. | Portuguese

  4. A poster with the title: “Happy Birthday (East) Timor” with cartoon of tanks approaching a sign that says East Timor.

  5. A poster with photos of East Timorese victims with the East Timorese flag.

  6. A poster with the drawing of a person tied to a pole with bullet wounds all over his body and his face is covered by a mask. He is also tied up by his waist and he is bleeding out. The word “Stop!” is written in the background in orange.

  7. A poster that says: ‘Freedom for East Timor.’ The is a sketch of someone who is trying to paint Free East Timor on the wall but is shot before he is able to finish. There is six other bullet holes on the wall.

  8. A poster that says: “Stop” in english and Japanese (?) with a stop of a person tied to a chair with blue pants on and no shirt that has been shot many times.

  9. A poster that says “Remember Santa Cruz” with a photo of protesters attached to it.

  10. A poster entitled, “Santa Cruz Massacre, No Justice Yet!” with a photo of a young child in blue. There is also a subtitle written in Japanese under the title.

  11. A poster entitled, “Where are they? Those killed at Santa Cruz.” with a photo of victims of the violence in East Timor. There is also a subtitle in Japanese, probably a translation of above.

  12. A poster that is entitled, “Help! Free East Timor!” with a sketch of a person tied up who is getting knives thrown at him but they alluding that the knives are actually Jesus on the cross. (Osaka East Timor Association)

  13. A poster entitled, “What Suharto is doing in East Timor? Stop the Genocide.” Friday Dec 7 - Fourth Anniversary of Indonesia’s invasion. On the poster, there is a photograph of a starving East Timorese child.

  14. A poster entitled, “Rai Timor: Concerto de Lançamento do CD” (Rai Timor CD Release Concert) created by Comissāo para os Direitos do povo Maubere (Commission for the Rights of the Maubere People). It was to be released December 28th, 1997. | Portuguese

  15. A poster entitled, “Vi Jornadas de Timor da Universidade do Poto” (I saw Timor days at the University of Porto). It’s subtitle is: “Timor Leste uma responsabilidad internacional” (East Timor is an International responsibility). October 4-5 1994. | Portuguese

  16. A poster reading “Save East Timor” but the S, O, and S are larger to demonstrate to necessity of help within East Timor. The rest of the letters have photos of East Timorese people within them.

  17. A poster created by the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor for the “East Timor and Beyond” the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference for East Timor that will be taking place on December 8th to 10th 2003.

  18. A poster entitled, “No Arms to Indonesia” with a cartoon of ship carrying arms towards Indonesia. The subtitle is : “Stop oppression of the people from East Timor, West Papua , Aceh and the Moluccas!”

  19. A poster created by the solidarity movement in The Netherlands. The half of the poster is black and the other is yellow.

  20. A poster for the 7th Jornadas de Timor da Universidade do Porto (Timor Days of the University of Porto) with the program attached.

  21. A poster entitled, “Boycott Bali!” with the description: Bali is the headquarters of the Udayana military region which includes occupied East Timor. Indonesian rule cost the lives of well over 200, 000 East Timorese and the deaths, Lisa appearances, imprisonments, torture, rape and cultural genocide continue - all result of military, operations directed from Bali!”

  22. A poster for the Popular Theatre Troupe which presents “Viva Indonesia!” A documentary musical about colonial powers, generals, American eagles and dinky Aussies. March 16th.

  23. A poster for a french film presentation entitled, “Timor-Est : 19 ans d’occupation militaire, 19 ans de résistance” (East Timor: 19 years of military occupation, 19 years of resistance) | French

  24. A poster of Xanana that features a sketch of him.

  25. A poster entitled, “Rally for a Free East Timor” with the subtitle: They’ll never forget November 12. Will you? The poster also has a small summary of what happened on November 12th. It is organized by AKSI, CNRM, Fretilin, UDT & AETA. Donated by AETA for Solidarity through the years. (August 2009)

  26. A handmade poster entitled, “East Timor: Public Meeting on Monday, March 26th about ‘Total annihilation of the population may be the cost’” It also includes the program of the meeting. It was organized jointly by Willis East Timor Association and Brunswicl Community Aid Abroad. Donated by AETA for Solidarity through the years. (August 2009)

  27. A poster entitled, “I’m still fighting” with the translation in Japanese below it. There is a photograph of Timorese Refugees with their traditional costumes, in Darwin on the poster. It also says, “East Timor is our country. We want to be Free and Peaceful! That is all we hope.” with the translation in Japanese.

  28. A flyer created by Zed Books about East Timor. (The photo is really blurry)

  29. A postcard with the photograph of Xanana Gusmāo on it that says, “Free Xanana Gusmāo!” created by the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor. On the other side of the postcard, it is addressed to H.E. President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, Prime Minister of Indonesia. It urges him to release Gusmāo. One could sign and leave their address attached to the postcard. | 2 pages

  30. A book entitled, “The War Against East Timor” written by Carmel Budiardjo and Liem Soei Liong

  31. A poster entitled, “Free Xanana Now”

  32. A poster entitled, “Manifestatie Oost Timor (East Timor manifestation)” that will take place on December 10th, 1995 infant of the Indonesian Embassy in The Netherlands. It includes how to get there by bus or train. | Dutch

  33. A poster entitled, “In Indonesië worden nog steeds mensenrechten geschonden. Alleen nu doen ze het zelf” [Loose Translation: Human rights are still being violated in Indonesia. Only now they do it themselves] | Dutch

  34. A poster for “Semaine de Solidarité (Birmanie - Indonésie - Timor)” du 7 au 13 mars 2001 à l’Espace l’Harmattan in Paris. | In French

  35. A poster for “Semaine de Solidarité avec les peuples d’Indonésie et de Timor-Est” du 27 octobre - 2 novembre 1999 à l’Espace l’Harmattan à Paris. | In French

  36. A document with a cartoon sketch entitled, “Cartoon in national newspaper, The Netherlands.” The description is: 1992: This cartoon was published in a Dutch national newspaper with the title, Tabee! (Bye Bye). A famous Dutch cartoonist named Opland illustrated the broken relations between The Netherlands and Indonesia. The conflict started when the Dutch Minister of Development Aid expressed his concern about East Timor during an official meeting with President Suharto in Jakarta. The cartoon shows a worried official meeting with President Suharto in Jakarta. The cartoon shows a worried Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Hans van den Broke and Minister Jan Pronk watching Indonesia breaking away. By their side is former Dutch-Indonesian colonial ruler Raymond Wasterling who waves his sword and says: “I would love to do something about this.” In reply, President Suharto states: “We have the right to create our own massacres.” | Dutch translation as well

  37. A cartoon of a man who represents Australia who is sitting on Indonesian Oil which is crushing the country of East Timor. The Australian is throwing human rights away. It says: Oil $ = Blood money.

  38. A publication entitled, “Timor Leste: 23 Anos de Resistência - Concerto” [Translation: East Timor: 23 years of resistance - Concert]. The concert will take place on December 12th and it was organized by Comissão para os Direitos do Povo Maubere - Porto [Commission for the Rights of the Maubere People - Portgual] | In Portuguese, 1998

  39. A publication entitled, “Debate sobre situação de Timor-Leste” [Translation: Debate on the situation in East Timor] It will take place on July 7th, 1986 in Portugal. | In Portuguese

  40. A painting done of two lizards (?) with various coloured backward S’s on a black background.

  41. A poster created by CDPM and other solidarity organizations that is entitled, “Timor 25 de Abril Liberdade para Xanana, Liberdade para Timor” [Translation: April 25th, Freedom for Xanana, Freedom for Timor] in both red and black writing. | In Portuguese

  42. A poster for a protest rally that says, “Protect the Timorese- They protected us”

  43. Another poster for the same protest rally that says, “Send in UN Peace Keepers”

  44. A flyer for “March for a free East Timor - Self-determination Now!” It also reads, “Five years since the Dili Massacre and the killings continue” The March would have taken place on November 10th, 1996 in Russell Square in Northbridge, Perth, Australia.

  45. A flyer for a demonstration in front of Indonesian Consulate in South Melbourne. At the top of the flyer, it reads, “Indonesian Independence, August 17th 1945” and below it reads, “East Timor Independence, when?” with a pair of broken handcuffs in regards to Indonesia but unbroken handcuffs in regards to East Timor. The Demonstration was organized by the Australian-East Timor Association.

  46. A flyer for a presentation entitled, “Timor-Leste: Problema Sem Solução?” [Translation: East Timor: the problem without a solution] Colóquio e projecção de slide [Colloquium and slide projection] Com. Eng. A. Barbedo de Magalhães at the Institute of Justice and peace in Lisbon. June 26th. | In Portuguese

  47. A flyer that invites anyone “to attend the launch of the Writings and Poetry of Xanana Gusmão, Imprisoned East Timorese Resistance Leader” on May 17th in North Perth. The flyer includes a photograph of Xanana

  48. A flyer for rally in support of East Timor. The flyer gives a description of the human rights violations in East Timor and it is being organized by the Friends of East Timor on November 12th, 1994.

  49. A flyer for “2 Jornadas de Timor da Universidade do Porto” [Translation: 2 days of Timor at the University of Porto] from April 28th - May 1st 1990. It lists the itinerary for the two days. | In Portuguese.

  50. A flyer entitled, “Pássaro sem espaço, Rio sem jeito, Arcvore sem floresta, Mas dou sinais de mim! [Loose translation: Bird without space, River without way, Arcvore without forest, But I give signs of me!] With a drawing of a man on it. | Portuguese


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