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  • 1975 (Creation)

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Textual Record. Twenty-nine pages.

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This document contains eleven separate documents.

  1. A photograph with the description: “Mid 1975. FRETILIN students and Portuguese sympathizers express their concern about the APODETI influence on UDT. This picture was taken several months before the Indonesian invasion.” with a translation in Esperanto. The photographer was Francisco Freire.
  2. Another photograph with the same description as above, but the photo is more zoomed in than the previous one.
  3. A photograph entitled “Oecusse March 1975” by Helen Hill. It is a photo of the protest with a sign that reads: “Integration-never never and never the People is with Fretilin”
  4. A photograph entitled: “Refugees from East Timor crowd the deck of the cargo vessel Macdili docked in Darwin on 15 August 1975. Courtesy National Archives of Australia”
  5. Press statement entitled: “Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor” published on September 16th, 1975 | 4 pages (Some pages are blurry)
  6. A booklet published by the Campaign for Independent East Timor entitled: ‘Independence or Death!’ East Timor’s border war eye-witness reports by Roger East. | 12 pages
  7. A document entitled: “Don’t forget Timor” with the headline, “We appeal to the Australian people. Please do something to stop this invasion.” (1975) | 2 pages.
  8. “Messages received by Bill Roberts via Telecom Darwin” September 1975 | 2 pages.
  9. A document entitled: “The Timor Tragedy”, the documents are a little blurry but still legible | 2 pages
  10. “Ballad for East Timor” by Phil Boyce, which is a song written about East Timor.
  11. A newspaper article entitled: “Indonesia Attacks” published in The Age, November 1975


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